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Just Stop
MizzBrwnSuga7 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Look glee, y'all have been letting me down ever since Marley joined and most of the cast graduated. The show was become boring, the musical numbers have gotten lame, and this is the first week that Marley's soap opera hasn't continued... oh wait. She confessed to her boyfriend Puck 2.0 that she kissed Finn 2.0 (i use that because idk their names). I go back to the musical numbers, I was so upset with Shout that i stopped recording on the DVR with major eyeroll following. PLEASE get it together. Ryan Murphy, breathe life back into the show, have Coach Roz to a song with Coach Sylvester. Do something other than continue on this path with these losers... Yet, i did like 1 thing, how Santana comforted Rachel. I always knew Santana wasn't a beeyotch as she made herself out to be. oh 1 last spoiler, Brody might be a drug dealer!!!!
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Glee Girls (and Boys) On Film
dalydj-918-2551757 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Return of Mashups with movie songs was just sad how bad it was handled. That was in Lima while in New York everyone was trapped inside by snow and Santana knew everything about everyone she wasn't shy of saying it. The musical numbers were quit bad especially knowing they came from some great movie moments but where mad look cheap and bad compared to the original versions. The New York scenes were made better by Santana know living in the apartment and she had some funny moments making fun of everything and she was good in the brief scene addressing Rachel's pregnancy. Also the lines about Brody where funny. I did find it weird how Kurt was never allowed to be part of the women group and Wade was allowed be with them which just shows the show is having him be the replacement for Mercedes. Teenage romance is boring and doing Ghost just makes it seem to serious when it's on a show like this so it never really is. Weakness was the episode with Emma and Will problems just needing to go away.

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