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Julie Walters: Mrs. Kehoe



  • Diana : It's not politics, to talk about eye operations.

    Mrs. Keogh : It is if the eyes belong to a politician.

  • Mrs. Keogh : [Preparing for a weekend at the beach]  Diana's right, though, Eilis. You need to think carefully about your costume. It's the most Tony will ever have seen of you. You don't want to put him off.

  • Mrs. Keogh : I'll tell you this much: I am going to ask Father Flood to preach a sermon on the dangers of giddiness. I now see that giddiness is the eighth deadly sin. A giddy girl is every bit as evil as a slothful man, and the noise she makes is a lot worse. Now, enough.

  • Diana : Have you told Tony yet, Ellis?

    Eilis : Of course.

    Sheila : Is he taking you out to celebrate?

    Eilis : We're going to Coney Island at the weekend.

    Patty : Oh, boy.

    Eilis : What does that mean?

    Patty : Well, do you have a bathing costume?

    Eilis : No, I was going to...

    Diana : Do you have sunglasses?

    Eilis : No.

    Sheila : You need sunglasses. I read that if you don't have them on the beach this year, people will talk about you.

    Mrs. Keogh : And what will they say, exactly, Sheila?

    Dolores : That's the thing, Mrs Kehoe. You'd never know, because they'd never say it to your face.

  • Mrs. Keogh : Ellis, from the look of you, you have greasy skin, is that right? What do you do about that?

    Eilis : Just... Well, I wash it, Mrs. Keogh, with soap.

    Miss McAdam : There is nothing wrong with soap. Soap was good enough for our Lord. I expect.

    Mrs. Keogh : Well, which brand did he use, Miss McAdam? Does the Bible tell you that?

    Diana : Our Lord is a man anyway. He didn't care about greasy skin.

    Mrs. Keogh : Ladies, no more talk about our Lord's complexion at dinner, please.

  • Miss McAdam : One of the things that ruins Christmas in America is the turkey. Oh, it tastes of sawdust.

    Mrs. Keogh : So that's one cheese sandwich for Miss McAdam and extra turkey for everyone else!

  • Mrs. Keogh : Have they told you what day for the nylons sale, Ellis? Never had a Bartocci's girl in here. Might get some inside information.

    Eilis : I haven't been told anything.

    Diana : I bet you wouldn't let on if you had.

    Patty : She's that sort. More aligned to her bosses than to her friends.

    Diana : Like a red spy.

    Sheila : Oh, dear God.

    Mrs. Keogh : I'll thank you to keep His name out of a conversation about nylons. He might be everywhere, but He's not in Bartocci's on sale day.

  • Mrs. Keogh : Patty, did you happen to look at that cold cream?

    Patty : No, Mrs. Keogh. I asked Miss Tyler in cosmetics and I showed her the advertisement.

    Mrs. Keogh : I don't want to have to travel all the way to Manhattan just for a jar of cold cream.

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