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In principle was not bad
marksrtrom8 October 2013
Have looked this film. The lack of tension in it corrupts almost everything, except for the ending, last 30 minutes. Although the movie itself is not long... The music in the beginning of the movie - cool, and after that quite often is not the topic, but there were moments that El-music sounded very even at the time.

And the scenery is certainly interesting ...

As always, Sweden pleases us the most beautiful panoramic shots and nudity, as well as unparalleled nature.

And the fact that the employee calmly climbs into the fridge to devour the hosts for me wildly . Maybe in Sweden - this is normal ... The ending seemed to me amusing . As for me, the film unfairly low ratings , I think the Americans would filmed movie worse on this basis(for half an hour longer than half an hour and Dumber). although I punched the ten, in order to align the rating, too subjectively evaluated as well, and will hold on to Seven
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One of the worst Swedish films ever produced.
theo-sjoblom12 June 2019
The Good:

+ The final 5 minutes of Rafael Edholm's horror thriller are actually well done and, well, thrilling - but it is too little and definitely too late.

The Bad:

  • The cheap and horrible soundtrack playing in the background almost continuously - it feels like a nasty headache that never goes away.
  • The supposedly inventive shots that in reality are distracting and pretentious.
  • Several sweeping shots that never serve a purpose in telling the story.
  • The acting is below all standards - and Helena af Sandeberg is usually good in most of her roles.
  • The terrible, terrible, terrible fake jump scare sequences that NEVER suit a serious horror movie these days.
  • Probably the most idiotic script I have ever come across; terrible dialogue (it is obviously never taken seriously by any of the actors), and a plot that is empty and pointless from beginning to end.
  • Lifeless and unlikable characters without backstories.
  • Sloppy production and no real grip on the direction - more of an insult to the audience.
  • The ending has no point whatsoever.

Verdict: Do not bother.
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