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  • The final three teams are transported from Beijing, China to Guilin during the rest period, from where they travel to Fraser Island, Queensland. A few extra seconds spent at the airport helps one team to gain what could be a race-winning edge later. The first team to reach the finish line wins the A$250,000 first prize.


The synopsis below may give away important plot points.


  • During the mandatory rest period, the final three teams are flown from Beijing to Guilin in southern China, a spectacular landscape that is considered by many to be the most beautiful in China. Cheerleading twins Michelle & Jo, who were the first team to arrive at the last Pit Stop, are first to depart at 5:07am. They open up their clue and find out that they must travel by taxi to the Lijiang River, search among dozens of traditional fishermen, who have used cormorants for thousands of years, and ask them in Mandarin if they have something for them. Most fishermen will respond by giving them a fish, but when they find the right fisherman, he will hand them their next clue. They also find out that they have A$250 for this leg of the race. They consider starting in first place to be a good start, and a one in three chance of winning A$250,000 to be pretty good odds. Jo has learnt several things along the race with Michelle and they have had a lot of fun together on a once in a lifetime opportunity that they will have to share and hold on to forever. Michelle feels that they have grown closer as twin sisters and has learnt that there are times where she has to step back and listen to Jo's opinion. They find a marked flag and see a sign that gives the task's hours of operation as 8:30am to 5:00pm.

    Workmates Paul & Steve depart at 5:12am. Steve has had a great experience on the race's journey and considers having the opportunity to do it in its entirety something to be proud of. Paul cannot wait for the end when they are the first to finish so that he can brag to the other teams that they have just had their butts kicked by an accountant and a goof-ball. They arrive at the river and see Michelle & Jo and the Hours of Operation sign. Afterwards, Paul notes how Michelle & Jo have proved consistently that they are good at getting between destinations and securing good flights, which is why he and Steve has seen them as their greatest threats and are always motivated to overtake them at challenges. At 8:30am, the gate is opened and the two teams have to change into traditional fishermen's costumes, which Steve describes as a haystack cape. To Jo, the contest is becoming more personal now, with Paul taking it very seriously, while Michelle is being eaten by a desire not to let Paul & Steve beat them. The two teams set off in opposite directions and start asking the fishermen if they have something for them. The fishermen who don't have a clue give them a fish, but Steve seems just as pleased about the latter prospect. Michelle & Jo see so many fishermen around, but are stoked when the first fisherman they ask hands them a clue, and thank him in Mandarin. Paul & Steve hear their screams and try to get their boat turned around. Michelle & Jo open their clue and find themselves at the Detour, which will send the teams back to school Chinese style as they choose between Teach and Learn. Regardless of their choice, teams have to travel to the Yangshuo school, where teams choosing Teach must choose a local student and tutor them on ten Australian phrases. When their student can repeat all ten phrases, they will receive their next clue. Teams choosing Learn also have to choose a local student at the school and learn from them the same ten phrases in Mandarin. When they can correctly recite all ten Mandarin phrases back to the teacher, they will receive their next clue. They choose Learn and find a taxi that will take them to the school, which is marked on the map they have. They hope they can have some luck on their side in the directions game given the distance from the river to the school.

    Police officers Shane & Andrew are the last team to depart at 8:47am. They are happy for the other teams to underestimate them, and feel that they have been caught in the rat race a little with children, jobs and mortgages. They owe it to their families to have a shot at the big money, feeling that they have done it hard without them and deserve it as much as they themselves do. They find a local police officer who can speak a little bit of English, who tells them that they have to go to the countryside to find the Lijiang River. Meanwhile, Paul & Steve keep asking the local fishermen if they have something for them, and find it challenging to remember which ones they have already asked given the way in which they move around. They move to the left and ask another fisherman, who hands them a clue. As they find themselves at the Detour, they are happy to get away from the river, and Paul's first instinct is that Teach is the better option. They ask a local for directions to the Yangshuo school, and Paul tries to gauge whether they should walk or drive, though it soon becomes pretty evident to him that there are no taxis or any other form of transportation on the road they are on, and they decide to walk along a path. Shane & Andrew see the Hours of Operation sign when they arrive at the Lijiang River and estimate that they are about an hour and a half behind. Shane starts asking among the fishermen and receives a fish from the first one he asks. Paul & Steve keep walking on the same path, and every local they ask for directions to Yangshuo tells them to continue on the path that they are on. Shane finds a group of three fishermen, and the first one whom he asks if they have something for him gives him a clue. The relative quickness of completing the task gives them hope that they have made up some time on the other teams, and they just need to go hard and have a bit of luck in order to chase them down. After deciding to give Teach a go, they find a taxi to take them to the Yangshuo school.

    Michelle & Jo find out that their taxi driver knows what district they need to go to, but not where the school is. Knowing that there are not many taxi drivers in the area who can speak English, they stop at a local hotel and try to get directions to the school, only to find themselves frustrated again by the language barrier. The further and longer Paul & Steve go along the path, the more it doesn't feel right to them. They wonder if their decision to walk was a catastrophic mistake, especially if the other teams found taxis. The next local that they ask tells them that Yangshuo is an hour and a half away by bike. They ask about taxis but find out that the nearest ones are more than an hour away. Having already walked for 45 minutes, they are not sure whether to go forward or back, but they decide to press on, and along the way befriend a local dog, who they see as a guide on their spiritual journey. Michelle & Jo finally arrive at the schoolyard and pick a little girl to come and help them learn the Mandarin words for ten pictures stuck up on a blackboard. The student that they choose is about five or six years old and has the voice to go with it. When Shane & Andrew think their driver has no idea where the school is, they decide to stop and ask for directions and find a local who can speak English, so they get him to jump in to the taxi with them and tell their driver where to go. Michelle & Jo put themselves under pressure to try and learn the Mandarin words quickly, then make their way to the Learn Quiz classroom for their exam. When they get there, they get the Mandarin for "G'day" pretty quickly but struggle with the Mandarin words for "sheila" and "bloke". They decide to try another student, only to find that their pronunciations of the words are completely different from the first, but they decide to keep going with what they think they hear. They sit the exam again, and after getting the Mandarin for "sheila" and "bloke" right, they fly through the other seven words, which they had already memorised. With the teacher giving the thumbs up for all ten phrases, the student who taught them gives them their next clue. They must now make their way to the Bai Sha Market, a travelling market that is typical of those found in rural China. Here, the teams will need all of their powers of persuasion to sell their wares to the passing villagers, as they must choose a market stall and spruik some common kitchen gadgets. When they have sold ten items, they can exchange the profits for their next clue. As they take a taxi to the Bai Sha Market, they think they are still in front as they have not seen any of the other teams, and are confident about the next task because they see themselves as promotional queens.

    After spending two hours walking down the path, Paul & Steve find a hotel close to it, and after consulting a map, they are relieved when they find out that they are able to call a taxi, or a "rubber tyre saviour" as Steve describes it later, to get them back on the right track. As they travel, they feel that they are doing the best they can right now. Shane & Andrew's taxi drops them off at the school, they select a young boy to teach the phrases to, and discover when they enter the classroom that the phrases they must teach him are not English words but Australian slang. As they work through the phrases, they take themselves out of the game for the first time, thinking that it is more about their student than the race. After spending a bit of time with him and thinking that he is confident enough to remember the words, they head upstairs to the Teach Quiz classroom to see if the student can repeat the words for them, but he freezes during the exam and cannot get even one word out. As they try again with their student, Michelle & Jo arrive at the Bai Sha market, find the marked stall and go to work selling ten vegetable slicers for at least 5 Yuan each. They soon attract a large crowd, but although it takes them a while for the first villager to buy two slicers, the requests start to flood in after that. As they approach half-way, Shane & Andrew's student tries the Australian slang examination again, with the police officers aware that they are spending a lot of time with him, but because he is so likeable, they want him to get it. This time, he is able to say "G'day Mate", but struggles with "bloke" and "sheila". Shane & Andrew decide to switch tasks and find the roles have now reversed - their likeable student suddenly becomes the one who is teaching.

    Meanwhile, Jo slices like she has never sliced before as she and Michelle sell the final vegetable slicer. They exchange the 50 Yuan they have collected in profits, open up their next clue, and learn that they must now fly to Brisbane, Queensland, where they have to search the airport car park for their next clue. They find a taxi to take them to Guilin Airport, where they hope that they can get on a good flight and leave the other teams behind. Back at the school, Shane & Andrew's student takes them upstairs to the Learn Quiz classroom. As they work their way through the Mandarin phrases, the police officers look at each other and ask themselves why they didn't do this first pop. They get all the phrases correct, and after some high-fives with their student, they receive the clue sending them to the Bai Sha Market. Before they leave, Shane & Andrew have a final gift for their student in the form of a toy kangaroo from Australia. Paul & Steve finally arrive at the school just as Shane & Andrew are about to leave, with the workmates relieved that they have caught up to someone, and the police officers realising that they have made a big jump from starting three and a half hours behind to having another team behind them, which puts them in either first or second place. Paul & Steve choose a student and, despite Paul's earlier first instincts, they decide to learn Mandarin, struggling with the word for "bathers", but getting the word for "dunny".

    Michelle & Jo arrive at the Guilin International Airport and book themselves on a flight departing at 4:10pm, leaving them less than an hour of waiting time. They hope and pray that the other teams will miss the flight, and decide to check in so that the other teams won't see them. Paul & Steve sit their Mandarin examination with Paul getting the first five words correct, but Steve can't get the Mandarin for "bathers". They head back downstairs and learn the correct word from their student. Shane & Andrew, now feeling a little more motivated because Paul & Steve are behind them, arrive at the Bai Sha Market, find the marked stall and put a little more gusto into selling the vegetable slicers, which they think look like some of the dodgy products advertised on TV late at night. As they sell their first slicer, Paul & Steve try the Mandarin examination again, and this time Steve gets his five Mandarin words right, allowing the workmates to receive the clue sending them to Bai Sha Market. As they travel in their taxi to the market, they realise that being in the final leg, it isn't just about surviving, so they have to make sure that they get back in the lead and stay in the lead. They saw Shane & Andrew leave as they arrived, so Paul feels that they are behind them but not too far behind them, and while they have no idea where Michelle & Jo are, they figure that the twins are currently in the lead. Shane & Andrew find the slicers selling like hot cakes and soon sell their tenth and final slicer. Afterwards, Andrew remarks about how some people, including other police, suggested that he and Shane should get out of the police force and into sales. Shane & Andrew exchange the profits for their next clue and high-five each other when they learn that they have to fly to Brisbane. Paul & Steve feel that they are keeping pace with Shane & Andrew, with the workmates arriving at a task just as the policemen are leaving it for the second time. Paul & Steve begin selling vegetable slicers with Paul remarking afterwards that Steve has the personality of a used car salesman because he is very good at pitching things, while Steve is mindful that the villagers won't understand anything he says, so he tries to be entertaining in his pitch. They sell their first two slicers as Shane & Andrew arrive at the airport and settle their account with their taxi driver. The policemen know that they have to get on the same flight as Michelle & Jo or else the twins will have a massive lead and leave them with no chance of winning. At the China Southern counter, they are told that the first flight leaves at 4:10pm, which gives them only 20 minutes to make the flight. The staff member who served them tells them to follow her.

    Back at the Bai Sha market, Paul & Steve continue to sell vegetable slicers, though Paul thinks the villagers are buying them more out of sympathy for the sellers than because they actually want the product. They sell their final slicer, get the clue sending them to Brisbane, and find a taxi knowing that they have to do some scrambling to try to get the best flight in order to get close to the other teams. Waiting for the plane to start boarding, every second on the clock feels like ten minutes to Michelle & Jo. The flight starts boarding and the twins are quick to make it into the queue, not seeing any other teams until Shane & Andrew arrive at the boarding gate. Catching up to Michelle & Jo takes a weight off the policemen's shoulders, and they hope that Paul & Steve are 20 or 30 minutes behind. The workmates make it to the China Southern counter 6 minutes before the flight departs, and the staff member serving them tells them to follow her to the check-in counters. They receive their boarding passes, are directed to the boarding gate, and make it on the same flight as Michelle & Jo and Shane & Andrew, leaving the other teams feeling gutted and devastated. As they board the plane, Paul's mind goes crazy with all the potential variables that could have lost them those do-or-die six minutes. With all three teams on board, the China Southern flight departs Guilin for Brisbane via Guangzhou.

    The flight lands at Brisbane at 8:55am, and Michelle & Jo and Paul & Steve sprint straight for the car park, but Shane & Andrew stop at an information desk to pick up a detailed map of Brisbane. At the car park, Michelle & Jo and Paul & Steve find some marked Honda cars that have their next clue on their windscreens. Jo feels good to be home again. The two teams open up the clues and find out that they must now drive themselves into the city of Brisbane and search the Captain Burke Park at Kangaroo Point, beneath the Story Bridge, for their next clue. Departing the airport in first place, Michelle & Jo are excited at the big day that is ahead of them, knowing that they have a one in three chance of winning the A$250,000 first prize. Paul & Steve are content to follow the twins out of the airport because they see getting to the destinations as an area where Michelle & Jo are stronger than they are, and while they know Shane & Andrew are behind them, they don't care what they are doing. With their map in hand, Shane & Andrew arrive at their car and find the clue for Kangaroo Point. They feel that it was worth them spending the two minutes to get a map and let the other teams get in their cars and go because they know that two minutes isn't worth much at the end of the day. The other teams drive across the Story Bridge before arriving at Kangaroo Point, and the adrenaline pumps through Michelle & Jo as they run in search of the clue box. Shane & Andrew see them running as they arrive at Kangaroo Point. Michelle & Jo find the clue box ahead of Paul & Steve and open their next clue. They must now drive themselves to Boggo Road Gaol, which was once the site of dozens of executions. Once there, they must enter the gaol and find the warden to receive their next clue. Shane & Andrew are not too far behind as they pull their clue out.

    Michelle & Jo have to ask some locals for directions to Boggo Road Gaol, so as Jo asks one of them, Paul & Steve get out and stand over her shoulder in what Paul would later describe as "stealth mode". The two teams set off again and find themselves on a road that only turns back toward the Story Bridge, which Michelle & Jo soon realise is not the way they want to go. Paul & Steve arrive behind them and consider whether they should make a U-turn when they get back on the highway. Michelle & Jo turn towards the bridge and look for somewhere they can turn around later, and are followed by Paul & Steve. Shane & Andrew see the road that only turns left when they arrive moments later, but after making the turn, they find a place to make a safe U-turn that puts them in the right direction for the gaol, and in the lead of the race. As Michelle & Jo try to use a one-way street to reverse back onto the main road, they get frustrated with each other in a way that makes them feel like they are falling back, but with only three teams left in the race, they realise there is no chance for them to fall back.

    Shane & Andrew arrive at the Boggo Road Gaol determined to seize the advantage that the map has given them. They find the warden and receive their next clue. One person from each team now has to answer five questions about the other teams on the race. The questions they have to answer are: Which team would lend you a helping hand? Which team would lie to you? Which team worked best together? Whose relationship do you envy? Which was the unluckiest team? The other person in the team then has to correctly match their partner's answers in order to receive their next clue. Andrew decides to answer the questions first, and is escorted inside a cell block. Seeing the questions, Andrew is quick to put Michelle & Jo as the team that would lend them a helping hand, because of the alliance that had been in place between the policeman and twins up until the previous leg, and Paul & Steve as the team that would lie to them, knowing that Paul has already thrown a few unfounded rumours out. As he answers the questions, Shane has to wait in one of the cells, and as he does so, he remarks how he and Andrew have been doing things pretty much alike, and other people have said that they are like brothers or twins. Andrew puts Sticky & Sam as the team that worked best together, then skips to the final question and puts Adam & Dane as the unluckiest team, knowing that they were a strong team who were knocked out because they sold their shoes. Back on the question about the relationship that he envies, Andrew opts again for Sticky & Sam because they got on well, enjoyed themselves in the race and found nothing to be a hassle. He then changes his answer to the question about the best working team, putting his own team in place of Sticky & Sam and hoping that Shane is on the same page.

    With the answers completed, Andrew is escorted back to the cell while Shane is led to the block. On the way, he reads out the part of the clue that says that they cannot use their own team as an answer more than once. In the block, he quickly matches Andrew's answers to the first two questions. Michelle & Jo finally arrive at Boggo Road Gaol and are shocked when they see Shane & Andrew's car already parked there, as they had assumed the policemen were still behind them - suddenly, they are in for the race of their lives. When they receive the next clue, they think that being twins will get them this challenge in the bag. Jo decides to answer the questions first, so Michelle is taken to the cell next to Andrew. Jo also thinks along the alliance lines, putting Shane & Andrew as the team that would lend them a helping hand. On the question of which team would lie to them, she selects Joseph & Grace. Shane's final three answers fail to match those of Andrew - he puts Adam & Dane as the relationship that they envy, his own team as the unluckiest because of all the taxi drivers they encountered, and Michelle & Jo as the team that worked best together. The officer then tells him that he is incorrect. Paul & Steve find themselves under pressure when they find that they are the last team to arrive at the gaol as they know that only a strong performance will make them catch up. After receiving the clue from the warden, Paul tackles the questions first and Steve is escorted to a cell next to Michelle. Jo tries reading the questions quickly hoping to get back to the cell fast and let Michelle answer them sooner. She thinks of the alliance again when she puts Shane & Andrew as the team that worked best together. Paul selects Lucy & Emilia as the team that would lend them a helping hand and Michelle & Jo as the team that would lie to them. He later reveals that he found the task very difficult when a team had opposite personalities because there was a conflict between answering honestly and answering what he thought Steve would guess. Paul also selects Lucy & Emilia as the team that worked best together.

    On his next attempt, Shane puts Sticky & Sam correctly as the team whose relationship they envied, but follows Andrew's original thought of also putting them as the team that worked best together, and is told by the officer to try again. Jo selects Ross & Tarryn as the team whose relationship they envy because they were very competitive, worked very well together and had the same mindset. Paul puts Adam & Dane as the unluckiest team because they were the first team out of the race. Steve remarks afterwards that the time they've been on the race together allowed them to have a little bit of an idea about each other, but it didn't compensate for working together for 20 years or being sisters for 25 years. Jo finishes off by thinking that Adam & Dane were easily the unluckiest team for trying to sell their shoes. She is escorted back to the cell and Michelle is then led to the cell block. Paul completes his questions by putting Sticky & Sam as the relationship his team envied, though he thinks that is a tough question for Steve to pick. Paul is put into the holding cell while Steve is escorted to the block to try to guess his answers. Jo feels trapped because she is hot and in a cell next to Paul. Michelle and Steve both match their partners' answers about the team that would lend them a helping hand, and also match their next answers, Michelle on Adam & Dane being the unluckiest team and Steve on Michelle & Jo being the team that would lie to them. Michelle next puts Lucy & Emilia as the team whose relationship they envy, because they didn't fight in contrast to the twins often being at each other's throats, which doesn't match Jo's answer.

    Shane's anxiety levels start to go up when he finds that there are a lot of combinations that Andrew could have given to him, but all the ones he tries are incorrect. He also feels that Paul & Steve and Michelle & Jo are breathing down his neck. Michelle misreads the second question as asking which team they would lie to, and selects Paul & Steve because they cannot stand their guts and would do anything to throw them off. Steve's final three answers, Shane & Andrew as both the team that worked best together and the relationship they would envy, and their own team as the unluckiest, fail to match those of his partner, and he is told by the officer that they are not right. Michelle finds the question about the team that worked best together hard, but she eventually chooses her own team, and is told that she is incorrect. Shane starts to come closer to being right when he remembers Adam & Dane having to sell their shoes and selects them as the unluckiest team. He then moves Sticky & Sam from working the best together to having a relationship they envy, puts his own team as working the best together, and is told by the officer that he is correct. Steve hears Shane celebrating and knows that he and Paul and Michelle & Jo are the only teams left, which puts him under a bit more pressure. Shane returns to Andrew's holding cell with the clue which they open up. They must now drive themselves to Archerfield Airport and board one of three light aircraft that will fly them north to what will be their final destination, Fraser Island, the world's largest sand island. Once they are there, they have to choose a marked four wheel drive and drive to the beautiful Lake McKenzie. Knowing that they are getting down to the business end of the race, they leave the gaol quickly. Back in the cells, Jo says she's glad that it is Shane & Andrew who got away and not Paul & Steve. She then adds that she hopes Paul is hearing it because she doesn't like him, which prompts Paul, in the adjacent holding cell, to ask her what she has against them. She tells him that he is rude and has a serious game play of not talking to anyone. He tries to answer but she doesn't want to hear him. Afterwards, Paul reveals that he was surprised by Jo ventilating about how much she dislikes him while he is just minding his own business, while Jo remarks that there were a million places in Australia that she would rather be right now. He decides not to say anything harsh back to her, but he tells her that she is nasty and frustrated by the challenge and taking it out on him, thinking that the pressure is getting to her.

    In the cell block, Michelle starts complaining that Jo has made the task more difficult than it should have been. She tries a different answer to the question about which team's relationship they envy, but the officer tells her that she is still incorrect. She starts going nuts as the prospect of winning A$250,000 is evaporating fast. Shane & Andrew arrive at Archerfield Airport and board the first 8-seater plane for Fraser Island. On the flight, they say that if they can keep the advantage they have, it might put some pressure on the other teams and cause them to make mistakes in trying to catch them. Back in the cell block, Steve finds the matching answer for the question about the unluckiest team as Adam & Dane, but the officer shakes his head because three of the other answers are still wrong. Steve remarks later that with one or two variables on all five questions, the variables for the entire task are out of control, meaning that he could be there for ages. Michelle looks at the questions again and this time reads the second question correctly, leading her to put Joseph & Grace as the team that would lie to them. Steve also gets a little closer, finding a match with Lucy & Emilia as the team working best together, but when he tries Michelle & Jo as the team whose relationship they envy, the officer answers in the negative. Back in the holding cells, Paul tells Jo that he is in the same position as her because Steve has to guess his answers, but he is not ventilating and saying how much he hates the crap out of her. When she remarks about how his serious face does it without saying a word, he apologises for offending her with his looks and facial expressions.

    Steve next tries Kym & Donna as the team whose relationship they envy, but is told that he is wrong. Michelle thinks that she only has the question about which team worked best together wrong, so she starts trying every team possible in that answer. Trying again with the fourth question, Steve replaces Kym & Donna with Sticky & Sam, and is told by the officer that he is correct. He remarks afterwards that he was surprised that Paul chose the flatmates for having the relationship that they envied. It was not his only surprise - he thought Paul would be on his own in the holding cells, but is given a boost when he sees Jo still in the adjacent cell. The workmates open up the clue, then as they leave, Paul wishes Jo all the best and good luck, but she doesn't want it. On the drive to Archerfield Airport, Paul tells Steve all about Jo ventilating her hatred of him and how she thought he was a sore loser. With none of the teams as a possible answer to the question about which team worked best together yielding a correct result for Michelle, she returns to Shane & Andrew as the answer to this question, and then thinks Jo doesn't understand what "envy" means and puts Ross & Tarryn as the answer to this question. The officer then tells her she has all five correct, and hands her the next clue. As they make their way back to their car, Michelle asks Jo what she thinks "envy" means and asks her if she really wanted to be like Ross & Tarryn. She replies that they were competitive, to which Michelle answers that she didn't get that. Jo then reveals that she had no idea with that question and was nearly going to put Lucy & Emilia, which was an answer Michelle had tried hundreds of times. Jo says afterwards that all the emotions are catching up to her - when they are having fun and enjoying the race, they are racing well, but if they are at each other or something is clashing, then their power and focus is gone. They find a taxi and wave it down, offering to pay the driver to lead them to Archerfield Airport. Paul & Steve and Michelle & Jo arrive at Archerfield Airport and board light planes for the flight to Fraser Island which is roughly an hour. In spite of needing directions from the taxi, Michelle & Jo see Paul & Steve take off and think that they have caught up a little.

    As Shane & Andrew's plane approaches for the landing, Andrew sees a magnificent view with water on one side and bush on the other and makes the comment that there is nothing like it. Shane doesn't see it because he feels queasy and green. The landing is smooth and Andrew tells Shane that he is glad to be back on dry land. They know they are still in the lead when they see three four wheel drives, and they then have an awesome drive down the beach as they follow the marked route to Lake McKenzie. Paul & Steve are next to land, and as they set off in their four wheel drive, they see Michelle & Jo coming in to land. The flight doesn't go too well for Michelle, who spends most of the time with her head in the vomit bag, but after they land on the beach, they are pretty excited to be there and hope that their luck will change, but they hit a snag straight away with Jo never driving a four wheel drive before and not knowing how to put it into 4WD mode. Andrew feels that it is good to be back in Australia as he and Shane continue to cruise through the bush. They find the clue box on the shore of Lake McKenzie and open up a clue to reveal the Road Block. Andrew decides to perform the final Road Block, which will be a crucial test of his memory. He has to wade out into the lake, where he must answer five multiple-choice questions about the race. Each possible answer, A, B or C, is represented by a different coloured ring that he must place on the clue box. When he answers all five questions correctly, he will receive the next clue and his team will be one step closer to winning A$250,000. Andrew reveals later that Shane left the final Road Block for him because he thought it would be some sort of mind challenge. The first question he pulls out asks about the nightclub they visited when they arrived in Havana. After tossing up between two of the answers, he puts a green ring on the box to signify that answer C, Tropicana, is correct. In the next clue box, he is asked about the cooking school he visited while in Paris. Andrew reveals afterwards that part of his job is to try and think on his feet and try not to get stressed, and that is the best way to handle any sort of puzzle or any job he goes to. He puts a yellow ring on the clue box for answer B, Le Cordon Bleu. As he approaches the third clue box, Paul & Steve and Michelle & Jo have left the beach for the bush, with the cheerleading twins going slowly in second gear.

    At the third clue box, Andrew is asked what the correct term for a Turkish bath, like the one where they scrubbed each other down, is. Again, he can quickly eliminate one of the possible answers. As he puts a red ring on the clue box for answer A, Hammam, Paul & Steve receive the Road Block clue with Paul choosing to perform the task. Andrew sees him when he comes back to shore to pick up some more rings, and knows that Paul hasn't missed a single Road Block task that he has performed. The first clue box Paul finds asks him about the cooking school in Paris, and he quickly puts a yellow ring on the box for Le Cordon Bleu. Andrew returns to his fourth box and is asked about which of three modes of transport they did not travel on during the race. He puts a red ring on this box for answer A, a canoe. Paul's second clue box asks him about the Havana nightclub, and he puts a green ring on this box. Knowing that it is do or die with only a limited number of challenges remaining, he thinks now is the time to shine. His third box asks him about the mode of transport he did not travel on, and he remembers travelling by Jeepney in the Philippines and by rickshaw in India, so he puts a red ring on this box for canoe. Andrew comes to his final clue box and is asked about the name of the fort on whose rooftop the Pit Stop in Jaipur was located, which is the same question Paul finds in his fourth box. Paul puts a yellow ring on this clue box suggesting that the answer is B, Red Fort, but after being initially unsure of this answer, Andrew puts a green ring on his box for answer C, Nahargarh Fort. Andrew then runs out of the water, and is told that his answers are correct. He brings the next clue back to Shane, and they open it up to find that they must now travel on foot to the opposite end of the beach on Lake McKenzie and dig within a marked area to find a treasure chest which contains their A$250,000 prize money. They then have to carry this chest along a marked path to the finish line at the other end of the lake, where the first team to arrive will receive a key that unlocks the chest. To Shane & Andrew, it is now showtime with Paul & Steve seemingly right on their hammer and no second place, while Steve hopes Paul can smash the challenge and give them a chance to catch up. Paul's final question asks about the correct term for a Turkish bath. He quickly rules out answer C, Hummus, as a type of food, and puts a yellow ring around the box to try answer B, Hamat. Paul feels the pressure is on him to get it right first time, but when he comes back to shore, he is told that he is incorrect. Shane & Andrew both decide to tackle different parts of the marked area in their search for a treasure chest.

    Michelle & Jo arrive at the beach on Lake McKenzie, and after finding themselves at the Road Block, Michelle decides to perform the task. Michelle is fired up when she sees Paul & Steve still on the beach, sure that she can beat Paul. As Paul tries changing the answers of the last two clue boxes, Michelle comes to her first box and is asked about the mode of transport they didn't travel on. She grabs a red ring for answer A, canoe, as Paul is again told that he is incorrect. Michelle's second question is about the fort in Jaipur whose roof the Pit Stop was on, and she puts a yellow ring on this box for answer B, Red Fort. Shane & Andrew aren't sure how far down they need to dig in order to find the treasure chest. Shane suggests moving on to another spot. As Michelle is asked about the cooking school, Paul tries changing the answer on his fourth clue box to A, Hammam, but when he returns to shore, he is told that he is still incorrect, and starts to get frustrated as a result. Michelle comes to the question about the Havana nightclub and gets a green ring to put on this box for Tropicana as the answer. Paul comes back to shore but still has the incorrect answer to the final question, leading Jo to tell Michelle that he still has it wrong as she takes the green ring out to her clue box. Andrew finds a softer area of the sand, and Shane decides to come to the same spot to help him. Michelle arrives at the Turkish bath question as Paul returns to that box, which is one of the answers he was struggling with. Michelle puts a red ring on her box and turns around to find Paul still in the water. They both sprint back to the beach with Paul just in front.

    Andrew's detective skills about the soft sand pay off as he and Shane find a treasure chest and start to dig like ten men in order to pull it out. Paul is told that he is still incorrect, but Michelle is told that she is correct. She and Jo receive the clue and know that they are still in the race - all they have to do now is catch the coppers. Shane & Andrew grab underneath their chest and pull it out, and start to get anxious at the thought that they can win what is inside the chest as they carry it to the start of the marked path. Alone on the other side of the shore, Steve says that he always wanted the glory of the last challenge, but unfortunately, it has come unstuck. Paul comes back to an earlier question that he had confidently answered about the Pit Stop in Jaipur being on the roof of the Red Fort, and decides to replace the yellow ring on this box with a green ring, thinking that the answer could be C, Nahargarh Fort. He comes back to shore and receives the clue, and reveals afterwards that he didn't particularly feel that he choked, but gives merit to the other teams for getting their answers right before him. Michelle & Jo arrive at the digging site to find that Shane & Andrew are not there, but they are still motivated to beat Paul & Steve, who maintain an attitude that they want to finish strong. As the workmates join the cheerleading twins in the search for a treasure chest, they mention that although they are pretty sure Shane & Andrew have won, they still want to finish their own race. Michelle points to Paul when she answers that he doesn't want him to beat her, and when Paul enquires about her hostility, Michelle answers him that she beat him at his favourite challenge and one he was looking forward to, which she considers a personal victory. Paul reveals later that he didn't know why Michelle & Jo were so adamant with their hatred towards him, but he doesn't let it get him discouraged, and he and Steve just keep digging.

    Shane & Andrew reach the end of the marked path and see the eight teams who fell out of the race along the way, cousins Adam & Dane, hairdressers Sue & Teresa, engaged couple Kym & Donna, father and daughter Ross & Tarryn, flatmates Sticky & Sam, dating couple James & Sarah, sisters Lucy & Emilia and brother and sister Joseph & Grace, and beyond them the finish mat with host Grant Bowler standing on it. The fallen teams and Grant all applaud Shane & Andrew as they step on the mat and ask Grant to tell them the good news, to which Grant replies that after four continents, nine countries and more than 65,000 kilometres, they are the first team to check in and the official winners of The Amazing Race Australia, which means that they are a quarter of a million dollars richer. He then asks Shane & Andrew if they want to see what that looks like, and when they answer "Yes please", he hands them the key to their chest. They open it up and see the money inside, and Grant asks them what it does for them, both being family men. They reply that it smashes the mortgage, keeps the kids in school and gives them a few good holidays. They still find it hard to believe that they came out of nowhere to win it as they celebrate by jumping into the lake. Afterwards, they reveal that they are absolutely stoked to win the prize, with Andrew saying that Shane is a great bloke that he is lucky to know with his determination and encouragement. Shane adds that he couldn't have done the race with anyone but Andrew and has had such a dream run with him.

    On the other side of Lake McKenzie, Steve is first of the four remaining people to hit a treasure chest, but Michelle & Jo are still determined not to give up. Paul & Steve also wanted the cheerleading twins to see through to the end of the race and not give up. After the workmates start carrying their chest along the path, Michelle finds the other chest. Paul & Steve arrive at the finish line in second place and congratulate Shane & Andrew on winning before turning to the other teams and saying that they have made the race something to be remembered, and Steve cannot wait to have a beer with them later on. Paul adds that all the teams had equal chances going into the race and he respects every one of them, even if they think he is the unfriendliest stand-off guy, and it has been an honour to race with all of them. Afterwards, Steve reveals that Paul really is the polar opposite to him and he feels really privileged to get to know him a whole lot better, see a lot inside him and find there's a lot of good. Paul adds that he is extremely proud of the way he played this race, he is proud to have done it with Steve, and he can walk out of the long journey proud that he has played the race strong with integrity and honour, two values that are really strong to him, and he does his best to be a good person. Michelle & Jo bring their chest to the mat in third place. In their afterthoughts, Jo says that at the beginning of the race, all that she was trying to prove was that she could run with a backpack, but she is very proud of Michelle, and all the places she got to travel to with her really were so amazing. To Michelle, the race has brought the twins to each other and they see themselves as invincible, knowing that they can do anything now. The teams start hugging each other. Shane & Andrew's final thoughts are that their main objective was to have fun and go as far as they could go, do as many challenges and see as many countries as they could, and to them the money is just a bonus. It was their good old ticker that got them through, something that all Australians are made of.

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