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Season 1

13 Aug. 2012
Episode #1.1
Young Michael 'Mix' Cellini fixes gym equipment for a living and has two unhealthy obsessions - 1950s mass murderer John Christie and glamorous model Nerissa Nash whom he stalks. She is aware of this but the police cannot act unless he commits an offence. Using his job he infiltrates the health club of which she is a member and dates employee Danila but kills her after she has criticized Nerissa and ridiculed his Christie obsession. Whilst Gwendolen his elderly landlady is in hospital with pneumonia he buries Danila in the garden.Looking up he sees Christie smiling ...
20 Aug. 2012
Episode #1.2
Increasingly losing touch with reality Mix continues to obsess about Nerissa,telling people they are a couple as Danila's disappearance is reported on the news. Gwendolen leaves hospital and is driven home by her friend Olive's niece - Nerissa,who is shocked to meet Mix on his home ground. Gwendolen detects that he was digging the garden and threatens to call the police,so he smothers her in her sleep and tells her friends she has gone visiting in Cambridge. He forces his way into Nerissa's house but is thrown out by her boyfriend Darel. By this time Gwendolen's ...

 Season 1 

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