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Wildly energetic performances could perhaps disguise some of these problems – or at least keep an audience entertained during a slow ride – but Priestley does not draw from his performers the work we all know they can do.
It's a testament to the stars that they manage to sell the third act sentimentality after wading through so much screenplay triteness and unimaginative direction.
When the banter sputters, there is always the glorious scenery along the Trans-Canada Highway to divert you.
The story ends up being one wrong turn after another. A GPS hasn’t been invented that could get this plot-hole-riddled script back on track.
Village Voice
Leading man Richard Dreyfuss is so irrepressibly charming that he almost saves Jason Priestley's dismal buddy comedy Cas & Dylan from its awkward humor and trite sentimentality.
Slant Magazine
The film simply mucks up its earnest take on the buddy movie with undercooked characters and on-the-nose writing.

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