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31 Mar. 2013
Episode #1.1
Centenarian Bert Middleton recalls his life as a little boy in the years before the Great War. He lives on a small farm with his bullying father John,patient mother Grace and protective older brother Joe who works as a gardener for the wealthy Allingham family,whose head,Lord Allingham,is a disfigured recluse. John is frequently at odds with kindly schoolmaster Mr Eyre for taking Bert out of class to help on the ailing farm. The village sees its first bus when Martha Lane, a Methodist school-teacher,arrives. Martha is a suffragette and,at a lunch at the Allinghams ...
7 Apr. 2013
Episode #1.2
Depressed that the farm is ailing John gets drunk and meets a confused Caro,wearing only her night dress,in the woods. He returns home to find Martha waiting to take him to chapel,where her father Robin gives a sermon which is the opposite of Jingoistic. George also attends as he is smitten with Martha. Caro is revealed to be pregnant and confides in George that Joe is the father but the high-minded Edmund,embarking on a political career calls in detective Bairstow. Having confessed to Martha that years ago he impregnated a forward young woman who drowned herself John...
14 Apr. 2013
Episode #1.3
1916:-To make much-needed cash John sells a field to neighbour Rutter but Bert is so heart-broken when the army wants to requisition their horse that he takes evasive action. At least Grace is earning a wage as,with the menfolk fighting,Hankin has taken on a female work-force at the boot factory. Edmund Allingham has come in as his partner and they hope to cash in on the need for boots by the army. Whilst sadistic teacher Ingham preaches patriotism safe in the knowledge that his lack of height renders him exempt from call up Gerald is conscripted,despite his protests ...
21 Apr. 2013
Episode #1.4
When his baby daughter falls sick with scarlet fever John,learning that the bovine medicine 3-in-1 is a possible cure,steals some from the Allingham's cattle shed,which cures baby Mary but,following the death of one of the cows he is arrested by Bairstow,now working as Edmund Allingham's agent. Caro's mental decline leads her mother and Edmund to bring in sadistic Dr Wylie,who subjects her to a painful and austere regime. George is appalled to see his sister's spirit being broken. Grace's friend Margaret discovers that her son Paul did not die a glorious death as she ...
28 Apr. 2013
Episode #1.5
After the discovery that Lord Allingham killed the cow before committing suicide John is released but the family is perturbed that Joe is suffering from shell shock and kindly Dr Ramsey suggests he be kept at home beyond the end of his leave period. Bert blames himself whilst John,to his wife's disgust,turns to religion. Grace is visited by union leader Chalcraft,who forces Hankin to improve working conditions at the factory and accept a union. However he is,as Bairstow appreciates,anxious to replace the female workers with men at the war's end. George has enlisted ...
5 May 2013
Episode #1.6
1920:- Gerard Eyre returns,having been in prison as a conscientious objector and stays with the Middletons after being made unwelcome in the village. Robin gives him his old job back but he is humiliated by Ingham and decides to leave. Hankin's wife Norma is organizing the war memorial for the village and Grace is distraught that Joe's name will not be included as,due to his shell-shock,he was shot for cowardice. At a village meeting she speaks up passionately and finds an unusual ally in Lady Clem,who also thwarts Wylie's plan to marry Caro. The village is struck by ...

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