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Confession Rates ****
edwagreen25 May 2013
Warning: Spoilers
A treasure of a film where a young girl of Amish heritage seeks out her real mother who had given her up for adoption,some 20 years before.

The mother, a very wealthy woman, returns home to learn that she is terminally ill and that her husband has continued his gambling habit. She wants to write him out of the will. He hires a waitress, aspiring to be an actress, to act the part of the daughter. When the real daughter arrives at the estate, she is taken in as a servant, realizing immediately what is going on here.

The film is great as it also deals with a mother's intuition. The heart rendering ending is excellent
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The 411
ree026-727-1197002 July 2013
My first reaction was; Michael Landon's son directed? I want to see it. I was a huge fan of Michael Landon and figured Little House on The Prairie is a show I grew up loving, let's see what Pa's boy has learned! The Confession has nothing to do with the 1800s as the Laura Ingalls Wilder series but it has as much heart as any Little House on The Prairie show that I grew up crying over.

Socialite Laura, is dying. She has a progressive form of cancer. On her quest to get her life in order she had set out to find a daughter she gave up to be raised by an Amish family in Lancaster. Now hearing that her cancer has progressed she is preparing for the end. Katie hears her birth mother was looking for her and heads to NY to find her only to be informed that Laura has already passed, thanks to Laura's selfish husband who has a plan of his own. His problems have gotten him in some hot water and he needs all of Laura's money. Thanks to a well meaning NY friend with a terrible fake accent (there were many poorly acted fake accents), Katie is reassured that if a socialite had passed it would be all over the news and someone is lying. Sooo...Katie sets out to meet her momma.

Things take an interesting turn when Katie arrives and finds out that Laura's daughter has already arrived.

Back in Lancaster, Katie's family is dealing with the return of an old friend while the modern world tries to infiltrate their very beliefs as and Amish family.

The movie moves quickly and while there are a few plot oddities that are unexplainable but would give the whole movie away if I were to list them. I didn't hate it.

The things that may turn viewers off:

Katie leaves her Amish family for the lavish life style seemingly quick.

Laura figures the deceit going on under her roof and explains it away with a letter Katie sent out to her Amish family. You really need to piece it together and remember what Katie had written to her parents.

The ending was God awful. As of now there is no green light for a sequel and the ending demands one.
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POSSIBLE SPOILER - this review should follow that of bigsword in order to make sense
momcat31631 May 2014
A young Amish woman tries to meet her birth mother, but is beaten to the meeting by an imposter

there is no excuse, much less reason, to denigrate the movie by further lowering yourself by the outrageous referral to down syndrome - how 19th century of you. the movie is enjoyable and many of us with various handicaps actually NEED a calm, well told, beautifully set story. the actors and actresses - yes, I prefer the difference - did an excellent job of presenting their characters, having spent time in Missouri's Mennonite country, I appreciate the effort it takes to become "bilingual" as it were. I would appreciate knowing the location of the beautiful home used as the family mansion. I have been to Canandegua, but remember nothing so grand, wonderful people and my only view of the Erie Canal. Why did the credits only reference North Carolina. a word to those responsible for the credits. there are many of us who must rely on your thoroughness as a bedside tour guide. and for those wondering, my problems include doing all my typing with one finger. do not impair my ability to enjoy a good story.
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a light hearted movie with a twist that's simply likable
salesmanager16 September 2013
I wonder why the title is such "the confession.." i have to give it a 10 for the very nice background music at the start and the single song rendered by Cathryn towards the end of the movie.. (what's the title of the song?)

The story has some flaws but as a whole it is very likable .. and the story kept me seated as what will happen next... the end is so beautiful and emotional .. the scenes where they spend the remaining days together was just too much emotions words cannot describe...match with a beautiful song ...

Other than the ending ..My favorite part is .....when it was announced daughter Cathryn...and sadly the real Cathryn could only watch the fake Cathryn walked in the scene and assumed her part as the daughter... she could not believe what happen to her ...

This is one movie i'm sure a lot of drama avid viewers will agree that it's worth watching again..
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The Amish and Mennonite Church people are very honest
doycesub3 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers
My wife and I were members of a Mennonite Church in the Lancaster County area for years. We have had our feelings hurt over the stress of honesty. There three places in the story that the impostor would have been exposed, twice by the real Katie and once by the "cousin". IThe impostor would have been given a chance to come forward with the truth but if she didn't they would have!! It is called "speaking the truth in love" and it would have happened because we saw it happen that way on more that one occasion. That's my main reason for not completely liking the movie. I know Beverly Lewis is from that area but she must not have encountered the "truth in Love" practices the way we did!!
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Welcome to the world of Englishers
phd_travel13 September 2019
This is quite an engrossing soap opera with an Amish element the second in the trilogy. Katie LeClerc takes over from Danielle Pannabaker. She goes to find her birth Mom. But the nefarious Husband of her birth mother gets an imposter to pretend to be her to get the money. Poor thing. But this well plotted story has a solution that is logical and feel good. Worth watching.
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Great story and well done movie miss original Katie
waterstradtc7 September 2018
I loved the whole story of this second part of the trilogy. The script was wrote, acted, and directed well. There were two actor changes that I noticed. The main character Katie is a new actress as well as the husband of her birth mom. I much would have preferred the original Katie as she did such a great job in The Shunning. The new actress for Katie was good but my heart was with the previous.
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To find the root.
Reno-Rangan24 February 2018
The second film based on the Beverly Lewis' 'The Heritage of Lancaster County' trilogy. The first was all about unfolding the secret. It was a good family film, overall a decent film. I knew what to expect from this part, but what I did not was the emotions. I actually thought of it, because of the plot. Since the previous film did not exploit it, it was only a matter of time we get our eyes wet. Yes, it was so touching, especially if you are a lighthearted. Even I felt it, but obviously the film filled with cliches.

I think it does not matter, because only entertainment films can be criticised for not being original. Films about life, if they had focused on reality can be exempted. What I had watched was more a cinematic, more a television quality, but totally acceptable. Even though it had some flaws that I 'm going to assert later.

Now coming to the story, Katie Lapp had left the Amish county to find Laura Mayfield. The challenges await in the world she has never been. But she manages it all well, except why she has come for. Soon finds herself in a mixed up situation, and coming out of it leads the narration to its end.

-xX] Be like a flower. Be beautiful, rain or Shine. [Xx-

I liked it better than the first. Probably one of the best Hallmark films I've seen in the overall account. So what's the negative of the film is the cast. I did not like it, really did not. There's a new Katie Lapp, played by Katie Leclerc. She was amazing. That does not mean Panabaker was bad. She did not retain the role because of the scheduling conflict. That's what they said. But whatever the reason, it did not stop the film to get its standards.

From the actors' perspective, they all did justice to their parts. From the viewer's perspective, it's too bad to see different people in midway. But once you get used to it, there's no difference. Just an enjoyable drama. Not the entire film has been recast. So still it felt very familiar to carry on my watch. Helmed by the same director, it's a nicely done job. As always, short and to the point. Can the next one would keep up the same rhythm is the question that I'll going to find out very soon.

I hope there will not be another Katie Lapp. But anyway, that's the finale of this trilogy, so expecting to end on a high. Almost the basic storyline is all exploited. What might comes is not known. That's what interests me now. So let you know what I think of the trilogy once I finish watching the third. Meanwhile, I say don't miss this if you like television/Hallmark films

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A wonderful moving movie - Loved It!
ladichaz17 March 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I loved the story line, but what caught my attention was the Amish theme. I love and respect them and their culture. This was a sweet and innocent tale of love and challenges and I would watch it again. But I love uplifting and genuine stories. So this is a major plus. I could watch this with my family of all ages and not have to be concerned about the things that are better left to our imagination. I'm looking for credits for the singing and the songs in the movie. Can't seem to find them anywhere. Very sweet tunes. Would recommend watching the Shunning first. Loved them both! Looking forward to the third movie! I would recommend this to everyone who can appreciate a good story line without all of the fluff of action packed special effects to make it interesting.
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Another Cinderella Rags To Riches Story
jfarms19561 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
The Confession is a family movie and is also for romantics who believe in happily ever after. The movie is about a wicked stepfather who employs an actress to be his wife's long lost daughter. The wife inadvertently hires the real daughter as a maid. And so the story goes. The wife is also the fairy godmother who makes all her daughter's dreams come true. The cycle of life continues. The movie is good to watch as a prime time family night movie or as an afternoon matinée. The movie has a relaxed tone so enjoy whatever snacks you want to bring to your TV chair. True love conquers all again, although this true love is a mother/daughter love. I give the movie four thumbs up.
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Very, Very Boring and Predictable
bigsword1316 June 2013
I watched the movie called "The Confession" last night. It seemed as though it was directed by someone with Down Syndrome, as everything was a bit off and slow moving. Then, I discovered the directors name was: Michael Landon, Jr. That's right "Little Joe" from Bonanza's son. Adrian Paul was also in it. This was one of Paul's "paycheck player" roles, and is not worth viewing if you're a fan. Even though it was a "Hallmark" film, I expected more pizazz than what was delivered. The only reason that I would give it as high a rating as I did, was because the house that was used in upstate New York was a very classy home. I would love to have a kitchen similar to the one that is in that house. I would never watch this movie, again!
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