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I really really like watching Kids React!
Irishchatter9 September 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I honestly like watching Kids React every time the React Channel uploads the different stuff they react to because like, kids reacting to things are just adorable and funny at the same time. Recently they reacted to Metallica and their reactions were priceless! Some of them were covering their ears because as you know, rock can be loud or just laugh away at it! I have to say I think the best Kids Reacters in the series are Tyler, Kelis, Anita, Dominick, Max, Kacey and Lucas. They just really have always the epic reactions of trying out different things that the Fine Bros give out to them!

I even love how they do food challenges because as a kid, you are a definitely picky eater! Recently they did a food challenge on eating Duck liver and trust me, I wouldn't consider eating duck liver myself! At least they all tried it for the laugh and of course, make us laugh too with the tasting part! I seriously would love to be a kid again and say out funny stuff like these young people. They just really are amazing and I'm so glad the Finebros managed to do this kind of thing to entertain us Youtube viewers!
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An innocent and good joy with the view of today's children.
Theraxorterminate14 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
"Kids Says The Darndest Things" - Bill Cosby

Although when it comes to the Kids React To videos, they always says so many interesting and funny lines that makes me laugh together with them.

The first thing they do is that they watch the following video on Youtube that has gained huge popularity or many views, the same time they are watching we see their reactions and it gets varied on many different ways. And then afterwords they discuss with the Fine Bros together and gets some information's and answers about what the video was about.

There are plenty of videos at the moment and each episode I see it makes me feel good to see how these children are not making a fake reaction or acting either, this is a real showing instead of being prepared. While I can think that you could definitely show many of the videos to your own children and to see how they react. I personally think this show could be used at class to not only entertain but also educate to learn how these children are thinking and discussing.

While the show could be entertaining and hilarious there are a few more serious episode that it is a good thing to show the children about how things become controversial and they can discuss how serious that is. This is definitely not a pathetic talk show like Dr. Phil or Jerry Springer, this is a true view of how these children can think and probably even remind you how we are human. There's one episode where they discuss about racism on that controversial commercial from Cherrios and after watching it I felt more cleaner and glad to see that these children have good thoughts and simple yet good reasons to respect at anyone who's from another country. But at the end of the video I could clearly see that one of the children became sad after the conversation of all the racism there is.

Check out the show, you'll feel good and entertained for what it is and see how they think.

I know there's also Teens React, Youtubeers React and Elders React too. Although the Teens react isn't as joy as Kids React but there are good conversations and thoughts as well. Youtubeers React does not have same feeling in my opinion, but there are funny thoughts too. Elders React are close to Kids React and they have some very interesting and good thoughts upon many of the videos we have on Youtube today.
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One of my favourite reaction web video series
Stompgal_8713 May 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I first heard of this series when I was watching a WatchMojo top 10 list of things that today's children won't recognise and that video has used several clips from the Kids React series on the Fine Brothers Entertainment YouTube channel. These clips were from videos of children reacting to old technology such as rotary phones, VCRs and VHS tapes and an old computer to name but a few. After having watched the WatchMojo video, I decided to subscribe to FBE to see more of those reaction videos including those that were featured in the countdown.

The first Kids React video I watched in full was 'Kids React to Rotary Phones' (it once made the papers in the Daily Mail) because I was fascinated to see their reactions to an old-fashioned telephone and trying to work out how to use it. There were also some unintentionally funny lines in this episode such as Lucas saying, "I wasn't born in the forties so I have no idea what you are talking about" in response to the question about the dial tone; Maxim's "loading or searching or something?" in response to the busy signal and Thomas explaining that his relatives in Chicago would only say, "happy birthday, bye" because they didn't want to pay extra money if they were making a long distance call. This video is also my most viewed Kids React video to date.

Not only did I really enjoy the rotary phones episode but I also enjoyed watching videos of the kids reacting to other types of old technology such as the VCR and VHS tapes; typewriters, a computer from the late 70s or early 80s; the first ever iPod; a camera that required film; and a Walkman. In addition to the old technology reaction videos I liked the ones of kids reacting to viral videos such as Mishka the talking Husky; Nyan Cat; Harlem Shake (especially if the Fine brothers included their own version of the meme); and What Are Those?! as well as them reacting to toys such as Teddy Ruxpin and Skip-It and pop stars such as the Beatles (I was surprised when most of the kids knew who they were) and Adele.

There was only one episode that I wasn't particularly keen on and that was the Donald Trump one. Although I agreed with those who think that Trump shouldn't be president, I did not like the clips of him because he was very mean in them.

The show has some very good production values despite the set design changing throughout the series (I found the sets in the earliest episodes stereotypical due to them using blue wallpaper for the boys and pink for the girls). I like the running gags such as, "Aw... Cute! (mostly used with Emma R)," "Truth!" and "Emma's Words of Wisdom (another Emma although others might have been used for this trope too)." Although I was surprised to see young teenagers aged 13 and 14 on this show for a start because I expected to see them on Teens React, I soon learnt that "kids who are technically teens remain on Kids React until they enter high school" as per the descriptions on some videos so now I know that children on this show are typically aged 4 - 14. I also like how Benny and Rafi Fine interact with the children.

Overall despite the Donald Trump episode and my initial surprise of young teenagers being on this show, this is a very entertaining web series that I am glad I have discovered and I look forward to seeing even more of this series in the not too distant future. 9/10.
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