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Enlightened The Ghost is Seen
dalydj-918-25517511 February 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Just as the show did with Levi and Helen instead of focusing on Amy Tyler is the main character of this episode. Even though he has been a principal character of the show not much is really known about him outside of Amy's head. Seeing Tyler alone in his live was not surprising from what has been shown of the character. Although what was surprising was how the secretary Eileen (Molly Shannon) seemed quite attracted to Tyler for all his awkwardness. Amy though the eyes of Tyler came off as even more crazier but her with Dougie seemed like a pair that Tyler should stay away from. The relationship build between Tyler and Eileen was sweet as it felt like such a young love. Tyler came off quite sympathetic in how he was treated by Amy and Dougie who came off as villains even though they are trying to make a difference. Tyler is not a great character in my mind by White finally got the chance to play this character in a way that I actually care about. Shannon has played her crazy characters over the years but being toned down worked for her I believe. It was a good episode but my biggest problem with the show will always be how self righteous it comes off, Amy as a character is quite annoying and the writing never makes her empathetic.

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I See You
talksallabout-426-53634512 February 2013
Warning: Spoilers
What an absolutely wonderful episode of HBO's "Enlightened"—episode 15, "The Ghost is Seen," airing on Sunday, February 10.2013.

This episode explores Tyler's life. Tyler is resigned to being a "ghost." He has come to prefer it, actually. His voice-over monologue opens the episode and shows us that Tyler no longer even hopes to love and be loved. He says, "It's OK to be a ghost. No love to lose. No burden to be. So little to hold you down. You are free."

Dougie and Amy have hacked into the email account of Abadonn's CEO, Charles Szidon, but they have not been able to find anything incriminating. They realize that there must be a secret account, and the only way to find that account is through an assistant to Szidon.

Eileen (played by Molly Shannon) is their key to unlock this account. Eileen is Szidon's assistant and another lonely pearl who has no expectations. Tyler is sent to gain her confidence, but when he approaches Eileen, he is too shy to ask her out.

They eventually end up in bed together, but first Eileen has to give him a long speech about how she doesn't expect much, but could he please not hurt her.

She and Tyler are kindred spirits. A ghost. A pearl. This is the "can- two-sad-lonely-people-make- one- happy- couple?" moment of the week.

Everyone ends up happy in this episode, but I suspect they won't be happy for long.

This is an excerpt from my review on my blog Premium Cable Reviews.
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