Gods of Egypt (2016) Poster


Nikolaj Coster-Waldau: Horus



  • Bek : [sees giant snakes]  We should run.

    Horus : Run?

    Bek : We mortals do it all the time!

    [runs off] 

  • Horus : Are you sure you're not a god?

    Bek : What would I be the god of? Stupidity?

    Horus : The impossible.

  • Set : [about to be killed]  Wait! I spared your life, didn't I?

    Horus : I won't make that mistake.

  • Horus : [sees Apophis on Earth]  I can understand killing for a throne, but this is madness!

    Set : Of course you wouldn't understand! How could you? Favored son of a favored son!

  • Bek : What would happen if I drank that?

    Horus : You would be refreshed. Then you would die.

    Bek : It doesn't seem right that the water of Creation would, kill.

    Horus : I would kill you, For wasting my water.

  • Ra : Egypt has always been a paradise. But now, there is chaos. God of the air, you must protect the mortals.

    Horus : I don't know if I'm strong enough.

    Ra : Then become stronger.

  • Ra : Every night the battle between chaos and creation must go on, otherwise the world will be destroyed. For you see, there are worse things than Set.

    Horus : That's not true! He killed my father, your son!

    Ra : They are BOTH my sons! I favored them equally!

  • Thoth : Ha, I have it! Its mystery, its essence, its truth...

    Horus : It's lettuce!

  • [Horus is hanging from the tower, with Bek holding onto him] 

    Horus : I'm sorry for everything I've done to you! I'm sorry I brought you to this fate! And I'm especially sorry, for this...

    [loses his grip, and the two fall] 

  • Horus : I chose none of this! I can't undo what's been done! What power do I have?

    Hathor : You have the power to make things right!

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