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  • While recording stories for her captor, Cassandra remembers part of a conversation she had with Matthew in his van the day she was taken; about her skating outfit when she skates with her partner, Albert, and a promise she asked Albert to make, never to skate with anyone else. When allowed to meet with Matthew, Cassandra repeats these phrases and sentences in a seemingly random manner. Matthew later understands that Cassandra is directing him to Albert for possible clues. Later, she tells her captor about a story she once told him, and suggests making it better. As a result, the captor sends his accomplice to ask Albert for information related to this story, and Matthew, who'd begun watching Albert practice at the skating rink, notices. This starts the chain of events that result in Cassandra's rescue and her captor's death at the hands of Niagara police. Edit (Coming Soon)

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