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The target is discovered
Tweekums3 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
After Brody was flown off at the end of the previous episode the CIA start to suspect that the terrorists have killed him; then, just as they were preparing to arrest Roya, Brody calls saying he is safe but demanding that his family are taken somewhere safe. When he comes in they are shocked to learn that he met with terrorist leader Abu Nazir. He also knows the target; three hundred marines who are returning after their tour in Afghanistan. As if a potential terrorist attack wasn't enough Virgil investigates Quinn and is worried enough by what he finds to involve Saul… Quinn certainly isn't the mere analyst he claimed; the only question is; 'who will he be a danger too?'.

This was a fairly gripping episode; I particularly liked the sub plot involving Quinn; there has always been something a little sinister about him so it was nice to learn more about him although I'm sure there is more to come out still. After several weeks wondering what the target would be it to discover what at least one of Nazir's targets was. I'm not sure it was necessary to restart to relationship between Jessica Brody and Mike although it is always possible that it will become relevant in upcoming episodes. As usual the acting was good throughout. Over all fans of the series should enjoy this episode.
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Homeland Two Hats
dalydj-918-25517525 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Still upset that Brody is gone Carrie thinks he is dead because he has been gone for some time. She says they should move on because he is dead to the mission. Abu Nazir know has Brody back to check if he truly is loyal to the mission. He let him go in the middle of nowhere. He then calls Carrie not telling her where he is. He tells her for his family to be safe, the CIA then make the decision to use Mike to get the family safe. Mike goes to Brody's house to tell his family to be careful and Dana is not happy about it as usual. Brody calls Carrie again telling her to meet him at the first place they met each other. Virgil and Max do some exploring the apartment and see that it looks like a normal apartment. Jessica wants to know more about the threat but is told nothing other then this is normal. Brody hops into Carrie's car telling her that Abu Nazir is in America and he thought he was dead during the whole kidnapping. While in an interrogation room with the CIA Brody tells them about what he talked about with Nazir. Brody tells the CIA that he the most important part of the plan against the vice president. Carrie and the guys come to a decision that they have to let the plan play out. Mike try's to talk Dana down because she still does not like her dad and how he has been acting lately. David with Brody tells the vice president about Abu Nazir having a plan. Brody has to play fake pretending he knows nothing about Roya working with Nazir. David also tells the vice president that Abu Nazir might be in the country. Saul goes to visit the women from the picture to find out about the father whom she has not seen in a long time. Saul says he is from the IRS but she does not believe it and wonders about the safety of the father. He then tells her the real truth of who he is. Max then follows the man the CIA are after as he gets on a bus. While Brody is alone in his house in Washington Jessica alone goes into Mike's room undresses for him going back to her old ways of cheating. Virgil shows Saul the picture of the man Max got and turns out he knew him in the past. The CIA room keeps watch on Roya as things in the plan start moving. Brody's family then get to call him on the special phone. When Brody wants to talk to Dana she wants to part in it. Roya goes into a restaurant and a blue car pulls up where four men get out. When the CIA go in it turns out that Nazir was not in the car and Quinn is not to shoot Brody. OK episode with some great moments seeing how the CIA works and once again the family stuff does not work as well as the Brody storyline.

EPISODE GRADE: B+ (MVP: Claire Danes)
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