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Psych Crimes and Crises investigates a young black man seemingly high wandering the streets clad only in his boxer shorts. Aidan recognizes him as Billy Russell, one half of the famed band, Saturn 66. They are able to coax him into custody. When Billy comes down from his high, Billy admits to Daniella that he is bipolar, and that he sometimes goes off his meds, but that his Saturn 66 band mate, Max Graves, and his doctor, Evandra Lewis, who travels with the band, keep him in check from hurting himself or others. This relationship with Max is despite their very public and often contentious professional feuds. After they release Billy into Dr. Lewis' care, Aidan and Daniella are called to a disturbance, that disturbance which involves Max as the target. A now missing Billy is pegged as one of the prime suspects in what happened to Max. Beyond the incident with Max, Psych Crimes have to find Billy, whose disappearance may be linked to threatening emails he has been receiving of late, to ...

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