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Here Comes The Chupacabra Tale, Hoppin' Down The SyFy Trail
Calaboss24 March 2013
Those of us that know the SyFy channel movie formula could all see this little treat coming down the road. It has all the elements of traditional SyFy movies; 2nd/3rd rate CGI and actors, thoroughly unappealing characters, inane dialog, and perhaps, a has-been actor thrown in for nostalgia.

And, of course, the title. At this point, I'm convinced that they just brain-storm the most ridiculous movie titles they can think of and make a movie around that title. Chupacabra vs. the Alamo is certainly a winner in that regard. The story is silly, naturally, but I thought the CGI was pretty good, in SyFy movie terms.

Erik Estrada is the curiosity doing the "has-been" duty here, and he's seen better days. The former CHiPs star is in his mid 60's now, and has packed on some tonnage, but he gives this nonsense his best shot and plays his part with gusto. All these movies are made for fun, of course, in the best "wink, wink, nudge, nudge" tradition. Everybody is in on the joke here, except for a few viewers who actually take these things seriously.

It's not giving anything away to say the characters fight the mythical beasts at the Alamo. Guess who wins. About average for a SyFy movie. If you watch it, you'll get exactly what you would expect from the title.
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Hugely entertaining kitschfest
Woodyanders11 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
San Antonio, Texas. Bodies of various drug cartel members are turning up mangled and drained of blood. Tough DEA agent Carlos Seguin (a solid and engaging performance by Erik Estrada) discovers that the grisly murders are being committed by a pack of chupacabras, which are lethal predatory creatures of local legend. Director Terry Ingram, working from a blithely absurd script by Terry Sullivan, relates the enjoyably inane story at a snappy pace, treats the gloriously ludicrous premise with gut-busting seriousness, and delivers oodles of graphic gore (throats are torn out, stomachs are ripped open, and one poor guy even has his penis bitten off!). The hilariously hokey CGI monsters -- they look like giant mutant emaciated Chihuahuas! -- and the uproariously unconvincing scenes of an aged Estrada "riding" a motorcycle that were done with obvious green screen work add immensely to this film's considerable campy charm. The sincere acting by the game cast helps a whole lot: Julia Benson as Carlos' feisty new partner Tracy Taylor, Jorge Vargas as Carlos' wayward estranged son Tommy, Vanesa Tomasino as the eager Agent Dani, Nicole Munoz as Carlos' rebellious teenage daughter Sienna, Chad Krowchuk as goofy tour guide Crockett, and Brent McLaren as rowdy gang banger Loco. Anthony C. Metchie's sharp cinematography boasts some atmospheric lighting and several gnarly chupacabra POV shots. Stu Goldberg's thrilling twangy'n'tuneful hits the stirring spot. A deliciously cheesy hoot.
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Better Than What Usually Turns Up on SyFy Saturday Nights
Michael_Elliott25 March 2013
Chupacabra vs. the Alamo (2013)

** 1/2 (out of 4)

Gory fun from SyFy has a cop (Erik Estrada) trying to deal with the two-year anniversary of his wife's death while at the same time having troubles with his teenage daughter. To make matters worse a gang of chupacabras are eating up the locals and the cop must gather up a group of gangsters (led by his own son) to try and take on the creatures at the site mentioned in the title. CHUPACABRA VS. THE ALAMO is a pretty silly movie but I'm sure that's what most people expect when they tune into SyFy on Saturday nights. I must admit that this film really kept me entertained throughout most of the running time, although there are certainly some flaws remaining. One big flaw is the constant melodrama dealing with the father's relationship with his children. The widowed father and troubled kids is a cliché taking over these SyFy movies and it really needs to stop as it takes away from what people are turning into see. The CGI monsters here aren't nearly as bad as we've come to expect from the station but there's still no question that they're far from being scary. The actual look of the monsters are pretty good and thankfully they didn't turn them into Godzilla sized creatures, which is what usually happens. Another plus is that if you're looking for gore then you're going to find a lot of it here. There's all sorts of guts and blood flowing throughout and this includes some TV-pushing stuff including one poor guy who decides to go pee at the wrong time. Estrada is the former star thrown into the spotlight this time out. I actually thought he was quite fun here and of course we get some nods to his CHIPS role including him riding a motorcycle throughout the picture. I also enjoyed both Nicole Munoz and Julia Benson in their supporting roles. CHUPACABRA VS. THE ALAMO isn't meant to be taken serious and thankfully the filmmakers didn't take it too serious. The film is light entertainment that's going to appeal to fans of "B" movies and those who like gore.
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Fun but flawed Sci-Fi Channel creature feature
kannibalcorpsegrinder25 March 2013
When a series of savage deaths strike their small town, a Texas sheriff finds the vicious chupacabra is responsible for the attacks and tries to get everyone to safety, eventually leading them to the Alamo as a last-ditch effort to stop the rabid creatures.

This here turned out to be quite an enjoyable if slightly flawed Sci-Fi Channel creature feature, as there's some good stuff to be had here. The film's decision to keep the creatures a constant threat means there's a big action scene continually on the way, and this one doesn't disappoint with big scenes as the attack at the high school party, the house sequence or the ambush in the abandoned refinery, which is quite impressive itself and has a lot of good stuff about it with their coordinated attacks, gunfire blazing and overwhelming numbers making for a fun scene. That all leads to the finale in the titular building, which is a little short on time but still incredibly enjoyable with a lot of big action, some nice surprises and a few admittedly clever tactics of dealing with the creatures to offer itself as some full-scale fun. There's still some flaws here, besides the atrocious CGI but also the fact that this calls them chupacabras when it's just the same as a rabid dog, and in fact a pack of rabid dogs wouldn't have changed the film at all which makes the creature's designation all the stranger. As well, there's some questionable motives from all involved as to what's going on from scene-to-scene, but overall this one was a lot of fun.

Rated R: Graphic Violence and Language.
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Chupacabra vs the Low Budget
joemc-524 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I wanted to enjoy this movie as a piece of Syfy camp. But it was just too poorly written to work even on that level.

Really Hollywood, if you're going to place a story in a certain part of the U.S. at least look at googlemaps first. The first scene has a text graphic stating (U.S./Mexican border, southeast of San Antonio). A quick look at a map and you would see that the Gulf of Mexico is southeast of the city. The film just goes downhill from there. Way too many green screen shots of Erik on a motorcycle. Come on guys! Take 1/2 a day and shoot it for real! The dude knows how to ride one. They could have done so much tying in the characters relation to Juan Seguin, a hero of the Texas revolution. Instead, he is mentioned once at the beginning and you see a photo of him in the Alamo. The rest of the Texas/Mexican heritage is wasted on making all the young people act like they are from East L.A. The skinny malnourished cgi dogs somehow manage to kill everyone in the San Antonio police department except the lead and his partner. Along with some East L.A. gang bangers they make their stand in the Alamo. Evidently, the chupradogs have been able to kill everyone else in a city of 1.3 million as they are the only people (except for a tour group that gets eaten in 30 seconds)left in downtown San Antonio. I give up on Syfy now. Just do your wrestling, poor reality shows and leave movies to people that might at least care. That's what got me the most about this movie. It was so sloppy you could tell no one working on it (writing, directing, and special effects) cared at all. Just put something on the screen.
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Our CHiPS are ALL IN!
bcardilli-642-97553925 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
If you tuned in expecting Avatar, well then, you're a moron. As a veteran of many SyFy Channel Original movies, I have come to expect that these movies offer a guilty pleasure, much like not being able to turn off MmmBop when it comes on the radio. They are formulaic and downright predictable, but that is NOT why we watch. I fully realize that the movie is never going to wind up on a year end best of list, but it WILL provide and evening of classic B- movie enjoyment. These are no worse than the classic B-movies of the 1970's. Having said that, I have some thoughts.

Now for the review of C v. A.

Let's start first with the Chupacabra. Clearly, these were not real chupacabras. But I digress. These were chupacabras that had been following the Lance Armstrong conditioning program. For example, the chupacabra seen in this film averaged about a 30-40 lb animal. This animal then proceeded to launch a youth of about 18 years old twenty feet into the air and through the uprights of a goal post on the high school football team. We all know that the chupacabra would have to be at LEAST 60-70 lbs to do that. However, the size of the chupacabras remained constant throughout the movie, unlike other SyFy originals (e.g. the shark in MegaShark v. Crockasaurus). So for that, this edges closer to Oscar worthy. The creature also pitches a human head about 87 mph at a truck driven by a really horrible cartel.

Now onto Ponch, or should we say Paunch. When did he get emphysema? The poor bastard was breathing hard throughout the entire picture. Seriously. Lay off the Newports. Others may malign the motorcycle "green screen" shots, but these really made the movie. And it's not like he really rode the motorcycle on CHiPs either. It was nice to see him again, especially since he wasn't trying to sell me land in Florida, and not everyone can be chosen for Dancing with the Stars. His performance was no better or worse than it was on CHiPs and we loved him then. We just accepted him as a Hispanic/Italian cop who did well with the ladies and acted like crap. And as for the supporting cast in this movie, without cheating, name any other actor from the CHiPs series. Yes, including Larry Wilcox.

I can honestly say that this movie was NOT NEARLY as bad as some of the other recent SyFy offerings. For what it's worth, it provided a good amount of laughter and action. Along with the terribly corny dialog. Try it. You'll like it.
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Full of awesomeness
Eglusing23 March 2013
Omg this movie was the best I have ever seen!

The effects just blew my mind, along with the incredible acting and emotional lines.

I am watching it now and I'm on the edge of my seat longing to know what will happen!

I highly recommend this to ANYONE who enjoys heart warming, action filled, Gory, adventurous films!

The motorcycle effects were so awesome!

It's amazing how they made all those effects on such a low budget,

JK It's pretty bad and really boring
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No chupacabras where hurt during the making of this motion picture
Wuchakk11 September 2017
RELEASED TO TV IN 2013 and directed by Terry Ingram, the curiously titled "Chupacabra vs. the Alamo" details events in the San Antonio, TX, area when DEA agents (Erik Estrada, Julia Benson & Vanesa Tomasino) team-up with Hispanic outlaws in order to wipeout packs of rabid chupacabras. Jorge Vargas plays the estranged gang-oriented son of the head DEA agent (Estrada).

'Chupacabra' is a Spanish word, which literally means "goat-sucker" (from chupar "to suck" and cabra "goat"). There are two varieties of the cryptozoological beast: (1.) a reptile-like creature with leathery/scaly greenish-gray skin and sharp spines or quills running down its back; and (2.) a hairless form of canine with a pronounced spinal ridge and prominent eye sockets, fangs, and claws. This movie features the second version.

This is basically Hispanic TV horror with CGI chupacabras getting wiped out en masse. The movie starts serious, but becomes increasingly humorous as it moves along, particularly the second half. The first half is more engaging due to the human interest, which segues into the dynamic, but less interesting second half where there's an explosive (Surprise!) showdown at the Alamo.

Estrada is in perfect shape at 63 years-of-age during filming (looking almost 20 years younger) and is stalwart as the hero. Benson is reminiscent of Sean Young when she was younger and has a marvel-inducing face & full head of brunette hair, but she needs to gain like 15-20 lbs. Nicole Muñoz & Anja Savcic as the Estrada character's daughter and her bestie are cute. Tomasino is adorable in her own unique way as well.

THE MOVIE RUNS 88 minutes and was shot in San Antonio, Texas. WRITERS: Peter Sullivan & Jeffrey Schenck.

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Seth_Rogue_One16 September 2015
I wasn't really asking for much when it came to this movie, but I was thinking that it could provide a little bit of a laugh but unfortunately it didn't.

Now Syfy films aren't really known for their good cgi and that often creates half the joy of watching them but these chupacabra creatures is possibly the worst creatures they've created.

They look like they were part of a Windows 95 game and look like zombie chihuahua's but made out of plastic or something, and since they are so small it's hard to take them seriously as a real threat and where as a dinosaur can bite a head off a human these buggers can't do all that much but bite gruesomely into the humans.

And that's not really all that fun to watch tbh, and about 20% of the movie or so is Erik Estrada and the gang sneaking around quietly looking for chupacabras who are conveniently all hanging out at the same spots all the time.

Also includes a lot of really poor green-screen shots of Erik Estrada pretending to ride a motorcycle when in actuality it just stood still in front of a green screen and they attached him on the bike to moving backgrounds.

Now this might sound fun to some, and it shoulda been in retrospect but somehow it managed not to be.

Acting is surprisingly bad all around, even from Estrada and yeah the creatures are really dull as the main bad guys and overall a very uninspired piece of work from all aspects.
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Decent plot...Lame production quality
islandon2229 June 2014
Good old Erik still does a semi-cohesive and usually believable performance (as he always has), along with a pretty decent cast. However the motorcycle driving sequences against the fake backgrounds were horribly bogus and right out of the 40's. Should have skipped those images altogether.Flashbacks to CHIPS are unneeded and Erik is more believable in a rugged Jeep than a bike. Budget concerns aside, the director needs to be horse whipped. The creature was well done and looks just what I imagine a Chupacabra would look like, if there is such a thing. Erik isn't reaching for the stars here, but this vehicle keeps him visible as a prominent B Actor who carries significant gravitas as a TV actor working in B Movies.
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Typical syfy
SanteeFats24 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Golly gee whizz willikers what a piece of Syfy feces. If not for Erik Estrada this movie would be negative in the rating if that were possible. I have seen many Syfy produced movies but this one is really bad. Why Estrada did this movie can only be for the money because it really is bad. The chupacabra's are obviously computer images but very poorly done. They look like rabid, furless Mexican hairless except bigger. Then there are the very poorly done backgrounds when Estrada is riding his bike. Then there is the gang bangers that decide to help the cops out by going after the dogs. The show boating, macho crap among the gang bangers and even the cops is so over the top that it is stupid. All in all I am sorry I watched this movie.
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An Urban Legend Comes To Life
loveablejohn-4662925 March 2019
This movie was entertaining to watch if you can overlook the script which was badly written for the most part but it did have some good action scenes. The special effects were average at best except for the blood and gore which were excellent The actors did a good job considering what they had to work with and the cinematography was good except for the motorcycle scenes which were mostly badly filmed.
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nogodnomasters6 August 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Carlos Seguin (Erik Estrada) and his new partner Tracy (Julia Benson) are investigating a murder. Erik believes it is some kind of gang killing while Tracy opts for CG canines. If you read the title of the film, you already know it is the CG canines known as Chupacabra, which look like a big ugly coyote. Carlos has family issues which become part of the film as they try to iron out their problems.

The special effects make for a campy film. The CG animals, CG gun fire, and the scenery moving in the background as Erik rides his bike, like a 1940's film. His jumping over a car and the use of a CG grenade was perhaps the highlights of the campy humor. The dialouge was fairly lame with noticeable music and scene changes for commercial breaks.

There is plenty of fake blood and killing as these animals who have lived in the wild have mastered door knob operations with their first attempt. Unless you are a fan of bad SyFy films, stay away.

Parental Guide: No f-bombs, sex, or nudity.
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Lethal creatures drain blood.
michaelRokeefe26 August 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Creatures of local legend, Chupacabras, are not adverse to traveling in packs. Just one can prove a problem; but several mean dangerous trouble. In this made-for-TV movie, a pack of Chupacabras tunnels its way from Mexico to San Antonio, Texas. When a pile of corpses are found, DEA Agent Seguin (Erik Estrada) and a newly assigned partner, Tracy Taylor (Julia Benson), begin investigating. It is believed among locals, a score of drug cartel members are part of the mess. A dying man is found deeper in the tunnel and he claims his attackers were Chupacabras. The famous landmark, the Alamo, will become the site of a major battle of desperation and blood curdling fear.

This SyFy film is directed by Terry Ingram and also stars: Chad Krowchuk, Brent McLaren, Nicole Munoz, Aleks Paunovic, Cassandra Fernandez and Jorge Vargas.
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wes-connors1 July 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Some grisly murder victims are found in San Antonio, Texas. Turns out they are being killed by chupacabra. If you haven't seen this Syfy TV movie yet, you may be wondering what chupacabra is/are and how the inanimate Alamo is able to fight anything. For one thing, chupacabra are vicious dog-like creatures. Animated and hungry, they are called an "urban legend" by veteran motorcycle cop and present DEA agent Erik Estrada (as Carlos Seguin), but he changes his mind. The former "CHiPS" TV series star has added several pounds and years, but kept his gritty teeth and grimace. Presently, he is the widower father of two ungrateful children – gangbanger son Jorge Vargas (as Tommy aka "Spider") and bratty daughter Nicole Munoz (as Sienna). In what may or may not be political subtext, the blood-thirsty hounds are from Mexico. Finally, the Alamo does not do battle with the chupacabra as promised in the title; instead, Estrada's team and the chupacabra have a showdown at the landmark.

** Chupacabra vs. the Alamo (3/23/13) Erik Estrada, Julia Benson, Jorge Vargas, Vanesa Tomasino
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Noooo Could it get any worse????
HpyCmpr15524 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
SciFi Made for TV Movies are notorious for being bad all the way around but this one has sunk to new lows. They have pulled another recognizable name out of retirement and honestly.....time has not been kind to Erik Estrada. He has not aged well and any acting skills he may have had are long gone. I guess a paycheck is a paycheck but this is bordering on sad. And of course....what can you say about the CGI?? Typical Made for SciFi TV movie standards....cartoonish at best..ridiculous at the least. This is one of those movies that is so bad, you'll watch it for laughs if you didn't feel sorry for Erik Estrada and wish he hadn't shown up for this one. He should stick to Infomercials for Viagra or Reverse Mortgages.
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Chupacabra vs. The Alamo
TheLittleSongbird20 May 2013
The title is great and the idea was intriguing, so there was potential to be had in Chupacabra vs. The Alamo. Sadly, its potential that was never really met. While Chupacabra vs. The Alamo is not a good movie and has much of what is so wrong with SyFy's movies in the first place, it was not terrible either and SyFy have certainly done much worse. There are things that are done decently, there is some energy to be seen, the music is not too generic or overbearing and the acting from Erik Estrada and Julia Benson is better than average. The rest of the acting ranges from over-the-top to bland, Aleks Paunovic doesn't have much worthwhile to do and the role is rather strange. And Nicole Munoz badly overdoes the stereotypical bratty daughter character, who is written in such a way that you actually want to strangle her. Chupacabra vs. The Alamo is also the sort of movie that screams of a Danny Trejo cameo but never happened. In all fairness though, the actors do have to work with really clichéd and clunky-sounding dialogue and characters that have no development or likability to them(there's an effect of them being there only for the sake of them having to be there as part of the movie). The pacing is somewhat uneven, there is energy of course, but it can also get rather erratic, especially in the attack scenes, while the melodramatic moments and how the story unfolds takes too much time to do so. The story is to be polite utter nonsense, it also takes too much time to build up(90 minutes or so in until they reach the Alamo), the attacks are not very inventive or memorable instead coming across as predictable and too hurriedly edited, and it is really bogged down by the melodrama. While there are worse-looking movies from SyFy, Chupacabra vs. The Alamo is not really that well-made. The settings are drab and not that much different from many other SyFy movies from the same genre, and the editing is too choppy and frantic. The CGI for the dogs looks horrible, and the dogs themselves are too cute and indifferently designed to be taken seriously as menacing antagonists, which is another reason why the impact of the attacks were diminished as much as they were. And I also did not like the use of the green-screen shots for the parts with the motorcycle, they look amateurish, look out of place and are over-used. On the whole, there is definitely worse to be seen but even when you know what to expect this was an example of good potential wasted by mediocre at best execution. 3.5/10 Bethany Cox
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