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The trio get a couple of house guests
Tweekums26 February 2013
Warning: Spoilers
After the incident at the end of the previous episode Mr Rook wants a couple of favours; firstly he wants Hal to deal with Crumb and his new recruit Alan… any way he sees fit; and secondly he wants Tom to look after Bobby; a werewolf of limited intelligence. Tom is initially less than happy but eventually he looks after Bobby and even takes him to the hotel and gives him a job. Hal meanwhile doesn't exactly deal with Crumb the way Rook expected; rather than killing him he takes him home and tries to break his addiction to blood. Things don't quite go as he hoped as Crumb is jealous of Hal's relationship with Alex… even though they are in fact just friends. To try to persuade him that there is nothing going on Alex accepts his invitation to dinner. This leads to everybody meeting at the hotel; including Rook and the evil Captain Hatch. Hatch and Rook get talking and the plan they come up with will have serious repercussions.

This was a pretty good episode; showing a caring side to the trio as they attempt to help Crumb and Bobby. It was particularly nice seeing Tom and Bobby's growing friendship. These earlier scenes nicely serve to make it all the more tragic when Hatch's plan goes into effect. Phillip Davis continues to dominate any scene he appears in; Hatch is one of the best villains in the series so far; largely due to his performance. Guest star Ricky Grover put in a touching performance as Bobby; one couldn't help feeling sorry for his character. The regulars also perform well; one again Damien Molony stands out as Hal; largely because the character is clearly at a crossroads in this episode and could so easily revert to his blood sucking ways. As the episode reached its conclusion I was left eager to see which way he would go.
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