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  • Brody makes a necessary phone call. Saul teams up with Virgil and Max to dig up some information on one of their own. Carrie finds herself preparing for the most important meeting of her career.

  • In an effort to clarify his priorities, Brody makes a necessary phone call before things spiral further out of control. Saul teams up with Virgil and Max to dig up some information on one of their own. Meanwhile, the Brody family enjoys an all-expense paid vacation of sorts and Carrie finds herself preparing for the most important meeting of her career.

  • Captured Brody is brought to Abu Nazir, who still seems to trust him despite a rude outburst and instructs him what must be preparations for another bombing to kill the vice president, this time with hundreds of just repatriated Afghanistan veterans. His report allows the CIA and FBI to capture several terrorists and confiscate the bombs, but Abu Nazir escapes. Saul's regulars mistrust Quinn, find out his double identity and that he works for Dar Adal, whom Saul knows to enjoy Estes's confidence. Mike takes the Brody family to a luxury safe-house, where Jessica shamelessly commits new adultery with him.

  • Brody has been missing for twelve hours to wherever Roya has taken him via helicopter. Carrie, Saul, Peter and David fear that Brody's cover has been blown, and their mission has therefore failed. Brody, however, does get in touch, first and foremost to get the CIA to provide protection for his family. The team learns his concern is that he met with Abu Nazir, who is in the US. Nazir does indeed have an immediate terrorist plan, which involves Brody. The target is the homecoming ceremony for returning military, the ceremony over which Walden and Brody are to preside. Saul, Carrie, Peter and David have to decide how much they will tell Walden in their effort both to stop the attack, but equally as important to kill Abu Nazir. They also have to decide how far they will go with Roya in their effort to get to Nazir. Meanwhile, Mike has been tasked by the CIA to lead Brody's family into safety without making it look like the CIA is involved to anyone who may be watching. This move places greater focus on the tensions that already exist within the family. And Saul, with Virgil and Max's help, decides to dig into Peter's life to find out exactly who he is. Because of what they find, Saul decides to confront David with his suspicion that David did not place Peter in the position as mission leader for his analytical skills.

  • Brody has now been absent for 12 hours and his CIA handlers have little hope that he is still alive. Just as they are about to arrest Roya Hammad Brody makes contact insisting that his family be put into protective custody before he comes in. Carrie decides that Mike Faber would be the best person to get the family to safety. When Brody comes in he tells them Abu Nazir is in the country and is planning an attack at the ceremony honoring 300 Marines returning from Afghanistan. Brody's role in all of this is simple - convince the Vice President that a journalist should be allowed to cover the event: Roya Hammad. Saul, who has been suspicious of Peter Quinn, starts looking into his background. Quinn's real orders become obvious. Meanwhile, at the safe house Jess and Mike once again become lovers.


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  • It's been 12 hours since the CIA overwatch team lost track of Brody after he, M.M. and Roya Hammad were exfiltrated by helicopter. Carrie thinks he must be dead, either physically or operationally. The debate is whether or not to bring in Hammad. Estes thinks they must do it.

    Brody is dropped off at a remote location in Baltimore. Nazir says good-bye "for the last time" and tells him they cannot accomplish their goal without him. They hug and Nazir leaves. Brody calls Carrie and asks her to get his family to a safe location. The CIA cancels the Hammad "lift."

    Mike (Diego Klattenhoff) is sent to the Brody home to warn them of the threat. As a "precaution" he's taking them somewhere safe. Dana doesn't like it, but Mike tells her she doesn't have a choice.

    Max (Maury Sterling) and Virgil (David Marciano) break into the apartment of Peter Quinn (Rupert Friend). Mostly bare, they find numerous intrusion-detection mechanisms, rifle cleaning equipment and a picture of a woman with a baby. She turns out to be a member of the Philadelphia Police Department named Julia Diaz. Saul tells them they need to look into Diaz.

    The Brody family is moved to a safe house under the care of Major Joy Mendez (Valerie Cruz). Jessica is being kept in the dark about the nature of the threat.

    Brody meets Carrie. He tells her Nazir is in the country and is planning an attack.

    Brody is questioned by Quinn, Estes, Saul and Carrie. He says he was threatened with torture, but never actually tortured. Brody told a clean-shaven Nazir (Navid Negahban) his will was close to breaking and he's fearful of what might happen to his family. Nazir assures him his wife and kids have nothing to fear "if you stay true to yourself." Nazir's plan is to hit a homecoming where 300 U.S. Special Operations troops returning from the Middle East will be reunited with their families. Brody's job is to convince the vice president to allow one reporter to cover the secret event: Hammad. Brody doesn't tell the CIA that he prayed with Nazir.

    There is some concern among the CIA that Brody or Nazir could be playing them, but everybody agrees they must see how it unfolds. Carrie tells Brody the plan is for Walden to be brought into the fold somewhat, with Brody pretending to act surprised at the briefing. She gives him a new cell phone and tells him about Mike being with his family.

    Dana tells Mike sometimes she wishes Brody had never returned. He talks to her about the wounds of war.

    Estes briefs Walden (Jamey Sheridan) in Brody's office. The Vice President thinks they should cancel the event, but Estes says they could capture the terrorist cell with his help. Estes tells him about Hammad's involvement as Brody plays dumb. He also tells Walden about Nazir being in the country. Walden agrees to go along with the plan.

    Brody tells Hammad (Zuleikha Robinson) he was able to convince Walden by telling him the event would be a perfect time to officially nominate him as his running mate. She gives Brody a hint as to how he can avoid the blast: "stay close to the camera crew."

    Over a glass of wine, Jessica thanks Mike for being there for them.

    Saul introduces himself to Diaz as an IRS agent. She tells him she hasn't seen the father of her child, John Sr., in the four years since the boy's birth. She suspects Saul might not really be IRS and doesn't tell him much of anything. After leaving Saul calls Virgil, who is watching Quinn, and tells him Quinn is about to get a call from Diaz. He does, and after asking Diaz a few questions tells Carrie he needs to leave for a little while. Quinn gets on a bus and Max follows. Quinn changes clothes and gets on another bus headed back in the direction he had just come from. He is speaking with somebody on the bus. Max snaps a few pictures of the man (F. Murray Abraham).

    Jessica goes into Mike's bedroom that night. She slips out of her nightie and climbs into bed with him.

    Saul is shown a picture of the man Quinn met on the bus. His name is Dar Adul, who used to run CIA missions "we don't talk about." Virgil and Saul realize that Quinn isn't actually an analyst and wonder what he's doing on the team.

    Jessica discreetly leaves Mike's bedroom in the morning so that the kids don't know what happened. Later that morning the family is allowed to call Brody. Dana refuses to talk to him.

    As the mission begins and Hammad is followed, Quinn leaves to be a "liaison" for the FBI. Saul seems confused by this, but Estes assures him it's fine. Saul asks Estes about Dar Adul and Quinn, wondering who is really running the operation. Estes says only that Quinn is there to kill terrorists "just like the rest of us." Hammad's team, led by M.M. (Mido Hamada), changes television camera batteries to something similar-looking but extremely heavy. The team moves in, taking out the faux camera crew. Another car flees the scene and the CIA is able to take the vehicle down. Carrie moves in to confirm Nazir's presence, but finds another man there instead.

    If Roya's field techs had been anywhere near the portable power supply, they would have been killed in any blast... so too would Brody, as she had told him that the safest spot would have been "close to the camera crew."

    During this time Quinn arrives at Brody's house driving a limo in livery garb. As Brody gets into the car Quinn points a suppressed pistol at the back of the front seat, preparing to kill Brody as soon as Nazir's capture is confirmed. But Estes tells him they don't have Nazir and "still need him." Brody is surprised to see Quinn and asks what he's doing there. "Watching your back," Quinn says.

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