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For fans of Scary Movie and related spoof movies
Lomedin17 November 2013
I don't really understand what people expect to find when they decide to watch movies like this. I do know what I can expect, because they are always the same. If you like this type of ridiculous, non-intelligent, dirty comedy, good. If not, why do you bother?

I had a good few laughs with this movie, and it entertained me more than other films that apparently are great (see pacific rim). This movie is not pretentious nor tries to amuse you with new, all fantastic jokes. It doesn't need much budget and it's something I appreciate. It's also better than other predecessors such as Disaster Movie or Epic Movie (those were actually quite bad). As I said before: if you like the Scary Movie saga and related spoof movies, go for it.

Now, 10 is probably a bit overrated, but I can't stand the 3 or so score that this movie shows at the moment, while other trash is in the 7s range.

I expect a lot of clicks on the NO button regarding if this review was useful to you. Please, be my guest, I wouldn't have it any other way. The day I am loved by the masses will be the day that I start rating movies like twilight with a score of over 5.
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Of course it's bad! But it's very funny in places
ilikeimdb25 July 2014
What does one really expect regarding this kind of spoof outing? The Hunger Games is certainly an above-average target given how serious it takes itself. What's too bad in terms of the humor used in The Starving Games is the amount of low-brow fart/elimination/kick-to-the-nuts stuff that seems to show up in lowest-common-denominator humor. Yes, it's a bunch of sight gags, but many are fun and well-done. The leads are pretty/handsome and very well matched to the characters in the Hunger Games. I imagine this movie benefits from lots of beer with some amount of you won't starve while watching this outing and a bit of judicious inebriation will certainly help elevate this movie.
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Can't wait for "The Starving Games: Catching Farts"
mistaknly16 June 2014
Can't agree more with Lomedin. If you don't like fart jokes and are looking for artistic quality, don't watch it. I loved it.

It really helped me to have just watched "Catching Fire" so I was in the right frame of mind to see this. I just sucks all the tension right out of you.

The books are about a very serious subject and the films are trying to do them justice. The first film was slightly off target and too much about production values and less about the story than it could have been. But "Catching Fire" was more in tone with the books.

So if you approach "The Starving Games" with the serious attitude the books (and films) would like you to take, then that's what makes great satire. It just blows the pretentiousness of the first film all to hell. And that's the whole point.
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Run and tweet this
StevePulaski8 November 2013
A few weeks ago, upon discovering known and universally panned parody filmmakers Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer were making a parody of the popular franchise The Hunger Games, I sent out a message on Twitter I thought would be seen as encouraging to some. It read, "Encouragement to young filmmakers: whatever you're writing now is infinitely better than the new parody film The Starving Games. Soon after sending the tweet, I received a reply from the film's official Twitter reading, "Great! We're working on The Starving Games 2!" The fact that the PR/marketing campaign for the picture needs to reply in a smarmy way to negative feedback online about their film shows about as much maturity on their part as the film at hand. Unsurprisingly, The Starving Games is another miserable endeavor of a parody movie, directed by Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer, the same men who have brought you Date Movie, Epic Movie, Vampires Suck, among other installments of the dead parody genre. That's right, I'm referring to the genre as dead now. Consider my reviews of A Haunted House and Movie 43 (which I'll throw in the same genre since it revolves around many self-referential skits and lampoons A-list actors) the genre's funeral service and this one a visit to its gravesite. What has happened to a genre so promising and so filled with life? The simple answer is it has been reduced to what appears to be a cinematic competition between writers to incorporate as many pop culture and movie references in one film as possible. In the first few minutes of The Starving Games, we are annihilated as viewers by the abundance of references thrown at us, as if it's a commercial break on Television in mid-December and we're trying to decide on what toy to buy our children. The Friedberg and Seltzer formula is to have no continuity, no logic, and no wit in their story. Just clobber together every successful film character, pop culture icon, current celebrity, etc into roughly eighty minutes and string it along with a loose plot and hope someone laughs (or enough sales come through to cash a large check).

As inferred by the title, the film is one long parody of the popular book/film franchise The Hunger Games, with the protagonist of Katniss Evergreen now under the name "Kantmiss Evershot," an inept archer who now must fight for her life in the game where her and another opponent must kill one another in The 75th Annual Starving Games. The winner receives an old ham, a coupon for a foot-long sub sandwich, and a partially eaten pickle. The person who sits through this film in its redundant, eighty minute glory gets nothing but a shorter amount of time left in their day.

With all the disgustingly unfunny references, I'm glad this film was shot, edited, and completed before Miley Cyrus and the "twerking" phenomenon became mainstream. If I had to witness something of that caliber in a film that already breathlessly tries to include the "Gangnam Style" musician Psy, the whole Avengers squad, Harry Potter and his friends (who are told to get out of the film because their franchise has ended), and the cast of action movie legends from The Expendables, I would've probably given up.

The reason why I resist discrediting or shattering the likely large egos of directors Friedberg and Seltzer is because, well, why bother? They have found a formula that pays big money and have capitalized off of the lowest common denominator of wit and intelligence there is in the cinematic world. I am anticipating reviews of The Starving Games that consist of death threats, comments about the devolution of humor because of the directors' films, and remarks of their worthlessness because of their filmography. Reviews of their films have become as predictable as the films they make, so why bother attacking them? All I can say is be grateful this one is confined to a video-on-demand released and a very limited theatrical release, as opposed to their other films which garnered wide releases. Let's hope their window of release just becomes smaller and smaller over time.

The Starving Games and films like it don't make me angry anymore. They just make me sad. It makes me upset to see films like these gain an audience of young teens who are already experiencing shorter attention spans thanks to Television and the internet. I'd let my twelve year old child watch the original Halloween before a film by Friedberg and Seltzer. Or, better yet, the original Airplane! or The Naked Gun series, both starring the gifted comedy actor Leslie Nelson. Those films worked because they spoofed their own genres and didn't try to incorporate every current celebrity and movie figure that has rose to prominence since their last film. There is no reason anyone should see The Starving Games, but, oh, people will.

Run and tweet that.

Starring: Maiara Walsh, Brant Daugherty, and Cody Christian. Directed by: Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer.
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Typical Friedberg & Seltzer fare
churchofsunshine1 December 2013
I'm a sucker for spoof movies. And although I am of the opinion that Aaron Seltzer and Jason Friedberg are a pair of talentless hacks, I keep buying their movies on DVD, in the faint hope that one of these days they will produce something half-decent. I decided to give them a fair shot this time around and actually sought out the real thing - "The Hunger Games" before I stuck Friedberg & Seltzer's offering into my DVD player, so at least I would have some idea of what they are trying to spoof.

The result is fairly typical Friedberg & Seltzer fare - grab a bunch of unknown actors who bare a passing similarity to the more talented originals, throw in a bunch of gratuitous pop culture references that are way too late ('Harry Potter', 'Gangnam Style', 'The Expendables', 'Avatar' etc.) and try to tell your story in under 80 minutes, including 20 minutes of bloopers and credits. In that respect, "The Starving Games" doesn't disappoint and nothing in this movie will come as a surprise to those of you who have seen other works by Friedberg & Seltzer.

This is their sixth collaboration as directors (sadly, there are more in the pipeline - next up is a spoof of Fast & Furious) but alas, they are not really getting much better at this sort of thing. The only decent movie they were ever involved with was back in 2000 as two of the six writers on 'Scary Movie'. Based on their career track since then, it is clear that it was the other four writers who actually had the talent.

That this film hasn't been picked up by a proper distributor and has basically gone straight-to-video says it all. I'd love to know where Friedberg & Seltzer get the money to keep financing this stuff. It's probably all my fault, as I keep buying all their DVD's! If we all stopped watching, maybe they'd go away and get a real job. The thing is though, I can't help myself. I *knew* this film would be pants. I just had to see it for myself just to see how bad it really was. I'm desperately trying to think of something positive to say about this movie. How about - "It's not the worst of the six films they've made?" A final word to Maiara Walsh - you're better than this.
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Mindless comedy exactly as advertised
realvedmak14 November 2013
Warning: Spoilers
If you did not see Hunger Games, see it before watching this movie.

This is a parody of Hunger Games, and it does that perfectly. Humor is dumb, but it is supposed to be dumb. If you watch Beavis and Butthead, you do not expect Mike Judge to make it a masterpiece, it is what it is. This movie is that sort of humour. Besides, it has half a second of Gangnam Style and Gangnam Style makes everything better.

When I came to rate it, it was standing at 3.1 on IMDb. That is just not right.Overall it is a 5 or a 6. I only give 1 or 10, so since it is a movie I think lot of people would enjoy, and which I enjoyed watching with pizza and friends, I gave it a 10.
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Better than their previous attempts, but still far from good
GTeixeira6 December 2013
Yet another 'modern spoof' by Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer, 'The Starving Games' has as its main focus of parody the 'Hunger Games' film. Alongside it, multiple references/spoofs of other hit films like 'The Avengers' or 'Expendables', or popular culture in general.

Friedberg and Seltzer have for very long tried to copy the parody style of David Zucker, with varying degrees of success: 'Scary Movie' was very good (though I believe that was more due to the other screenwriters involved, like the Wayans' brothers), as was 'Wrongfully Accused' to a lesser degree (though that was more due to Nielsen than their writing), but the rest of their works tend to range from regular to terrible; in fact, their more aimless, messy spoofs ('Epic Movie', 'Disaster Movie') are amongst the worst films I've ever seen.

'Starving Games' falls in the second category, with some genuinely funny moments (like the aforementioned 'Avengers' and 'Expendables' spoofs) but with a lot of bad ones (including, for example, the rather tasteless sex scene). Friedberg/Seltzer try so much to cram as many 'hip' references as possible, that by the end the final product is an unfunny, idiotic-looking mess. The fact no actor here managed to give a good comedic vibe, which could save some scenes (something Leslie Nielsen was very good at), makes this worse than it could have been; the actors don't even seem to try at all, and no one has any charisma (especially the main actress).

Unfortunately, while this is a slightly better attempt, It doesn't give me hope for their future career. The fact their comedies seem to keep having a degree of audience success means they will keep with this formula. Guess I will just have to learn to stop bothering with their films.
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A fun ride if you didn't like the hunger games.
neacorp25 January 2014
Yeah, it's not perfect or big budget super special effects, but it works, and works well on satirizing the plot holes of the original story. The humor is witty enough, but some of it is too 2013 only. It doesn't drag on with the setup and quickly goes straight to the game. Fun if you didn't like the hunger games.

The flow from scene to scene is good. The forest is an actual forest. The actors are having fun with their roles. Love the announcers, the blue guys and the pink lady. No joke overstays its welcome for too long, except for the small gag with the toilet humor, but it's only in two parts of the movie. Some hated memes get destroyed. It might not make you laugh, but it will make you smile.

If you are a fan of the hunger games book or movies, don't even bother, because you most likely don't have a sense of humor about yourself to enjoy this movie.
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You won't burn any calories watching this laughter-free "spoof comedy"
TheLittleSongbird19 January 2014
It is not as if spoof comedies are terrible, on the contrary there are some brilliant ones out there like ones from Mel Brooks(Young Frankenstein) and Leslie Nielson(Airplane), even Scary Movie and Loaded Weapon 1 were fun if not quite in the same league. Like a lot of people, I do think Friedberg and Seltzer are hacks and not one of their previous five directing-writing efforts with Disaster Movie, Epic Movie,(two of the worst movies ever made), Meet the Spartans, Date Movie and Vampires Suck have been good. Curiosity and that there are some good examples of good spoofs out there were the sole motivations of seeing The Starving Games in the first place. This said after viewing, The Starving Games really is no improvements over the previous Friedberg/Seltzer collaborations though it doesn't quite stink as badly as Disaster Movie and Epic Movie. There are three fairly small bright spots, Maiara Walsh's game performance and the cute Angry Birds reference and Taylor Swift serenading a dying contestant moment(though that only raised a very meek smile). Visually, it's amateurish stuff, the impersonation costumes are also pretty good but that's it, the production values have low-budget TV quality all over it coupled with (thankfully sparse) poorly rendered effects, too many reaction shots(manipulating us into supposing to laugh) and some really choppy editing. The soundtrack feels thrown in and poorly placed, just there for the sake of it which makes it tiresome and sometimes tedious, that it isn't very catchy in the first place doesn't help either. The toilet-humour-heavy dialogue is vomit-inducingly crude, childish and unfunny is the best it gets which is testament to how truly terrible it is. The parodies themselves are no better, like Vampires Suck there is a main gag and other ones that are not as prominent. The parodies and impersonations are just tired, painfully predictable and often irrelevant, reeking of Friedberg and Seltzer just throwing like the most unsubtle of sledgehammers things in with no relevance or structure to them. And the jokes are drawn out especially the lottery draw one and the tasteless sex scene to the point of slowing the movie down. There was at least a story, unfortunately it comes across as a very thin one and is completely lost within the humour, which explains why some scenes were drawn out. The characters are just caricatures and nothing more, and despite Walsh's efforts you feel no shred of empathy for the lead character. The acting is awful, ranging from over-the-top(Diedrich Bader) to vacant. All in all, incredibly lame but is not Friedberg and Seltzer's worst. 2/10 Bethany Cox
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Best Spoof movie ever
Westeire17 November 2013
Warning: Spoilers
As spoof movies go this is great. Well worth watching it, lots of laughs... (Bla bla bla.....) what am I going to say in this review? This time out, Friedberg and Seltzer stick closer than usual to the plot specifics of their primary target, and only sporadically attempt collateral damage by skewering other pop-culture phenomena. Maiara Walsh does what she can to preserve her dignity while gamely shouldering the lead role of Kantmiss Evershot, an archery-adept heroine who proves improbably resilient while competing in a nationally televised kill-or-be-killed survival game.The young woman warrior is just one of several figures intended as parodies of characters in "The Hunger Games." But with the arguable exception of the autocratically tyrannical President Snowballs played (not half-badly) by Dietrich Bader, Kantmiss is the only one that comes even close to hitting the mark as an on-target satirical creation. (Oddly enough, there is no equivalent here for the cynical ex-champ played by Woody Harrelson in "The Hunger Games." Maybe the filmmakers figured they couldn't come up with a name that would sound nearly as funny as the original's Haymitch Abernathy.)
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My first Seltzer/Freidbergowitzgoldstien experience
chunkiefroth6 December 2013
Warning: Spoilers
(one star because there is no option for zero)

Let me start by saying that I have a passionate hatred for The Hunger Games. So, when someone told me there was a movie whose purpose was to make fun of it, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. After witnessing the first six minutes of The Starving Games, I quickly realized that I was in hell. The movie starts terribly and progressively gets worse from there. I must also admit that I avidly watch terrible films just to see how bad they are. Therefore my initial reaction was to finish the film to see how crappy it was as a whole. Try as I did, I could only make it through 45 minutes of this excruciatingly unfunny steel cage grudge match before tapping out.

With jokes consisting of a girl pooping, or said girl using a fire extinguisher to. . . wait for it. . .put out a fire, I feel that I could find more humor in self immolation. A good comedy must be a product of clever writing. The Starving Games, however, is written with all the finesse of a bull trampling a typewriter into manure laden mud. It would not surprise me to find out that this writing duo had never actually read a book. They obviously do not understand the definition of the terms spoof or satire. As a substitute for spoof we get things like a kid dressed as Harry Potter. It seriously only works on that one level. . ."hey that kid was dressed like Harry Potter."

The ultimate decision to turn this movie off is that I found myself hating it for the same reasons that I hate The Hunger Games. It is a poorly crafted cinematic mistake, ripe with uninteresting poorly acted characters, who plod through substance so heavily "borrowed", that in most civilized countries it is considered plagiarism. And don't forget boring. . . oh so boring and predictable.

Though unintentional, The Hunger Games proves to be the better comedy of the two. That at least coaxed up some hard guttural laughter, at times accompanied by leg slapping and shortness of breath. With The Starving Games, I found myself staring blankly at the screen until I came to the realization that I was in hell, there is no god, and Seltzer/Freidbergowitzgoldstien is the devil.

*Spoiler Alert* This movie has been proved to cause cancer in laboratory mice.
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A Parody Appropriate for it's Source Material
westsideschl21 March 2014
One of the main criticisms of this parody/spoof is that it is of low quality, but to me I found it spot-on appropriate given it's source inspiration. "The Hunger Games" is written with plot & dialogue for the broadest marketable audience - functioning 9-10th grade literacy (even with aging unchanged decades later). "Starving" exposed all the dialogue, acting, set and action sequences for what they were - improbable dumbness. "Starving" even tossed in a few gibes at similar audience favorites, e.g. "The Expendables" super badasses, Marvel superheroes and Taylor Swift, Potter and more in their equal opportunity funning. The cross media "Angry Birds" and "Fruit Attack" turned reality app attacks were a total-hilarious surprise. There is the basic slapstick improbabilities (breadstick arrow); the brief crudeness (a streaker). But, most poignant, in a "Daily Show" way of exposure, is Starving's behavior burlesques of the whole "Hunger" milieu - the hunt & kill sequences, the cameras, the basic scientifically impossible dome with it's computer controlled environment. The pun work was spot-on or should I say "Kant-miss" on "Every-shot".

So, "Hunger" fanatics, watch this great parody to see "Hunger" for what it is.
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forrestly721 March 2014
I am all for spoof movies but this is one of those that is totally unwatchable - I am embarrassed for the cast, especially those with a smidgen of talent such as Diedrich Bader (get a new agent!) - I stopped watching when the angry bird appeared. I would imagine if this film even had aired in theaters even the seats would have walked out. "Starving Games" falls into the lowest category of spoof films, it's not funny, it's not occasionally funny, it's not so bad it's funny...just plain unfunny throughout. This is further proof that the duo of Seltzer and Friedburg are pretty much THE worst that Hollywood has to offer right now. Anyone even considering watching this film should be warned - it's a complete waste of time.
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A solid effort, with lots of great gags
kuuk313 November 2013
Firstly, there is a sex scene in the middle of the film which ruins it. Up until this scene, i was planning of loaning the DVD to my brothers and sisters who love the Hunger game films. I cannot do this now. This is not a film to watch with family because of that scene.

Which is sad, Because for the most part, this is a cleverly written parody with some great gags. It surpasses the last few Scary Movies and Haunted House film which all got cinema releases and is the best of the straight to video releases ever made.

However many of the jokes are topical and based on cultural references which means it wont work for too long. In five years time for example, most the references will be outdated and subsequently the film will not be as funny. Scenes involving the Expendables, Avengers and pop stars will age quickly. I recognised a joke parodying the Sherlock Holmes films which not many others will get or understand. I applaud them for not telegraphing the reference and trusting their audience with knowing what it was parodying. But it is a gag that will be less understood the further we move away from its reference material release date.

There is a minor reference to a gay relationship but it doesn't last long or dwell on it. A couple of deaths were rather gruesomely visual which may be a problem to some viewers. But my main issue was the sex scene as previously mentioned.

It doesn't outstay its welcome at 80 minutes but still feels long enough to be happy with. I will happily watch it again and the writers did a great job in a genre often tarnished with toilet humour. Other than the one scene, it had very little of that in it, and featured mainly higher quality jokes.

I strongly recommend watching this film, especially if you like the Hunger Game films, or parodies in general. But it earns the 12 rating it got for a reason so know this going in.

I hope the writers continue making films like this, and preferably original parody moves (not based on cultural references) also.
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A Travesty Beyond Belief
maggeboiii19 November 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Okey, I have to admit that I knew this movie would be horrible. Just by seeing Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer in the directing and writing- credits made me cringe, why on Earth are those criminals still making movies? Or a more specified question; Why on Earth are people still paying money to see these poor excuses of entertainment?! Anyways, let's talk about the movie.

By now, you have probably understood that 'The Starving Games' is a parody of 'The Hunger Games'. We follow the female protagonist Kantmiss Evershot (f*cking genius) from the poor district 12 in a dystopian future where the evil president Snowballs reigns from the wealthy Capitol. From the beginning we're introduced to her attractive friend Dale (whose performance definitely deserves an academy award), as he pops up unexpectedly in front of Kantmiss aiming at a bird made in paint with her crossbow, making her blind fire her arrow out in the wild and hitting the wizard of Oz in a balloon. The element of comedy is ingenious.

Well, I can't really explain every bad joke in this movie, that would basically make me re-create the entire script. I didn't laugh one single time. Is seriously toilet-humor still fun? Probably for Friedberg and Seltzer's brilliantly intelligent minds. There are some absurd scenes where Gandalf the Grey and Gimli pops up from nowhere attempting to molest Kantmiss and Peter Malarkey (Gay version of Peeta actually). Towards the long-awaited end Nick Fury and the Avengers steps on some land mines, blowing up, made me cheer as I knew those horrendous parodies were over.

If you thought Epic Movie, Disaster Movie, Meet the Spartans and Scary Movie were beyond hilarious, you'll probably die laughing at this horrendous excuse for a film.

Can't wait for their "Superfast"-movie, where Friedberg and Seltzer spoof Fast and the Furious, will probably be a runner up for the academy awards in 2015.
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One of the best parody movies ever.
Bruce72221 June 2014
I'm not going to lie, this is quite possibly my favorite low-budget parody film I've ever seen. Most of the jokes are on the money and catch you off guard just the way they're supposed to. And I'll be honest, even the acting was good. I've seen good actors try and act poorly before but this cast delivered. Speaking of the cast, Maiara Walsh is gorgeous. I hope she can break out of the low-budget niche film market and onto the big scene a bit because she's legit. If you're looking for a serious film, this obviously isn't for you but this is definitely a movie worth watching if you're looking for a cheap laugh or two or twelve.
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sleep,sniff,drink, read or have sex but don't waste your time with this crap
denis_natea29 December 2013
i cannot believe how crap is...i must say that i never saw anything worse than these...i was tensioned from the beginning to the end...but because i was annoyed...i choose to see a movie and this is a waste of time and money...i like the scary movie series but please do not compare that with this... from the begging to the end is a predictable story with nothing than bad taste... It supposed to be dumb but not like that..this doesn't have any type of humor.I would like to be asked after the movie what i think about it and if i want to be refunded.I think that is about my time and my money and same as me was lots others disappointed by the movie.It was advertised in a way that make you to come and see it, but since now i will be reserved...i will read some reviews before going for a really ruined my evening..
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It's everything we've come to expect from the Seltzerberg
rileyjustin30623 November 2013
I think it's fair to say that 2013 has not been the best year for comedy. In this year alone, we've had to suffer through Movie 43 (Cringe- Inducing), A Haunted House (Subpar), Grown Ups 2 (Insufferable) , & Scary Movie 5 (Excruciating). After Scary Movie 5, I thought to myself "This is it, this is as bad as any comedy can get, it's all uphill from here".

Well, turns out that I was wrong, because believe it or not, The Starving Games is EVEN WORSE Than all the movies that I just mentioned. If you've seen/survived Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer' s past movies, then you know what to expect. It's a series of juvenile gags, dated pop culture references, lame celebrity impersonators, cheap production values, and scenes stolen from movies that have nothing to with what they're supposed to be spoofing.

The only good thing about this movie is that it's in limited release, so that no one can spend their money on this garbage.
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Don't subject yourself to this
nilanna99928 November 2015
I was at work this morning and during a lull, my boss put on this movie. I wasn't really paying a lot of attention to it but I eventually had to ask him to watch the rest of it at home.

I'll be the first to admit that parody films are not my forte. I don't like gross out humor and I find a lot of them to be completely immature. But I'd seen The Hunger Games so I figured I could just glance over every once in a while if a joke was funny. I like the 5 minute parody videos on youtube (you know, How It Should Have Ended and such) so I figured it would be like that.

I was wrong.

Some of the jokes were nonsensical. And by that I mean I was trying to figure out what the joke was and why it was supposed to be funny. Jokes that make me wonder if the writers just threw in random inside jokes without explaining them are not jokes at all. They're just random events the movie treats like jokes.

Some of the jokes were needlessly gross. I will never understand how anyone finds this kind of humor funny but I thought surely professional writers would know how to actually write something that could be funny to someone other than themselves in their addled state of mind. I was wrong. The ridiculous sound effects made it all the more difficult to tune out by the time I knew this wasn't going to be funny. Even the jokes that did have punchlines that pertained to the actual movie it was parodying were so predictable, I literally said "called it" at one of them after it was said.

No one in this movie looks like they care at all about what they're doing. This is such an obvious attempt to cash in on a popular franchise, it's shameful. I get that movie studios are businesses and they need to make money to keep afloat but at what cost? Nothing about this movie showed any effort whatsoever. I would have thought, for a movie parodying The Hunger Games, that they would have at least made fun of the dim lighting of that movie instead of just making everything brightly colored. Was this so you could see every disgusting physical joke more clearly? It doesn't come off as a parody if you can't even make fun of things that actually lend themselves to humor.

I hate movies like this. 4.5 million dollars and there was no talent or effort in this movie. I'd seen the actress who played the Katniss mockery in other things so I know she can act. I felt a bit sorry for her that she actually thought this would be anything but embarrassing. As someone who would love nothing more than to be a screenwriter, it's an insult to people who put real thought into their writing when these kinds of movies get made. There's Hunger Games fanfiction better than this. And anyone can write fanfiction.

I know what you're thinking, how dare you judge this movie when you didn't even finish it. But have you ever watched a movie that started out badly and finished as a masterpiece? Because I haven't. And if there was clearly no effort in the beginning, there's no way there was suddenly effort at the end.

I really hope Hollywood learns from movies like this and the genre dies out. In the meantime, I'm hoping this review dissuades anyone with a sense of humor and any class whatsoever from watching this terrible, terrible movie. Or even listening to someone else watching it.
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Starving for some comedy. Here's an hors d'oeuvre
ted-peterson12 November 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Spoiler Alert. Enjoy the movie first if you don't want to be sullied by the opinion of another.

M 7+ Not quite an 8 because ever since "Scary Movie" (Only the first one and maybe the third.) his form requires absolute surprise. Also, from the old "Police Squad" days comes a plethora of knock-offs that try hard but just don't make it. The parodies of Narnia related movies come to mind. But as can be seen in the number of parody failures, it's a difficult art form. Maybe more difficult that outright comedy.

But his movie hits on several levels and while being no Mel Brooks or Faralley Brothers or Coen Brothers production, some of the lines are well written. Unfortunately they are poorly acted. Others just miss but a few hit. The throwaway line is a great comedic vehicle but timing is of the essence. In "The Starving Games" the timing is just a little off with some of the gags. Some were spot on but others fell flat because of terrible comedic timing. Otherwise, an enjoyable movie with just the right amount of quotes from other movies but with a twist.

The gay references were so obvious that they just didn't work. The whole Intro to the games scene where the lead male falls for his male counterpart was so obvious that it really wasn't funny at all. Either was the reference to Cantmiss' misunderstood "hit" on the young girl. It just didn't work. Maybe we've become so used to gays as a fact of life that the whole "gay" thing has little surprise left. One expects something referring to same sex relationships and thus the whole "gay" thing has the same impact as a SURPRISE heterosexual relationship.

The explanation of the attire was great. Lady Gaga mixed with Mikki Menage (?). One could see it and it was a nice touch. Those places show that the duo can write.

Lots of mugging from all and I don't care if I never see a blue haired man bent over backward in laughter. All that mugging was bad direction and did not help sell the good lines in the film. And there are some good lines and funny verbal plays. Bringing in Stallone, Schwartznegger, and ail the other "action" stars like a super A-team was a good surprise. I think a better ending would be if they all behaved as if they were in the games and killed each other instead of the boyfriend shooting them all as he bursts onto the set. A good twist was bringing in the Avengers to recruit Cantmiss as a member. Some funny stuff there.

Obviously the directors also thought some of the comedic timing was amiss because they included in the film a series of outtakes about the games. Most of it was not that funny.

I hope the two director/writers get another shot and learn from the few mistakes made here.
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May the odds be never in your favour (especially if you watch this movie)
jonathan_maroon13 November 2013
Warning: Spoilers
OK, so let me start off by saying that I know this movie is gonna get bashed on by critics and other people. And I went into this movie expecting the worst movie since Grown Ups 2. Now it's not as bad as Grown Ups 2. But ladies and gentlemen let me just say. This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen in the history of my life (and any other movie I've seen before my birth).

This movie has no credibility in anyway. The acting is ridiculous, the overall 'spoof' is just a lie. By 'spoof' they mean chance to make pop cultural references. Like PSY, The Expendables and the Avengers. The only good thing about this movie is that it is 80 minutes long. Unfortunately the minutes do not fly by because you are left sitting to watch poop jokes, sexuality jokes and many more things that can be considered offensive or disgusting.

The reason I wanted to watch this movie was I wanted to see a bad movie. But I didn't think it would be this bad. Ladies and gentlemen, never watch this movie

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More of the Same
maiconfs1414 November 2016
Awh, man. I'm a big fan of the whole parody/spoof genre, i loved all the classics like "Spaceballs", "Airplane!", "Top Secret", "Scary Movie" (not actually a classic, but still) Even the terrible ones like "Vampires Suck" and "Superhero Movie" gave me some laughs. But, this one is just... awh, i don't know how to describe it. OK, "The Starving Games" as the title suggests, is a parody on the hunger games saga and follows the same plot of the first one. However, it does nothing actually funny with it source material, and it could. All the jokes are so dumb, old and pointless i really doubt the writers thought they were funny. The first "joke" of this movie is Kantmiss, the main character, hunting in the wood, when her boyfriend pops up from nowhere making her accidentally shoot an arrow at a balloon with a "the great and powerful Oz" character at it. HOW? How is it supposed to be funny? Do the writers really think just showing a familiar face is funny? And that's my problem with Friedberg and Seltzer, they don't even try. All of them spoofs just show some famous character or celebrity being hit by something or popping out of nowhere like that's funny. Here's an example in this movie we see LMFAO and the avengers exploding, in another scene Psy is shot by an arrow, Taylor Swift appears and starts singing, an Avatar parody in the middle of the film, with no good reason, A man uses Siri for throwing "angry birds" and fruits at a character and she cuts the fruits in a "fruit ninja" way. Why all this? Because the writers really think the audience is dumb enough to laugh at something just because they recognize it.
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Really not that funny! 2/10
leonblackwood12 January 2014
Review: This movie was totally not funny. For a spoof movie, I was expecting at least a couple of laughs, but the director must have been about 2 years old because the whole thing just seemed immature and silly. The only thing that a found a little amusing was the Pink bearded Mr. T lookalike, but that was about it. Some parts go really over the top, and make you wonder if they actually watched the movie before they brought it out, which was why it went straight to DVD. You won't be seeing most of the actors again, so there isn't much to comment about there performances. At the end of the day, it's just another spoof movie. Disappointing!

Round-Up: As there dint that much out on DVD, I thought that I would give this movie a go, but I knew what to expect. I didn't really pay that much attention to the film after a whole because I just couldn't find anything funny. There are a few references to some other movies like The Avengers and The Expendables, but the director didn't do that much with the material. If you want loads of laughs then this is definitely not the movie for you, but if you want to play "Name That Film" then you should give it a go. A total waste of time and budget.

Budget: $4.5million Worldwide Gross: N/A

I recommend this movie to people who are into there spoof movies, but don't expect much from this a Hunger Games make over. 2/10
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Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer's best movie yet!
Hellmant5 December 2013
'THE STARVING GAMES': Two Stars (Out of Five)

Another movie spoof from the writing/directing team of Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer. Friedberg and Seltzer also helmed such loathed film parodies as 'DATE MOVIE', 'EPIC MOVIE', 'DISASTER MOVIE', 'MEET THE SPARTANS' and 'VAMPIRES SUCK'. They also co-wrote 'SPY HARD' and the first 'SCARY MOVIE'. This time they chose to poke fun at the immensely popular youth book adaptation film 'THE HUNGER GAMES'. I think it's their best movie yet but that's of course not saying much at all.

The directing duo chose actress Maiara Walsh to do her best job imitating Jennifer Lawrence in the film. She's no Jennifer Lawrence and she doesn't really look or act like her at all but she does an OK job in the role all the same. Walsh plays Kantmiss Evershot and Cody Christian and Brant Daugherty co-star with her as Peter Malarkey and Dale. Diedrich Bader also co-stars in the movie as it's main villain President Snowballs. The film takes place in a post apocalyptic future (much like that of 'THE HUNGER GAMES') in which the 'Starving Games' are in their 75th year. Kantmiss volunteers in the 'games' to save her sister and has to compete to the death with other teenagers (like Malarkey) in hopes of being the sole survivor. She also could win a coupon for a Subway sub, a half-eaten pickle and an old ham.

Unlike other blockbuster satires from Friedberg and Seltzer this one mainly just parodies it's main source material ('THE HUNGER GAMES') and doesn't detour from that plot line. It briefly makes fun of other popular movies (like 'THE AVENGERS', 'THE EXPENDABLES 2' and 'HARRY POTTER') but those jokes take up just minutes of the movie (or less). To be fair I've only seen 'DATE MOVIE', 'VAMPIRES SUCK' and the original 'SCARY MOVIE' (out of the other films on the filmmakers' resumes) but I did think this one was the funniest of those four. Perhaps just because I like the movie it's making fun of the best. It's a bad satirical comedy flick that's mostly unfunny but it's not painfully unfunny like those other films.

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drh-7662026 February 2015
This movie is a satire of all other decently made movies, I would bet Mel Brooks would think this movie's outtakes were much more laughable than the movie itself I watched and rarely laughed at all But when the outtakes were viewed I found them more entertaining. Sad to see someone try too hard to make it funny it wasn't.

I have seen funnier stupidity in other films that were satires. This one does not hit the mark. If the producers and writers sat down and watched other satires that were real box office gems They would then perhaps make something far more entertaining. Just stop with the boom boom and the Viagra jokes. It would work if they took some of those outtakes and pasted them in the movie. It would then be far more funnier.
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