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6 Oct. 2012
See Dad Run Home
David Hobbs has spent the last decade playing a beloved father on one of TV's biggest sitcoms. When his series ends, he transitions into a stay-at-home dad watching over his children, Emily, Janie, and Joe. Meanwhile, his wife, Amy, returns to her television career. Now, David must accustom to tending to his kids' every need. His children worry since he is never around, and barely knows anything about being a parent. David soon realizes how challenging it is to be an actual father.
14 Oct. 2012
See Dad Lose Janie
David has to take Emily and Joe to school and take Janie to Mommy and Me class and get everybody home in time for a much-anticipated piano lesson. Meanwhile, Emily has ruined Amy's favorite sweater and asks David to pay for it in exchange for finding Janie.
21 Oct. 2012
See Dad Play Coach
David tries his best to suppress his competitive nature when he takes over as head coach of Joe's rag-tag baseball team. Emily conducts an experiment on her parents for a school paper.
28 Oct. 2012
See Dad Rise from the Dead
After Joe bails out of yet another sleepover, David goes to great lengths to help him conquer his fear of all things scary in order to keep him out of David and Amy's bed at night.
4 Nov. 2012
See Dad Get Wah-Wah'd
David and Marcus are producing a new TV show and try to get Ricky Adams (James Maslow), an actor who played David's son on his old TV show to star in it. However, Ricky's self-centered attitude annoys David. Amy is reluctant to get reading glasses.
11 Nov. 2012
See Dad Meet Matthew Pearson
Emily's latest crush, Matthew Pearson, is more interested in spending time with David than her.
18 Nov. 2012
See Dad One Night Only
David and Amy learn that Emily will be an extra in the school play. But after the director learns that Emily is David's daughter, she is then given the lead role, despite the fact that she is a terrible actress. Joe and Janie try to make a viral video.
25 Nov. 2012
See Dad Catch a Rat
David tries to catch a rat loose in the house without the help of an exterminator. He also lies to Emily saying that he will catch it humanely since she is now a member of an animal rights group. Amy is not pleased with David having his reclining chair from his old TV show in the house so she tries to get rid of it.
9 Dec. 2012
See Dad Run Christmas Into the Ground
When Amy has to work on Christmas Eve, David promises to take care of everything but the stress of making the holiday perfect for the kids gets to him and he temporarily loses track of what Christmas is really about.
17 Jan. 2013
See Dad Campaign
When David discovers that Emily is running for class president against the son of his rival, he embeds himself in her campaign but Amy and Emily surprise him by leaning on superstar Ricky Adams to help her win.
24 Feb. 2013
See Dad Get Schooled
When Joe wants to participate in his school's father/son history bowl competition, David realizes he doesn't know anything on the subject and learns he never actually passed history in school. The family sets out to teach David the facts.
3 Mar. 2013
See Dad Assist Kevin
The Hobbs family must take care of Kevin when he injures himself, but Kevin feels like a burden to them and takes off. They eventually find him, learning much more about Kevin in the process and are inspired to help him.
10 Mar. 2013
See Dad Run, But He Can't Hide
A stalking paparazzi captures a few innocent photos of David but manipulates them to make him look like a horrible Dad. Meanwhile, Amy feigns indifference when the paparazzi don't recognize her.
17 Mar. 2013
See Dad Get Married and Married
When Amy learns about David's first wedding, she's jealous of the exotic affair compared to their quickie-ceremony so David and the kids set out to give her the wedding she deserves.
31 Mar. 2013
See Dad as the Great and Powerful Hobbs
When David and Amy learn their security system has a surveillance feature, and they allow Emily to have a party, they must decide how much supervision they want to have over their daughter.
7 Apr. 2013
See Dad Play Hard to Get
When David decides to play hard to get while renegotiating a spokesman contract - and gives the same advice to Emily - his strategy doesn't work out as he planned in either case and he must fix the mess he's made for his daughter.
14 Apr. 2013
See Dad Get Janie Into Kindergarten
Janie wants to join her friend Charlotte in Kindergarten next year, so the family begins the application process, including a surprise home-visit from the principal at the worst possible time.
21 Apr. 2013
See Dad Host a Play Group
While observing the many different parenting styles of the moms at a playgroup for Janie, David realizes he needs to find a technique of his own. He tries out different styles on the kids until they finally stage an intervention
28 Apr. 2013
See Dad Get Attacked by Promzilla
When Amy has to work the weekend Emily and Mary are getting ready for Prom, dress shopping duties fall on David and Marcus, who let things spiral out of control. Now the guys must find a way to give the girls a Prom to remember.
5 May 2013
See Dad See Through Grandma
David prepares a special Mother's Day for Amy, but his plans are hampered when his narcissistic mother arrives and steals the spotlight.

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