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Season 1

17 Feb. 2013
Detâ! Makka na Kingu
After millions of years, the Deboss Army has returned to attempt to wipe out the world of man, after having nearly succeeded to do so to the world of the dinosaurs. Standing in their way is Daigo Kiryu, who has been tasked to first find and battle the ZyuDenRyu Gabutyra so he can become one of the Kyoryugers.
24 Feb. 2013
Gaburincho! Kamitsuki Gattai
The five Kyoryugers are now assembled, but Ian and Souji do not want to act together as a team, keeping their identities secret from each other, while Amy's butler Gentle and Nobuharu's sister tries to keep them out of the fray.
3 Mar. 2013
Areru ze! Zangeki no Bureibu
While working at a restaurant, Amy watches Souji be admonished by his father for not following in their family tradition of being great swordsmen, all the while a new Debo Monster attacks.
10 Mar. 2013
Uchinuke! Yûki no Gaburiborubâ
After Ian is attacked by Debo Doronbosu, he remembers how he lost his old friend and becoming a Kyoryuger.
17 Mar. 2013
Dogôn! Mushiba no Ankidon
When Debo Patissie causes Ian to get painful tooth cavities, Daigo, Nobuharu, and Amy must figure out how to call upon the power of a new Zyudenryu: Ankydon.
24 Mar. 2013
Sutoppu! Utau Kyanderira
Amy must deal with Ramirez, the long past Kyoryu Cyan, so the Kyoryugers can calm down Ankydon to save him from the virus powers of Debo Viruson.
31 Mar. 2013
Ikare! Daigo no dai pinchi
Daigo remembers that he had left his father's letter and all of his stuff behind on Gabutyra's island, while the Debo Monster Debo Yakigonte causes the other Kyoryugers to fight each other.
7 Apr. 2013
Kokodoko? Meiru wo buttobase
Nobuharu must figure out how to properly split his priorities between his family and his job as one of the Kyoryugers, all the while Debo Kokodoko attacks.
14 Apr. 2013
Mecha Tsuyo! Puteraiden'ô
The sixth Zyudenryu, Zyudenryu Pteragodon, has been stolen by the Deboss Army, makes his reappearance under Dogold's control. The fight rages for the Kyoryugers to reclaim the stolen Zyudenryu, but they soon learn something about Dogold's past.
21 Apr. 2013
Zandâ! Gôrudo fukkatsu
After an intense battle between the Kyoryuger and the Deboss Army, Torin's goal is finally achieved with Kyoryu Gold's resurrection! However, the newly awakened Utsusemimaru leaves suddenly, claiming that he's "not their friend, and won't become one until Daigo proves to him he can be a suitable Lord.
28 Apr. 2013
Utchî! Kûru de gozaru
Ramirez alerts the Kyoryugers that the eighth Zyudenryu is soon to be found, as Canderrilla sends Debo Honenukky to attack and as Amy introduces Utsusemimaru to modern living.
5 May 2013
Buttobasso! Sessha to Kingu-dono
While cheering on young boy Tsuyoshi at a Children's Day sumo tournament, Debo Tangosekku attacks, and during the attack, Utsusemimaru sees someone from his past in Tsuyoshi's actions.
12 May 2013
Jakkirîn! Hâto o Mamorinuke
Ian and Utsusemimaru help Souji gain enough courage to ask out Rin, his school's kendo club manager. However, Debo Jakkireen, who steals people's happiness, appears.
19 May 2013
Abunaâi! Supiritto Bêsu
Amy gives Gentle the day off, but as she is cleaning she is targeted by both Luckyuro and Debo Kibishydesu who is very inexperienced in being evil.
26 May 2013
Hara Tadashii ze! Dogorudo no Yabô
The Kyoryugers must stop Dogold before he steals a robotics lab's newest invention, the Robot G-Bo, to become the new permanent host for his body.
2 Jun. 2013
Mogumogûn! Ore no Takaramono
After Debo Zaihon attacks to make people jealous of each other when digging for treasure, Ian realizes that Aigallon is the one responsible for the death of his good friend Shiro Mifune, and seeks his revenge.
9 Jun. 2013
Gachi da ze! Kyôryû Gurê
With several Zorima infecting the city, Torin fears that Deboth's resurrection draws near. The appearance of Debo Nagareboshi, killer of the dinosaurs, sends the Kyoryugers to seek help from the spirit of kung fu user Kyoryu Gray.
23 Jun. 2013
Tsukan da! Kanfû Hissatsuken
Daigo asks for a second chance to be allowed in the Kyoryugers after Kyoryu Gray has his membership revoked, and is given a chance to prove himself worthy.
30 Jun. 2013
Kyawaîn! Ubawareta Famirî
After meeting a spoiled boy named Yuji, Utsusemimaru discovers that the boy's parents are under the thrall of Debo Kyawaeen, a Debo Monster so cute it kidnaps parents away from their children.
7 Jul. 2013
Anrakkî! Tanabata no Tanabota
While celebrating Tanabata with Nobuharu's family, Amy makes a wish and finds that the next day it has come true. However, it turns out to be the power of Debo Tanabanta, who grants Tanabata wishes but the person will die the next day.
14 Jul. 2013
Zuôn! Kaettekita Purezuon
Plezuon's warrior Kyoryu Violet appears, revealing he has lost Plezuon on a mission to space half a year ago. The current Kyoryugers demand to get him back, so they seek out the help of a scientist.
21 Jul. 2013
Ma Sa Ka!! Dêbosu Fukkatsu
Yayoi reveals she has planned to install data into Plezuon that will allow it to defeat Deboth, as it went to investigate a planet that was destroyed before Deboth came to the Earth. However, the Deboth Army plans for this and hopes to speed up the resurrection of their leader on a particularly rainy day.
28 Jul. 2013
Tate! Bakuretsu Kyôryûjin
Deboth is too powerful for all of Kyoryuzin's and Pteraidenoh's current formations, and need Yayoi to complete her modifications on Plezuon if they have any chance of stopping the impending apocalypse.
4 Aug. 2013
Moero! Nananin no Kyôryûjâ
Yayoi, having succeeded her grandfather as Kyoryu Violet, tries to go on adventures with the other Kyoryugers, but once she starts crying she finds herself unable to transform. Debo Hyogakki takes advantage of this, turning her tears into ice to take the Earth into a new ice age.
11 Aug. 2013
Nani Kore! Dêbosu Gun no Akumu
After all of the Deboth Army except Canderrilla and Luckyuro are destroyed, Luckyuro sends Debo Akkumuun to trap the Kyoryugers in their nightmares.
18 Aug. 2013
Bikuri! Gabutira Ningen
In order to combat Resentment Knight Endolf, Yayoi comes up with a new Zyudenchi for Kyoryu Red that would increase his powers. However, the new Zyudenchi accidentally causes him to act more like Gabutyra.
1 Sep. 2013
O Matsurincho! Reddo Chôshinka
With Gabutyra subsuming Daigo's personality, he goes on the run, while Debo Shinobinba and Debo Karyudosu appear to prevent the other Kyoryugers from saving him.
8 Sep. 2013
Aa Torin! Ichi-oku-nen no Urami
Dantetsu arrives back in Japan to give Daigo a special stone to give to Torin, who has recently been brainwashed by the Deboss Army and now hates the Kyoryugers.
15 Sep. 2013
Daigekitotsu! Odore Kânibaru
With Torin out of commission, the Kyoryugers fall into despair. However, Daigo remembers how his pendant constantly shines and wonders if it may help.
22 Sep. 2013
Te ni Irero! Gâdianzu no Kakera
Ian figures out that the stone Daigo received from his father is one of thirteen fragments of a Guardians Zyudenryu that makes up the key to accessing the tenth Zyudenryu, Bragigas. Amy realizes that an acquaintance of hers, Mitsuhiko, has another one of the stones, and on his birthday he decides to give it away in a contest that the Kyoryugers and the Deboss Army take part in.
29 Sep. 2013
Bâkansu! Eien no Horidê
The local mall holds a festival to welcome fall, but Debo Vaacance attacks, making everybody stop worrying about their lives and instead focus on having fun and only fun, including Amy and Souji, much to the shock of Nobuharu who is at the mall with his sister.
6 Oct. 2013
Bikutorî! Supôtsu Shôbu da
When Debo Spokorn attacks, the Kyoryugers attempt to use Yayoi's newly developed Victory Beast Battery, but Spocorn insists that they play a fair game of basketball, forcing Daigo to teach the others how to properly play the game.
13 Oct. 2013
Makishimamu! Redi wa Ore ga Mamoru
After Ian teases Utsusemimaru with some lady friends of his, he is surprised by the visit of his old girlfriend Erica. However, when Debo Akidamonne attacks, both Utsusemimaru and Erica are trapped in an alternate dimension, where Utsusemimaru must overcome his uneasiness around women if he is to protect Erica.
20 Oct. 2013
Fukkatsu! Buragigasu Shutsugen
With the final secret stone, the Kyoryugers seek out the final resting place of the tenth Zyudenryu Bragigas . However, Debo Tairyon is sent out to stop them from awakening the most powerful of Zyudenryu , and Daigo's father Dantetsu seems to have his own plans.
27 Oct. 2013
Chô Sugee!! Giganto Kyôryûjin
The Kyoryugers must figure out a way to free Bragigas from the curse of its revived nemesis Demon Gadoma while Chaos invades the Spirit Base.
10 Nov. 2013
Giga Gaburincho! Kiseki no Shirubâ
The Kyoryugers must find a way to stop defeated Debo Monsters from overrunning the Earth and stop the evil Mad Torin. Torin believes there is a way to save everyone, and that is to find a partner for Bragigas.
17 Nov. 2013
Ribenji! Yûrei Dêbosu Gun
With him and his team ending up in each others' bodies, Torin trains Souji in the ways of his finishing attack to prepare for fighting Debo Akkumuun and his team.
24 Nov. 2013
Rabu Tatchi! Utsukushisugiru Zôrima
Amy goes on a date with Shinya Tsukouchi, a man who looks remarkably like Tessai, only to discover that he is actually her favorite manga author Yu Aoyagi. He has come looking for a fan who can replace him as the author. Tessai, however, believes that Shinya is one of his descendants, and decides to see if he can transform this fragile man into someone he can be proud of.
1 Dec. 2013
Seizoroi! Jû-dai Kyôryû Pawâ
Miko has returned from her international tour, but it seems that the evil spirit of D has taken her over, planning on turning her into the new Deathryuger.
8 Dec. 2013
Gutto Kûru! Ossan wa Tsurai yo
Debo Kantokku, Candelilla's new monster, kidnaps people and locks them up in another dimension where they are forced to fall in love. Meanwhile Nossan enters a marriage interview and is unexpectedly paired with Candelilla in her human form.
15 Dec. 2013
Yanasanta! Dêbosu Sekai Kessen
Kyoryugers act fast during the holidays when Dogold's Debo Monster, Debo Yanasanta, distributes gifts containing Deboth's cells all over the world.
22 Dec. 2013
Wandahô! Seigi no Kurisumasu
With Dantetsu's help, the Kyoryugers must save Christmas from the attack of the Deboth Clones.
5 Jan. 2014
Tamashî no Tsurugi! Unare Sutoreizâ
As Souji masters his own version of Torin's Trinity Streizer, he receives a visit from both his mother and two new members of the Deboss Army.
12 Jan. 2014
Warau Kaosu! Hametsu no Kauntodaun
Souji informs the others of the black cloaked man who kidnapped his parents during the Deboth Army's previous activities to cause sorrow, and they are later attacked by a man with a white cloak and a trumpet who seems to be causing joy with his music. The Kyoryugers attempt to battle these two new foes when Chaos appears, having finally begun his transformation into Deboth.
19 Jan. 2014
Uso Daro Oyaji! Shirubâ no Saigo
With 50 hours left until Deboss destroys the Earth, the Kyoryugers hope that with Dantetsu on their side they still have a chance. But they soon discover that the Deboss Army has a new human ally.
26 Jan. 2014
Dai Kettô! Ai to Namida no Ichigeki
Dantetsu reveals he has sided with the Deboss Army to save the Earth itself, but will allow the extinction of all life. Daigo, who faintly hears the Earth's melody, decides to fight his father who is now Kyoryu Silver. Elsewhere, Ian tracks down Aigaron and decides to finally settle his score with the one responsible for his friend's death.
2 Feb. 2014
Daihangeki! Saidai Saigo no Bureibu
There are only five hours left to save the world. Torin does his best to defeat Debo Monsters in the Land of Darkness, but Zorima begin to escape and infest the Earth. Ramirez and Tessai decide to join him, as they have decided on two people to pass on their powers to, but who are they? And Utsusemimaru goes into battle one last time against Endolf and Dogold.
9 Feb. 2014
Dai Bakuhatsu! Sayonara Kyôryûjâ
Daigo Kiryu and Amy Yuuzuki lead the final assault on the Frozen Castle to take down Deboss using the True Melody of the Earth, but to make sure Amy survives, Daigo decides to go on by himself.

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