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great show ... canceled way to soon
a333814022 June 2014
I'm disappointed they canceled this great and exciting show, while other TV series go on season by season and have really nothing to tell.

Just saw the last 2 of the only 13 episodes and think these were the best of the whole season. The Story was very thrilling and original and had a great cast with many well known actors (like Rachael Taylor, Gillian Anderson (who seems to become even prettier with every year) and the fantastic Dermot Mulroney).

I enjoyed watching this series very much and recommend it to everyone who likes crime, action and twisted plots and doesn't wanna have to stick to a show to for too long.
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Decent Idea Gone Bad.
exphilesphan27 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
We often look to TV and movies for escapism. Escape to a land where anything is possible: people are larger than life, circumstances are at the fringe of the impossible. But Crisis is just nonsense. The children of our most powerful and richest citizens have been kidnapped, not for ransom, but to have leverage over their parents. The kidnappers proceed to utilize the parents for their own bidding. The purpose seems to be revenge for something the government sanctioned years ago. As horrible things happen to the parents, FBI, CIA and Secret Service, the children are held captive in a mansion, playing out some version of Peyton Place, seemingly unaware that they have been kidnapped and their lives are in danger. None of these children seem very frightened. It's just more of the petty garbage you'd expect in the halls of their over-privileged high school. As for the parents and the government agents: not a one does anything according to plan. They all seem to think they have to take matters into their own hands. The lead FBI and CIA agents are now working with the kidnappers, unbeknownst to their superiors. And the female kidnapper at the computer seems to have an enormous amount of access to everything. The original premise was interesting, although an obvious attempt to capitalize of the success of similar (and far superior shows). The journey the show is taking as a result of the pilot has swayed far beyond the limits of believable. That is the real crisis.
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Clever Concept and Writing Gone Train Wreck
BlastoFriz16 June 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I loved this show from the get-go. The first couple episodes were amazingly captivating. The plot, the story, the overall concept of what was developing and the promise of what could happen to the kids and government agencies was great. Then all of a sudden something went terribly wrong. The series became a train-wreck of total impossibilities. At first the abilities of Gibson and his kidnapping team to remain a step ahead were filled with great "Aw dang! They got em!" moments into just absurd, ridiculous, "gee, what unclever, obvious way did they hack into "agency's" systems THIS time???" The never-ending, continuous, made-up-on-the-fly obstacles (resolved and totally forgotten) the protagonists face have turned this show into a mess. I love mysteries and detective shows, but they've got to have just an ounce of realism to keep an audience interested. The only reason I've held on through to the end is because I'm hoping with all my might everything gets resolved and these darn kids get rescued - but I'm putting my money on some sort twist ending with one of the side characters leading into, you guessed it, another unresolved angle.
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Best show ever!
mellitafernando16 July 2014
I thought Crisis was an awesome show. Every episode kept me on the edge of my seat and wanting more. I loved the story line and the cast were amazing. I particularly liked the chemistry between Rachel Taylor and Lance Gross. I would've liked to have seen a romantic relationship develop between the two. I thought Dermot Mulroney's acting was flawless. I'm used to seeing him in more comedic roles, my favorite being Michael O'Neal in My Best Friend's Wedding. But after seeing his portrayal of Francis Gibson, I realize he is so versatile and talented and I think he should act in more of these action thriller type series. I was a bit disappointed that they killed off James Lafferty's character Mr Nash. It was great seeing him on TV again after One Tree Hill and I would have liked to have seen him play more of a pivotal role. This show appeals to a wide range of audience from teenagers to adults. I know because I have a big family and we were all so addicted to this show. I have no idea why it got canceled! Please bring it back!
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Its a good show
jaysheyi12 June 2014
Warning: Spoilers
although this series received a lot of awful reviews, it actually has a good plot. The acting is not bad. i actually do not recognize anything wrong with the show. Character development is just fine. It is a good crime show that kinda seems like a mixture of 24 and saw which is actually fun. This show really has potential so please just be patient and reply when the "I told you so" is imminent. The writer is actually good. The actors are just fine and this does not seem like a tele novela. it has a nice story with Gibson being the bad guy and finley being good. nice twist! NBC should definitely reconsider canceling it. Kudos to the cast and crew!
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Still Love Gillian Anderson
interstellar88887 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
The Crisis seems to be that all government personnel as well as the richest and most powerful citizens and their children are all idiots. This is even worse than Hostages (although it often seems like they used the same script and I do sometimes get Dylan McDermott and Dermot Mulroney mixed up). And it is nice to see that being taken hostage doesn't affect the rich kids' narcissism and self-centered sense of entitlement. None of us knows yet what the real purpose of the abduction was. But as time goes on, I care less and less. There is no one to root for here. Agencies fight with agencies. Parents fight with agencies. Parents fight with parents. Please see any BBC series where people with fundamental differences come together, over all adversity, to solve the problem. That is not the case with Crisis.
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I really enjoyed the first two episodes
nickyfall090126 March 2014
I am like super hooked can't wait until the next episode . I have never did a review , but watching this show just got me hyped. I have been glued to both episodes so far , since seeing the preview. Tune in people it's something worth watching thus far ;-). This show seems like there are definitely going to be more twist to come . The preview for next week looks like it's going to be good . I hope this show can keep the interest there , and not go off on the deep end too much . Not really sure how many directions you can take this plot , but who knows I've seen screen writers pull rabbits out of almost anything , so il be waiting .
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More Crisis
tmarie-tp17 June 2014
This show is amazing, I look forward to watching every week with my family and coming to work to talk about it.. Very different from the TV series that are out right now even the ones I watch. My sister told me all about the show and since then I have been hooked. It should definitely be advertised on more channels, I think if this show came on a little earlier it would have more viewers. It is such a "talk about" show, normally I wouldn't pay a show like this any mind but once you watch it you want to see more and more. I would love to see a second season, to see the outcome of the kidnappers. This storyline of the show is very interesting and leaves you craving for more.
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Just don't
maineberry24 February 2014
I love Gillian Anderson just as the next XFiles fan girl, but really, don't.

I don't know if it's the horrible (really, horrible) dialogs, the cheesy fake teenagers stereotypes, the cheesier fake-ier family dramas (I was like "pleeeeease, make it stop" at the terrible end-of-the-pilot's "surprises") or the ghastly discourse "it's for the children" coming from the more cliché and yet until this time, most tolerable character. Really, I don't know,but if you're someone with free time, who wants to enjoy life and relax, don't go there. Unless you're also a masochist, because really, I feel so sad for loosing my time with this, it literally hurts.

Actors, directors, everyone, please, you can find a better series to be a part of. Learn from this, move on, do better next time.

Its terrible acting and HORRIBLE, GHASTLY, INTOLERABLE bad script make me want to scream. As far as I can remember, this is the worst pilot I have ever seen. Just don't.
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The most unrealistic characters
johnnymike9117 March 2014
I don't know what it is about the series, if it's just poor casting, but none of the characters seem realistic in the least. Even the ones portrayed by good actors (Gillian Anderson) seem totally unrealistic. You can't take yourself into the story because everybody is acting so poorly. What's even worse about this series is the quality of cgi and effects. It looks like something that came from the SYFY channel. The violence is poorly coordinated and it's all wrapped up into a lump of coal.

This is just another series trying to get the 24 feel. Unfortunately, nothing was done right, and it ends up being a cheesy disappointment.
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It's like watching an unreal disaster happening while in a state of paralyzed, morbid fascination...
MovieMan6622 September 2014
Warning: Spoilers
A preposterous premise taken to a self-indulgent and pretentious extreme.

Children of powerful parents including the son of the President of the US are kidnapped and taken hostage from an elite school. The parents are blackmailed to do things furthering the personal agenda of a disgruntled ex-CIA operative. The entire might of the US security forces come to naught.

The FBI, Secret Service and other assorted security agencies are made to look like modern Keystone Cops equivalent. While these worthies are shown as being competent (sort of), they are outwitted at every turn by the unlikely blackmailer who has somehow got masterly overriding control over the communication network of the entire governmental apparatus. Very hard to swallow!

The 'Crisis' uses the 'frying pan to the fire--from one crisis to another crisis' type of storyline. Movies like the Expendables-3, or Indiana Jones or Tom & Jerry cartoons successfully use this device. Unfortunately in 'Crisis' it is badly done and not half as engaging. That the episodes are set at an unrelieved monotonous ominous pitch without any kind of relief or contrast is only one reason. The plot line is one dimensional as are the characters.

While there is a fascination to see what will happen in the next episode, after a few episodes the format becomes too tedious and contrived, leaving one disengaged from the disingenuous presentation. On the plus side, the production quality and acting is quite good for what is really a hack writing job. Think of the "Crisis' as a high quality Ed Wood production. It may develop a cult following.

Overall--It's like watching an unreal disaster happening while in a state of paralyzed, morbid fascination...'Crisis' is laugh off-able, and not watchable beyond a few episodes. 3 stars for effort and a tip of the hat for the money visibly spent on producing it.
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The series concept has some potential, but only as a mini series
michaelwesten17 March 2014
I accidental watched Crises and liked it, and will watch the next episode also, and i actually like the concept of Crisis, but pushing it much further then 6 to 8 episodes will be hard, and the planed 13 is stretching it!

So i don't get what the studio's are thinking, when they OK'ed a project like this as a series, when everyone knows it will properly bleed to dead in the first season.

So for me it was fun to watch, and will see how far i can go before i zone out of the series.

I liked most of the of the acting even do some of it was a little bid over the top, but then a series like these, you must not compare it with series like "White Collar", "Person of Interest" or Gillian Anderson small pearl "The Fall" ware i cant wait to see the next season of on the BBC.
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Entertaining failure
Cult-Stitch3 April 2014
This is a new drama by NBC. In no way does it resemble a network thriller but rather silly 90's syndicated television. It's unrealistic, stupid, preposterous and tries to behave as serious primetime. I will just describe it as an entertaining failure. The show has no real characters but rather walking clichés. So much so I don't even remember any of the character names when watching. The FBI woman, the secret service guy, that dude, the character played by Gillian Anderson and the kids. All of the performances are phoned in and the storyline is so unrealistic it's absurd. If you are looking for something to take seriously, look elsewhere.
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good show but..
opalsmail4 June 2014
Crisis is a fairly unique show these days. I like it and look forward to seeing it each week. My biggest critique with this show is the production staff's lack of volume control. It's loud.. it's soft.. it's loud again. Constantly. Good plot, good cast - moves along really well but I'm forever having to adjust the blasted volume.. background music should be just that.. in the background. I can understand the need to do that with a really slow moving plot, you know, just to keep viewers awake but it's not needed with crisis. Sure, some may be unrealistic but I am not turning on a documentary - it's entertainment. I'm also really enjoying the interior shots of the "mansion". Good camera work on top of a good plot. I think we will see some of the younger actors go further once this story plays out.
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Really bad
jmpolytech7 April 2014
Unrealistic cops and secret agents and a cast full of teenagers , poor dialogue and severe over acting . With so much great TV on at the moment don't waste your time with this.I can't believe an actress of Gillian Anderson's Calibre would star in so a poor show after being in some terrific shows recently Like Hannibal now that's a well written show . If you after a good show to watch try True detective , Vikings , Hannibal , Game Of Thrones , House of Cards these are really awesome shows and demonstrate the quality that this new Quality of TV that is about at the moment.i think the worst thing in this show is the teens which of seem to be portrayed as either caring and wonderful or the opposite extreme of total brats . All this combines to create really bad dumb television.
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An Enjoyable Pilot, Perhaps Lacking In Realism But Still Worth Watching
jfcthejock18 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Crisis, seemed to me initially to be another conspiracy-laden tale about professional mercenaries kidnapping the children of powerful individuals in society, and holding them hostage as cliché, and too similar to shows like 24. But regardless I gave it a go, after seeing the rating it received on IMDb.

As the Pilot opened, I saw it was very cliché in terms of what school children in America face, being popular and small gripes that they make out as being far worse than they are. But then we see the premise of the show played out, and we see that those responsible for the kidnapping have almost every outcome planned out.

We see that the main prize of the children on board the bus going on a school trip, is the very son of the President of the United States of America. However he's not alone, as there are children on board who's parents are CEO's of major corporations, and computer experts who can hack into security systems, and pretty much bring the country to it's knees.

We're led to believe the father of one of the children, who has come on the trip for the purpose of helping out is innocent, but he proves us wrong after being dragged out of the room by the armed kidnappers and shown to be the mastermind behind the kidnapping.

His reason? He's a burnt out CIA operative who was blackmailed into taking responsibility for a failed operation a year previously. He took the blame for it for the sake of his daughter, who was threatened by his former colleagues. Now he's out for revenge, to expose the operation and those who turned on him through holding hostage the children of some of the most powerful people in the country.

The action is well shot, with a Secret Service agent who was injured during the kidnapping, coming after the kidnappers to save the children. There are some great revelations, that perhaps were revealed too early in the Pilot episode. But it makes me wonder about the military operation that (Dermot Mulroney) took the fall for, and how his former colleagues in the CIA could get away with threatening his daughter's life to silence him.

Gillian Anderson as the mother of one of the children on the school trip, being a powerful CEO of a mega corporation has secrets of her own; being that her daughter is really the daughter of her younger sister who is the FBI agent in charge of the investigation into the kidnappings.

All in all, Crisis is still in it's early days but for a Pilot it was enjoyable, and I hope it continues to lure me in every week to watch it.
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Interesting !
SeaWalker224 February 2014
the pilot episode has a great potentials but a lot of series recently had that but never made it so what sets this one different from the other *** cough *** last resort *** ? well its smart it doesn't treat you like you have a 6 years old intelligence although it has many peaces as most plots does for obvious reasons but it doesn't feel chaotic . i think you will enjoy the plot and might even be interested about what will happen next , the only reason i reduced my vote was that the visuals were way off which killed my mood but still the high paced events directed my attention away from that . overall good pilot , check it out .
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Just another typical American soap
albaby6126 February 2014
There has been some amazing show that beg for a second or third season like House of Cards, Ray Donovan & even 666 Park Avenue which in my opinion is far superior to this show which was canceled. I so wanted to like this with Gillian Anderson doing some great shows in the UK like, The Fall and Bleak House, only to return to American soil with this dud.......sorry folks.....just another run of the mill show that shouldn't get a second season :-( It tries to be thrilling and gruesome but all I see is another typical teen romance with a few bullets to call it a thriller. Im looking forward the The Fall season 2 so she can redeem herself.Don't get me wrong ,she can act, but her choice of shows to be part of needs more thought.
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Great start, very bad continuation
driverdesign16 April 2014
The show started off well and had me interested because I could buy the notion that maybe SOME parents would sell out their company, colleagues and country...but every single parent committing heinous acts AND without consulting with authorities to at least gage their options first? The writers and/or producers of this show have made a flawed premise that underlies this show and must think that Americans are seriously THAT stupid. I also doubt, after reading all the reviews, that 7.4 is a real IMDb rating. This show should have a much lower rating. I for one, stopped viewing the show after the 3rd or 4th episode because of the ridiculous premise this show is based upon, that saving their child is the only option considered by ALL people on EVERY occasion and with little to no hesitation.
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Don't watch it in time of Crisis...
ur2950560615 April 2014
I agree with jmpolytech, almost in everything he said.

Especially about the others show that's worth to watch..I just would add "The Americans" and the new "Believe".

I started watching this show 'cause it's casting Gillian Anderson, whom I loved for her recent work in "Hannibal" and "The Fall", but after just episode 1, it started to look like teenage crap in political sauce.

If you like a political/crime drama, watch "House of Cards"

If you're a teenager, you'll probably find a wide array of vampires and zombies to fit any taste.

My question is : which is the target of this show ? it's an hybrid, not interesting for an adult public and probably boring for teenagers.

My personal forecast : into the dumpster at end of season 1.

Am I too bad ?
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Mediocrity in full view
Puckhead4827 April 2014
Acted like a telenovela in English, the character development is almost as weak as the overacting is excessive. This reminds me of a cheap soap opera or "drama" from the WB network in the early '90's. The plot is weak, the dialogue is dry and simple, and the overall production value is average at best. Definitely not a show to watch when there are so many other options available that bring at least something to the table. This is as weak attempt at copying 24, Homeland, and a myriad of other dramas. It reminds me more of the early '90's movie "Toy Soldiers" than anything it attempts to duplicate, except it can't even claim Sean Austin as part of the cast.
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Like a bad replication of 24
MuratBaykurt6 February 2016
I've watched all the 13 episodes. In a nutshell: Good idea but bad execution. 3 things ruin this show; 1-Superficial characters (Absolutely no character development, as if watching walking trees around). 2-Too many plot holes (With each episode number of plot holes increase and after some point you begin to take notes of especially the names of some forgettable characters). 3-Too many unnecessary scenario maneuvers (Instead of "clever twists", producers, with reasons not known to audience, have chosen to cripple the whole show) Also too much US power propaganda really annoys (Really? Again?). Bottom line: I do not recommend !!!
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sergiotrapani13 July 2019
If you like a complex story, this is what you searched for.
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I am not going to write a lot this time.. this is a freak show with no sense
sonerayanlar19 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Imagine one Chineese agent is capable of ruining every system in the whole city..Thanks God it wasn't meant the whole USA.. applaud.. so rubbish.. We Dudes you got a real bad ass CIA everywhere working with devils???? imagine a FBI that has a capability of handling anything well..Just one man screws around and too intelligent and everything goes as he planned ..well just one more IT Tech or whatever you call she has the capacity of doing anything so easily change an id..too simple..see how this show goes.. bullocks... anyway.. I thought at the beginning the idea was good and too bad handled..
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Awesome show!!!! good thing i didn't listen to you guys. I need more, such brilliance!! :D
ogunsanyaayomipo27 August 2016
Awesome show!!!! good thing i didn't listen to you guys. I need more,

such brilliance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i mean i know it's not for everyone but the way you guys comment it's like you're watching it but you're paying attention or judging it too quickly, not giving it a chance. Or perhaps you were just in a bad mood lol :D

Well that's it, but it says here i have to write 10 more lines for this review to be ready for submission. Oh what should i write now? oh i know, how about "this 10 lines thing sucks."

Wow it's still not enough, not what? Well i had a good day today, i just finished the first season of Crisis. It was good, a little fast though, i didn't think Meg was capable of doing that. Well i think it's enough now, byeee.
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