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  • Walter White makes one last attempt to secure his family's future, while also visiting some old enemies, during his final return to Albuquerque.

  • In the series finale, Walt returns to Albuquerque to settle accounts. He visits his former business partners Elliott and Gretchen Schwartz with a proposition. When they are less than forthcoming, he makes them an offer they can't refuse. He pays one last visit to Skyler but avoids seeing Walt Jr. In a coffee shop, he meets Todd and Lydia saying he's now broke but has a new formula for making meth that he wants to sell them. It's all a ruse to get a meeting with the neo-Nazis who stole his money. Once there, he puts his final plan into action.


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  • Walt gets into a snow-covered car in New Hampshire. He sees police lights nearby, but is able to escape when he finds keys left inside.

    We see Walt stop for gas someplace in a much warmer climate. He pops the trunk and we see he seems to have all his money and medication. He goes to the pay phone and places a call to someone on Elliot and Gretchen's staff, pretending to be with the New York Times. He's able to get their schedule and home address.

    Gretchen and Elliot arrive home. Walt is waiting for them just outside and follows them in as they make small-talk. Walt tells them he's there to give them something. They help him bring approximately $9 million in cash into the living room. He tells them that after he's gone they are going to create a trust for his children using that money. Walt thinks it will be believable since they will appear to be benefactors looking after the innocent victims of their former colleague. Elliot quickly tells Walt what he wants to hear, saying they will honor his request. At this point Walt makes a gesture and two infrared beams come in through the window and point at Elliot and Gretchen's chest. Walt says he used $200,000 to pay a pair of assassins. If they do not create the trust they will be killed.

    Walt gets in and picks up Badger and Skinny Pete, who had been using laser penlights to create the assassin effect. He asks about the blue meth that is now on the streets and the two of them seem surprised Walt wasn't the one responsible. Walt realizes Jesse is cooking.

    We see Jesse working on a wooden box in a studio of some kind. It appears to be a daydream, as he is still chained up cooking meth for Jack & Co.

    We flash to the scenes we've already seen of Walt getting his weapon at the diner and returning to his home to retrieve the ricin. In the living room he has a flashback from the 1st season, in which Hank suggests Walt joins him on a drug bust.

    Lydia meets with Todd at the coffee shop. Walt shows up and pulls up a chair. He is there because this is the time and location of the meeting Lydia used to have with him. He says he knows that Todd must be almost out of Methylamine and wants to sell them a new meth-cooking recipe without using Methylamine for $1 million. He says he's gone broke staying ahead of the police. Lydia says she thinks Jack should hear his offer and Walt says he'll be up there later that night. Lydia agrees but as soon as Walt leaves she tells Todd they should take him out. We see Walt in the desert somewhere working on an automatic firing mechanism for a gun. It is attached to one of the buttons on his car's key chain.

    Marie calls Skyler and says that Walt is back in town. She tells her that his car has been spotted and the neighbor to whom he said hello while retrieving the ricin reported the incident. Marie says that the police are watching her, Skyler and Walter Jr. After they hang up we see that Walt is in Skyler's kitchen with her. He gives her the lottery ticket with the GPS coordinates and say she will find Hank and Gomez's bodies buried there. He thinks she should be able to use this information to bargain with the prosecutor. Walt admits to Skyler that he did everything "for me. I liked it. I was good at it. And I was ... alive." Walt asks to see Holly one last time, then watches from afar as Walter Jr. comes home from school.

    Walt pulls up to Jack's compound. Kenny gets in the car and leads him to clubhouse. Walt doesn't park the car in exactly the way Todd instructs. Walt is frisked and his wallet and keys taken. Inside Jack quickly orders that Walt be taken out back and killed. On his way out Walt references Jack partnering with Jesse, who he was supposed to have killed. This bothers Jack and he sends for Jesse, promising that after Walt sees Jesse he'll kill Walt himself. As Jesse is brought into the room in shackles Walt manages to grab his keys from the pool table he's standing in front of. He tackles Jesse, then pushes one of the buttons. The gun begins firing from inside the car and it kills everybody in the room other than Walt, Jesse, Todd and Jack. Jesse chokes Todd with his shackles and Walt kills a wounded Jack while Jack offers to give Walt his money back that was taken. Walt then gives Jesse the gun he's holding and tells him to finish him off. Jesse sees that Walt has been hit in the stomach and tells Walt to do it himself.

    Walt answers Todd's phone - it's Lydia. Walt asks if she's feeling flu-like and informs her that he added the ricin to her Stevia when they last met in the cafe.

    Jesse drives through the compound gate and leaves. Walt walks over to Jesse's cooking operation and looks around. He places his hand on one of the tanks as police arrive in the background. He falls to the ground, dead of his gunshot wound as police arrive with guns drawn.

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