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Season 4

27 Mar. 2016
Episode #4.1
It's been 20 years since Selfridge's first opened, and the store is still going strong. As Selfridge's invests in a bold new technology department, Harry prepares to unveil his London legacy.
27 Mar. 2016
Episode #4.2
Harry's absence is noted in the press, and when Gordon talks with a journalist, he unwittingly sparks sensationalist tabloid headlines about Harry's advancing age.
3 Apr. 2016
Episode #4.3
Following his mother's funeral Harry incurs his children's displeasure through his affair with Rosie Dolly, whose gambling habit he finances, as well as a stock flotation suggested by Dillon, though it pays out dividends at the expense of family loyalty. Cosmetics queen Elizabeth Arden comes to supervise a display and strikes a chord with Kitty when it transpires that both put career above child bearing. However Kitty is surprised when Miss Arden tells her that her marriage is in decline and offers her a job in America. Tilly continues to face bigotry whilst an injury...
10 Apr. 2016
Episode #4.4
Frank turns into prey at a swank junket for the press. Josie arrives to console Grove. Harry faces a choice: either settle a gambling debt or bankroll the Dolly twins' dream job.
17 Apr. 2016
Episode #4.5
Grove and Josie make a new start. Frank is in the doghouse. Movie mogul Harry courts trouble with a mob boss and a press lord.
24 Apr. 2016
Episode #4.6
When Wynnstay's paper prints an article blaming the attack on the store on Harry's gambling debts Harry cancels his advertising in the paper and cuts off the Dolly sisters' credit. However he is broke and is forced to sell off his provincial stores to pay D'Ancona - stores run by Gordon, who is sympathetic and reconciled with his father. Lady Mae organizes a photo shoot for her fashion brochure where Jimmy is annoyed at her closeness to Victor whilst the Edwards' marriage also seems beyond repair. As Tilly faces further discrimination the only truly happy people would...
1 May 2016
Episode #4.7
Jimmy's jealousy of Victor's interest in Mae leads to a fight in which Victor is killed though the police suspect D'Ancona's gang and George and Connie are surprised to find that Victor's main beneficiary is their baby. Encouraged by his mother Clara to act naturally Jimmy joins with Harry to buy the arrogant Whiteley brothers' Bayswater store. Frank prepares to join Kitty in leaving for America, depriving Harry of a spokesperson when Wynnstay threatens to sue for breach of contract, though Gordon steps into the breach and proves his worth. An irate Wynnstay then ...
8 May 2016
Episode #4.8
Harry and Jimmy push through the purchase of Whiteleys, against the advice of Mr. Crabb, who learns that the Whiteley boys owed huge sums to their suppliers, who are now refusing further delivery. Meryl discovers Tilly's secret and, backed by Lady Mae, persuades her father to reinstate her at the expense of her persecutors. Roger has plans to make Whiteleys more profitable but tragedy strikes the family, leaving Josie feeling vulnerable and inept. Disregarding the general air of grief at the store, Wynnstay sends muck-raking reporter Tooby to clarify the circumstances...
15 May 2016
Episode #4.9
As Harry plans to celebrate twenty years of his London store with a special parade, Jimmy struggles to beat the suppliers' embargo on Whiteleys, and devises a solution using Selfridges' excess stock. This saves the day but gets Harry in trouble with the Civic. Newly widowed Josie finds it hard to cheer up the orphaned Grove children but is strengthened by a return to work, suggested by Meryl, who has an admirer of her own. Wynnstay continues to hound Jimmy, who makes an admission to Harry which causes a rift between them and leads to an incident which will mar the ...
22 May 2016
Episode #4.10
Jimmy's final act leaves Harry in a state of shock as Wynnstay's press implies the pair were involved in financial irregularities as well as exposing Lady Mae's affair with Jimmy. A beleaguered Gordon forces his father to confront his accusers and lift the embargo, to the Civic's satisfaction, thanks to Jimmy's will, ensuring that the store's anniversary is a success - though Harry's profligacy demands he surrenders the reins to Gordon. Whilst Lady Mae returns to France, Josie is installed as assistant manager, Tilly gets her just rewards, George Towler and his wife ...

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