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Season 5

14 Apr. 2013
A Duel in Ruins: Part I
An ancient Barian deity awakens to add a terrifying new twist to Barian World's agenda against Astral!
21 Apr. 2013
A Duel in Ruins: Part II
Yuma is put to the ultimate test when a Number Guardian traps his friends and forces him to battle for their freedom!
28 Apr. 2013
The Dark Mist Rises: Part 1
Yuma searches for the second Mythyrian Number and ends up finding an old nemesis who is out for revenge!
5 May 2013
The Dark Mist Rises: Part 2
Every time Astral attacks, he puts Yuma's life in danger, but if he doesn't attack, he's a goner himself! It's a no-win situation in the cruelest duel yet!
12 May 2013
Barian Vengeance: Part I
Alito's back in the ring to take down Yuma, but a fair fight isn't in the cards when Alito has one of Yuma's friends in his corner!
19 May 2013
Barian Vengeance: Part II
Nistro's under Alito's control, and it's up to Yuma and Dextra to free him! Can this tag team duo bob and weave their way past Alito's attacks, or will this Barian knock out any chances they have of winning?
26 May 2013
Put to the Test: Part 1
The hunt for the Mythyrian Numbers leads our heroes to the peak of a perilous mountain where Kite's skills are put to the test by a dragon-wielding Number Guardian!
2 Jun. 2013
Put to the Test: Part 2
Kite faces his toughest challenge ever when a powerful Number Guardian threatens to take possession of his Galaxy-Eyes!
9 Jun. 2013
Furry Fury
After an ancient statue is unearthed, Yuma finds himself between a rock and a furry place when he discovers that there's more to Girag than meets the eye - like a red nose and whiskers!
16 Jun. 2013
A Sea of Troubles: Part 1
It's rough waters ahead for Yuma and his friends when the search for the last two Mythyrian Numbers leads them to an ancient ruin that lies beneath the bottom of the ocean!
23 Jun. 2013
A Sea of Troubles: Part 2
The battle beneath the ocean reaches new depths of danger when Shark comes face to face with the Number Guardian, Abyss!
30 Jun. 2013
A World of Chaos: Part 1
Earth and Astral World are under attack! Yuma and Astral are the only ones who can stop it, but saving their planets may come at the ultimate price...
7 Jul. 2013
A World of Chaos: Part 2
The battle between our two heroes and Number 96 comes to a shocking conclusion that leaves only one person standing!
14 Jul. 2013
Memory Thief: Part 1
Someone's stealing memories, and the Super Secret Numbers Club are going to find out who! But when the hunters become the hunted, Yuma's friends quickly realize that they need help from an exterminator!
21 Jul. 2013
Memory Thief: Part 2
Yuma and Trey team up to take down a bugged out Barian who likes to munch on memories! Can Yuma and Trey swat down this winged menace before he swoops in to drain their brains?
28 Jul. 2013
Tentacles of Terror, Part 1
With Vector's patience for failure fading fast, Mr. Heartland begs for a final chance to beat Yuma! Desperate to deliver, Heartland deploys his most dangerous duelist to date, a treacherous Barian armed with toxic tentacles!
4 Aug. 2013
Tentacles of Terror, Part 2
Shark and Quattro struggle to keep their heads above water as they battle the Barian duelist from the deep, Chironex!
11 Aug. 2013
Now or Never: Part 1
Yuma's all set to travel across the stars to save Astral, but an unexpected pest pops by to plunder Yuma's plans!
18 Aug. 2013
Now or Never: Part 2
Kite and Quinton team up to swat down the bug-eyed Barian Scritch! But when Kite starts hallucinating, Quinton must fend off their flying foe while simultaneously steering clear of his confused partner's attacks!
11 Aug. 2014
Mission: Astral World, Part 1
Yuma's mission to find Astral turns into a high-stakes race against time when Yuma learns the Guardian of Astral World plans to erase his best friend from existence!
1 Sep. 2013
Mission: Astral World, Part 2
Yuma faces his toughest challenge yet when he battles against an opponent who can draw the exact card he needs every turn!
8 Sep. 2013
Mission: Astral World, Part 3
Yuma fights to free his best friend Astral in a duel he cannot win but must not lose! Meanwhile, Shark comes face-to-face with his past and learns the truth about his Barian background!
15 Sep. 2013
Mission: Astral World, Part 4
With Astral's fate hanging in the balance, the heart-pounding battle between Yuma and Astral World's Guardian thunders to its frenzied finish!
22 Sep. 2013
Assimilation: Part 1
To get a lead on Yuma and his buddies, Vector bombards Earth with bogus Numbers. When one of them takes the bait, it puts Mr. Heartland and his sinister swarm of insect monsters hot on the gang's heels!
29 Sep. 2013
Assimilation: Part 2
With Kite grounded, Yuma and Astral step up to take the buzzing Barian, Mr. Heartland down! Can our heroes repel this pest, or will they end up getting squashed instead?

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