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  • If Michael Moore were a lady who went after companies who still produce plastic, when the Pacific Garbage Patch is now the size of the continental United States. This Pacific Ocean Trash Vortex by Hawai'i is a more serious issue than any war, economic, or ecologic crisis facing the planet today. We hereby document the process by which conscientious companies, some because of our encouragement, switch from plastic to a more sustainable alternative. A David and Goliath project by night; Sisyphus by day.

  • Aqua Seafoam Shame is a documentary that explores the horrific fact that 25% of our planet's surface is now diagnosed as garbage landfill, due to the pacific garbage patch and plastics. In 20 years our planet will have no coral reefs which will make our oceans revert to the primordial sludge it was before creatures walked on land. What, if anything, can be done to backpedal the Earth from this cataclysmic trajectory?


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  • Afterword by "Endless Summer" icon Robert August leaves us with a glimmer of hope for the future. However, the present is rather dismal:

    25% of the planet's surface has been deemed a garbage landfill. This includes land and sea. Meanwhile only 11% of the Earth is used to grow food. It will not be a meteor, or the Mayan apocalypse, or aliens, zombies, or some catastrophic event glamorized by Hollywood that will end life. It could be the silent deadly creeping killer of plastic pollution, unless we somehow backpedal ourselves from the brink of extinction. It may already be too late as the ocean is a plastic soup. We get our rains from the ocean ... do you see where we are going with this? "Aqua Seafoam Shame" shares everyday solutions anyone can implement as part of their daily routine to help never turn your back on Mother Earth.

    The first film ever listed on IMDB having iPhone 4 as its medium is the short "15 Minutes of Flame." Now the same award-winning avante garde visionary filmmaker Veronica Grey brings you the first ever feature length film shot on iPhone 4 - "Aqua Seafoam Shame."

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