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22 Sep. 2012
The More Things Change: Part One
Now on his own, Ben sets out to be a solo superhero, with new alien heroes at his disposal, but Grandpa Max has other plans. (Introducing Rook, Malware, Khyber, Nemetrix alien Crabdozer, new Ben aliens Feedback & Blox, Pakmar)
22 Sep. 2012
The More Things Change: Part Two
Ben and Rook discover an underground city beneath Bellwood populated with aliens! But who is terrorizing them? (Introducing Nemetrix alien BugLizard, & Ben alien Shocksquatch, Psyphon, Fistina, Bubblehelmet, Liam)
29 Sep. 2012
A Jolt from the Past
Alien pests from Ben's youth come back, but now they need Ben's help. (Introducing Fistrick, & new Ben alien Gravattack)
6 Oct. 2012
Trouble Helix
Flashback episode: Young Ben, Gwen, and Grandpa Max visit Azmuth on Galvan Prime. There, they have their first encounter with Malware, a corrupted Mechamorph who's determined to make Azmuth cure him, by any means!
13 Oct. 2012
Have I Got a Deal for You
Ben and Rook must stop a giant rampaging alien from destroying Bellwood while dealing with a peace-loving alien-rights activist who doesn't want it hurt. (Introducing Hokestar, Solid Plugg 1st appearance, Pax, Sunder)
20 Oct. 2012
It Was Them
Dr. Animo has escaped his Plumber prison, and Ben and Rook must track him down before he turns the world into his personal mutant ant farm!
27 Oct. 2012
So Long, and Thanks for All the Smoothies
When Ben and Rook investigate a mysterious alien ghost ship, they discover that Argit and the Vreedle Brothers are fighting for possession of a doomsday device!
3 Nov. 2012
Hot Stretch
Ben and Rook encounter a race of elastic, hot-blooded aliens in Undertown who want to use a stolen nuclear fusion engine to activate a volcano!
10 Nov. 2012
Of Predators and Prey, Part 1
Khyber and his Nemetrix possessed pet have been testing Ben's skills and gathering information. They now use their collected knowledge to finally face Ben in battle.
17 Nov. 2012
Of Predators and Prey, Part 2
While trapped in Khyber's ship, Ben learns details about the origin of the Nemetrix, and the link between Khyber, Malware, and Dr. Psychobos!
24 Nov. 2012
When Dr. Psychobos steals a part out of the Omnitrix, causing chaotic side-effects, it's up to Ben, Rook, and a small team of Plumbers get everything back to normal.
1 Dec. 2012
Many Happy Returns
Gwen and Kevin pay Ben a surprise visit, but does Kevin's strange behavior have anything to do with an angry Tetramand princess, or her father's fleet of warships prepared to attack the Earth?
8 Dec. 2012
Gone Fishin
When their fishing trip in Undertown takes a bizarre twist, Ben, Rook, and Grandpa Max, begin their search for a ship-bottling alien pirate who has captured Magister Patelliday.
15 Dec. 2012
Blukic and Driba Go to Mr. Smoothy's
The Plumbers' resident geniuses, Blukic and Driba set off to find some smoothies.
22 Dec. 2012
Khyber and his dog attacks Ben and Rook while they're at the "Olde Bellwood Days" festival, but does the hunter have other plans?

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