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  • A mortally wounded Spider-Man attempts to protect his family and friends from a recently escaped team of super villains led by the Green Goblin.

  • Spider-Man( who is gravely injured) goes after Goblin, Electro, Vulture and Sandman who are looking to kill him. Spider-Man and his friends go against all of them until Aunt May, Gwen and MJ turn up which puts them in danger. Peter takes them all to safety and Peter finishes off Goblin, Electro, Vulture and Sandman.


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  • After seeing that Captain America is about to get shot, Peter dives to save him but is then shot in the side, leaving him mortally wounded. After he saves the captain, a huge explosion erupts and Nick Fury, the captain and the shooter leave. After Peter wakes up, he is buried under some rubble, he manages to push the rubble off him and realizes that he's been shot. Peter tells himself that he'll need to go to the hospital but then worried that people would know his identity and then he saw something in the distance. He shoots some of his webs at his injury and then proceeds to the place, when he arrives, he goes against the Vulture, Sandman, Electro and Goblin. After Electro gives out a huge scream and Sandman taking care of Johhny, Aunt May lowers the gun that she shot Electro with, after Peter tells her that he's been shot, he yells for someone to call an ambulance. Then Goblin reappears and Peter and the goblin continue to fight. MJ tries to reach Peter and then she see's an explosion in the distance. She takes a van and rams it into the goblin, Peter then climbs onto the van and rescues MJ, they kiss and then Peter throws MJ to safety. He then picks up the van as Goblin speaks and Peter throws the van up and down and then an explosion erupts, sending Peter flying to the ground, Everyone gathers around him and then Aunt May comes to him and Peter apologizes for not saving Uncle Ben. Peter succumbs to his injuries and his hand leaves the grip on Aunt May's raincoat and thuds on the ground. THE DEATH OF SPIDER-MAN

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