The Right Kind of Wrong (2013) Poster

Ryan Kwanten: Leo Palamino



  • Leo Palamino : Writing and the pursuit of a woman, like any impossible dream, are not about immediate results. They're about telling the truth.

  • Neil : You know, it is kind of sexist you thinking her kicking a football is cool.

    Leo Palamino : It is cool.

    Jill : [on a handglider]  Woo hu hooo.

    Neil : My wife flies. That's cool.

    Leo Palamino : Eh!

    Neil : Also, she made my ballsack a Twitter account.

  • Leo Palamino : You wanna get a coffee sometime? Or drink, dance, charcuterie plate? Everyone's big into those these days.

    Colette : This is my wedding.

    Leo Palamino : We all have baggage.

  • Mandeep : When I met Pooja, she was betrothed to a bricklayer's son cum internet millionaire.

    Leo Palamino : So, what did you do?

    Mandeep : Challenged him to a duel.

    Leo Palamino : Jesus. You dueled him?

    Mandeep : No, I just love how you believe any crazy shit I say about India.

  • Neil : So, someone started a drinking game.

    Leo Palamino : How's it work?

    Neil : Well, it's very simple. They go into a pub. If you're in the pub, you're drinking and you say, "I love you," then they drink.

    Mandeep : Hmm.

    Neil : [seeing Leo get up on the stool]  No no no no no. Leo, no, come on.

    Mandeep : [together with Neil]  No no no no no no NOOOO no no no no no! No.

    Leo Palamino : [to the crowd]  You're assholes! You know that?


    Leo Palamino : But I love you!

    [Everybody cheers and drinks] 

  • Leo Palamino : But next time you try to lose yourself in some trauma-inducing sexual encounter, make sure the guy isn't in love with you.

  • [first lines] 

    Julie Deere : I've been writing a blog about how much you suck.

    Leo Palamino : What's it called?

    Julie Deere : Why You Suck dot net.

    Leo Palamino : That's a clear title.

    Julie Deere : Are you gonna read it?

    Leo Palamino : Nope.

    Julie Deere : Our friends think it's hilarious. If you don't read it, I won't just email it with a password to people we know. I'll make it public.

    Leo Palamino : Go nuts, Jules. Stuff it up your blog.

  • Leo Palamino : Don't you have a school to be ridiculed at?

  • Leo Palamino : I love that she doesn't like roses. They're the attorneys of the flower world, don't you think?

  • Leo Palamino : I don't want your balls on my phone.

    Neil : If they say wise or hilarious things, you do.

  • Sean Cooper : You just got popped, old man. And to teach you a lesson not to chase another man's wife, we're gonna stomp you, too.

    Leo Palamino : [laughs]  Okay. Okay, 'cause I don't fight kids. Especially nice kids who are gonna grow up to do amazing things.

    Bully Kid : Is that sarcasm?

    Leo Palamino : Yeah. The way you're blindly following this dip-shit, I see remedial classes and meth mouth.

    [the boy gang proceeds to stomp Leo] 

  • Tess : Well, if I were twenty years younger and not in a committed polyamorous relationship with some people in Anchorage, I would... I'd fuck ya.

    Leo Palamino : That is the nicest thing the mother of anyone I've loved has ever said.

  • Leo Palamino : You know, the right kind of wrong - for each other - is kind of what we weren't.

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