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  • Still not quite able to explain just who she is, the Doctor and Clara set off on their first adventure. He takes her to see the Rings of Akhaten and its famous pyramid. The residents of the 7 planets rotating around the same sun all believe the pyramid is the source of all life in the universe. There are quite a few visitors there for the Festival of Offering and Clara and helps a young girl, Merry, to have the confidence to perform an important ceremony to sooth and keep the Old God asleep. When Merry is drawn into the pyramid the Doctor and Clara go after her. When the Old God awakens, it's no match for the Doctor...or for Clara for that matter.


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  • A nice first adventure for Clara, though there is one minor discontinuity in her life history as seen by The Doctor. In the previous first episode, "The Bells of Saint John", the book that Clara keeps with her shows her age as 24. In this episode, when her mother dies, the book shows her age as 11. Simple maths 24-11 means that her mother died 13 years before now... so in 2000. But the grave stone shows 2005. That's a surprising thing to get wrong when the program deals so effectively and cleverly with time. Never mind, it won't spoil this story for you and that is this: Clara agrees to go with the Doctor, so for a treat he takes her to where several cultures believe all life started. A set of co orbital asteroids are home to several ancient species many of whom are familiar to the Doctor, but of course a complete novelty to Clara. Every 1000 years they meet to perform a sacred ceremony to pacify their God. But of course it turns out to be malevolent. The Grandfather inside a glass case looks like Mu-Quillus in the Farscape Episode "Meltdown" . Ah but wait this isn't the creature the Doctor has to deal with...a much bigger problem awaits him.

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