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Season 1

8 Jun. 2013
The New World
Evan Cross, a business mogul, uses his company's resources to research random anomalies. When bodies and missing people start increasing a single-manned government agency code named Project MAGNET and a member of Predator Control join the group. Connor Temple tries to warn Evan Cross about the dangers of the anomalies, but Cross has his own reasons for searching.
15 Jun. 2013
Evan and Mac investigate a prehistoric sea-serpent terrorizing the waters near disputed First-Nations territory. Dylan faces a crossroads when Evan recruits her to join his team.
22 Jun. 2013
Fear of Flying
When a cargo plane disappears into an Anomaly, Evan and Dylan attempt a search and rescue mission into the distant and dangerous past.
29 Jun. 2013
Angry Birds
Evan and Dylan are taken hostage by two drug dealers while investigating an Anomaly in a vintage train yard.
6 Jul. 2013
An Anomaly opens at a local university, putting students in danger from a Lycaenops, and leaving our team with a dilemma on their hands when the creature gets stranded in the present day.
13 Jul. 2013
Clean Up on Aisle Three
Evan, Dylan and Mac face off against a pack of clever little dinosaurs that have taken over a home store.
20 Jul. 2013
Babes in the Woods
An Anomaly opens up near a "Fatal Babes" photo shoot, putting some of Toby's friends - including her ex - in the line of fire.
10 Aug. 2013
A Pachycephalosaurus shows up in the city, while closer to home Evan comes face-to-face with the same Albertosaurus that killed his wife.
10 Aug. 2013
When footage of a TRICERATOPS goes viral on the net, Evan and Dylan track the creature to an upscale neighbourhood, and the home of Evan's old rival, Howard Kanan.
10 Aug. 2013
The Great Escape
Evan and Dylan are shocked to find that Leggy, the baby Terror Bird, is now grown and dangerous... and has escaped from a secret government laboratory.
10 Aug. 2013
The Inquisition
While Dylan seeks answers about the government's secret lab, Evan goes up against Colonel Henderson Hall, who wants full access to the Anomalies.
10 Aug. 2013
The Sound of Thunder - Pt. 1
When Toby is stung by a poisonous Brontoscorpio, Evan and Dylan must chase the creature back through the Anomaly to get a sample of its venom. But can they get back in time?
10 Aug. 2013
The Sound of Thunder - Pt. 2
Connor Temple returns, and Evan faces his moment of truth against the Albertosaurus that killed his wife.

 Season 1 

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