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Sarah Paulson: Abby Gerhard



  • Abby Gerhard : Tell me you know what you're doing.

    Carol Aird : I don't.

    [she looks at Abby and smiles slyly] 

    Carol Aird : I never did.

  • Harge Aird : [about Carol]  I love her.

    Abby Gerhard : [almost pitifully]  I can't help you with that.

    [Abby closes the door] 

  • Therese Belivet : Why do you hate me? I haven't done anything to you.

    Abby Gerhard : You really think I've flown halfway across the country to drive you back East because I hate you and want to see you suffer?

    Therese Belivet : It's for Carol. Not for me.

    Abby Gerhard : That is...

    [stops herself and lights a cigarette] 

    Therese Belivet : With you and Carol, what happened?

    Abby Gerhard : It's completely different. I've known Carol since I was ten years old.

  • Abby Gerhard : Oh, you've got some fucking nerve ordering me around... and, no, she's not here.

    Harge Aird : That's impossible. Because she's not at home and she's not with me. So she must be with you.

    Abby Gerhard : [pauses for a moment]  Yeah, you know Harge, you have a point. You've spent ten years making damned sure her only point of reference is you. Your job, your friends, your family.

    Harge Aird : WHERE IS SHE, GODDAMMIT! She's still my wife, Abby. She's my responsibility.

    Abby Gerhard : You know, that's some way of showing it. Slapping her with an injunction. I'm closing the door.

  • Abby Gerhard : I got my eye on this redhead who owns a steak house outside of Paramus. I'm talking serious 'Rita Hayworth' redhead.

    Carol Aird : Really? You think you got what it takes to handle a redhead?

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