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  • As the Observers close in, Walter and September desperately work to complete the plan, but one obstacle after another hinders their progress.

  • September asks December to bring an initiating reactor to complete the time machine. Then he meets Walter, Peter, Olivia and Astrid and explains how the device works. Peter finds a farewell video tape from Walter addressed to him. Olivia and Astrid go to December's apartment to bring the initiating reactor but they find him hanged and the part taken by Loyalists and The Observers. Astrid suggests to use an Observer shipping lane instead. Olivia and Peter go to the Observer's headquarters and use chemical gas to retrieve a control cube to use the shipping lane. They also rescue Broyles that was interrogated by Windmark. Now they start to set in motion the plan to defeat The Observers.


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  • Former Harvard

    The team tries to figure out a way to track Michael. Olivia calls Broyles. He ignores her call to try to find out where the Loyalists are holding Michael. After a few minutes of suspicion that Broyles might be "The Dove" (which he is), a guard tells him Michael is on Liberty Island.

    On the Island, Windmark tries to convince Michael to tell him why the Fringe team wanted him. Michael is able to block Windmark's probing, causing him the same pain and bloody nose of interrogation that Windmark has used on others, including Walter. Windmark doesn't let up, asking about the plan. A blood vessel bursts in his eye. He orders diagnostics run on Michael.

    Broyles calls the team to tell them where Michael is. He sends the schematic, it's guarded 24/7 and there are five layers of security. Broyles doesn't even have clearance to get in. They're keeping Michael in the diagnostic lab to experiment on him.

    Olivia suggests getting in through the alternate universe. But she needs to get the Cortexiphan back in her system. Walter heads to his Fringe trove, where he has some in the fridge. He's not sure how Olivia will react to it. Peter thinks it's too dangerous, but Olivia thinks they have to complete the plan.

    Astrid suggests looking through the universe window to see what Olivia would be transporting into.

    In the lab, the Observers inject Michael with a paralytic to hold him still while he's scanned. Windmark observes, getting another nose bleed.

    Battery Park, New York The team sets up the universe window. It's cracked but it works.

    Meanwhile, Donald arrives back at the lab with the tech for the time machine. He sees no one is there but gets to work building the machine. He cracks the rock from the mine and mixes it, then distills it (or something sciency) and seals it in a tube as a yellow liquid.

    Peter, Olivia and Walter head to the safe house Anil directed them to. They have medical supplies, but no defibrillator.

    Peter monitors Olivia while Walter injects the Cortexiphan into her brain stem. Her heart rate shoots up but they keep going. Olivia's vision blurs as her heart continues to race. Walter injects her a third time and insists she needs four doses to cross over four times and not get stranded. Walter tells Peter to trust him as he shoots in the fourth dose.

    In the lab, they find Michael has a developed limbic system meaning he has advanced intellect and emotions. The Observers didn't think it was possible.

    In the safe house, Olivia rests. Walter says something to Peter about sacrifice being hard and considers saying more, but stops at: "You're very strong, son."

    They wake Olivia up. She's dreaming about Etta. Walter thinks she has about 3 ½ hours from the time of her last injection to avoid becoming stranded. He also warns her that every jump will burn up the Cortexipahn in her system and she could feel withdrawal -- disorientation, hallucinations, lapses in time. If this happens, she has to cross back immediately.

    They drive her to make the jump. Walter hugs her and tells her to be careful. She's jumping over to Fringe division and expects Fauxlivia to find her. Peter tells her he loves her and kisses her.

    Olivia takes a look around and crosses over.

    On the Other Side, the Zeppelins are in the sky and there are no signs of the Observer occupation. Fringe Division signals a breach. Olivia waits for them to come get her.

    With Lincoln, Fauxlivia gets a call.

    Inside Fringe Division, Olivia sees a picture of Lincoln and Fauxlivia with their son. They arrive and give her a hug. Olivia's explaining why she needs their help when she hallucinates seeing young Etta and gets dizzy. Her watch beeps, she has two hours left. Lincoln arranges the transport to Liberty Island. Fauxlivia is worried about her, but Olivia says she's fine.

    Back in the lab, Donald keeps building the machine. He seems to be nearly finished, but it won't hold power.

    Observer Futureland Manhattan, 2609

    Windmark briefs the Commander about Michael's advanced intellect and deep emotions. They don't know how it's possible. "I believe the fugitives intend to use the anomaly as a means to our destruction," Windmark says. "It would be to our evolutionary advantage to continue to study it further," says the Commander. "A more prudent path is to destroy it. There is no greater danger than that which is unknown." "It is irrelevant whether the anomaly lives or dies. What is valuable is understanding what it was. Disassemble it, preserve the pieces." Windmark is pleased.

    Lincoln tells Olivia that Walternate retired about 20 years and, at 90, is still lecturing at Harvard. Olivia assures Lincoln she doesn't regret the choices they made. "You deserve all the happiness that you got," she tells him.

    Fauxlivia gives him a hard time about checking out her younger butt. They take Olivia to the coordinates where she thinks Michael is being held. She has an hour left on her watch.

    Olivia phases back to her side and ends up in the lab where they were examining Michael. It's empty. Michael is strapped to a gurney and wheeled down a hallway to another room. An Observer prepares to cut him open.

    Olivia walks down the hallway looking for him, phasing in and out between worlds. She shoots an Observer and then the Loyalist monitoring the security feeds. She sees Michael in the operating room and heads there.

    In the hallway, Olivia is wobbly and dizzy as the two worlds blur around her. An Observer gets the drop on her and decks her, but she kicks him and shoots him and alarms go off. An Observer transports into the operating room to report a breech in security.

    There are noises from out in the hallway and Olivia busts in. She shoots the Observer doctor and grabs Michael. She phases back to The Other Side with him. An Observer follows. He knocks Olivia down and is about to grab Michael. Lincoln and Fauxlivia take him out, and another who follows. Lincoln stays behind to take out any others who come across. Fauxlivia takes Olivia and Michael to Battery Park to phase back.

    Fauxlivia tells Olivia to go get her daughter back.

    Olivia and Michael appear in front of Peter and the team. Olivia holds on to Michael in the back of the van as they drive off.

    Windmark interrogates the Loyalist guard who told Broyles where to find Michael, asking who he told. He gives up Broyles' name.

    Donald knocks on a door, the older Observer, December, answers. "Walter Bishop is back. They have the boy, there's something I need you to do. You owe me," Donald says. Inside, he explains he needs an initiating reactor for his machine to reset time. "If your plan is successful, you will cease to exist," December says. "If our plan does not succeed, they will cease to exist," Donald says.

    Donald reminds him how they've developed feelings for the humans. Decemberr says the 12 of them agreed never to speak about developing emotions and tells September he lost control. "The people of this era, this is their destiny," the Observer says. September says destiny can be changed, but it takes will and sacrifice.

    Back in the van, on the phone Walter gives Anil directions on how to set up the giant magnet. Broyles calls Peter to check in. He's going to get a few things from HQ and meet them. After Broyles leaves his car, Windmark and the Loyalists scan it.

    In his office, Broyles transfers files.

    At his car, the Observers listen to Broyles conversation with Peter in which he just said where they were.

    Broyles is still in his office when Windmark comes for him.

    Broyles plays dumb as Windmark mentions "The Dove." "If that were true, whoever it is should have been read and exposed long ago," Broyles says, playing it cool.

    Windmark leaves.

    The team brings Michael back to the lab. Olivia wonders why Michael would step off the monorail. Donald says there's always a reason.

    Donald tells them they have to get the initiating reactor from an Observer from his time. They plan to send Michael to 2167 to meet the scientist in Oslo. The magnet holds the time capsule in place so it goes to the right place. They need a synchroscope from in the amber to keep the machine in sync.

    Donald explains there will be someone in Oslo to guide Michael.

    The Observers and Loyalists monitor Broyles as he drives away. He's on the phone with Olivia when he notices he's being followed. She wants to come get him but Broyles tells her to finish the plan, and hangs up.

    Peter finds a syringe in the amber and a tape addressed to him in Walter's handwriting. He plays it. Walter tells him about sending him something in the mail that might not have made sense and then disappearing. He tells Peter that he had to leave to secure the future for Etta and Olivia. He tells Peter not to be sad, reminding him the time they had together, they stole. "I don't want to say good-bye, but I will say, I love you son," Walter says on the tape.

    Watching the tape, Walter admits he wasn't truthful with Peter. The syringe is an inoculation for time travel, he's taking Michael into the future. (He already took it once, this is his back-up.) Walter explains that he and Michael will become a paradox and nature abhors a paradox. Nature heals itself by deleting he and the boy at the time of the invasion. They'll disappear after 2015. "So in order to maintain a future without the Observers, you and Michael have to live out the rest of your lives in the future," Peter says. "I know in my soul that this is what I have to do. I want you to give Olivia your daughter back. I want to give you your life back, as a father how could I not do that for you?" Walter says.

    Peter and Walter both get choked up and hug. Michael watches.

    Olivia and Astrid go to December's apartment but find the door open and Loyalists inside. December is hung up inside and the case with the initiating reactor is empty.

    An Observer presents the part to Windmark in his office, explaining that the Fringe team planned to use it to create a wormhole to reset time.

    Still driving the Observers in circles through town, Broyles pulls over in a tunnel and gets out of his car. They monitor him running away and realize he knows they know. As Broyles is running, an Observer teleports in in front of him and knocks him down.

    Back in the lab, they're stuck. They can't start the machine without the part. September says nothing else will work.

    Olivia talks to Michael, saying that when she came for him it looked like he expected her. She asks what she should do next. Michael holds a finger to his lips.

    Astrid suggests a shipping lane. She decoded a shipping manifest and they know the next lane will be open tomorrow morning in New York, but they need an end dock stabilizer, a cube that can be recalibrated to send instead of receive. Peter remembers it.

    Anil calls to tell them Broyles has been captured.

    They remove more objects from the amber, including tubes marked as biohazards. Walter also gives Peter anti-gravity grenades that will make the Observers float away because, he says, "it's cool."

    Astrid takes Walter into the amber to show him something.

    Donald says he needs to talk to Peter.

    Astrid shows Walter the cow in the amber (she can't let her out because she might moo.) Astrid gets emotional, telling Walter it's not the end and soon enough they'll be drinking milkshakes in the lab. Walter tells her "Astrid" is a beautiful name, finally getting it right.

    Windmark interrogates Broyles. He tells him about the 12 Observers who were sent to this time report back, but some of them succumbed to "irrational emotions." "Your kind infected them," Windmark says. He admits to Broyles that he feels something: hate. "The feeling is mutual," Broyles says as Windmark starts to probe his mind.

    Peter and Olivia run their errand and get excited at the prospect of seeing Etta again. Peter gives Olivia her bullet necklace.

    Their contact meets them and leads them to a building's air intake supply. They dump the biohazard powder in it.

    In the building, tiny parasites swim in a Loyalists' water.

    Back in the lab, Walter prepares to go meet Peter and Olivia. Donald shows Walter the empty syringe. He took the last time travel inoculation. He plans to take the boy into the future, he already told Peter. He knows Walter thinks it's his destiny. But twenty years ago, when Walter agreed to take him, Donald didn't have the feelings for Michael that he has now, and after seeing Walter with Peter, he understands what he feels for him. "That's being a father," Walter says, understanding. "It's not about fate, Walter, yours or mine. It's about changing fate. It's about hope and protecting our children," Donald says.

    Back with Windmark, Broyles continues to do his best to resist his mind probes. An alarm goes off. Windmark goes to investigate. In the hallways, aliens are bursting out of Loyalists. The Observers evacuate.

    Wearing gas masks, Peter and Olivia walk through the hallways among the exploded invaded bodies and Observers being tortured by the various Fringe artifacts (liquification, razor butterflies). Olivia sees Broyles on the security camera as Peter finds the cube he needs. "You don't know how lucky you are this room has no ventilation," Peter says as they toss Broyles a mask.

    Walter, Astrid, Donald and Michael wait near the shipping lane location. Observers set up the case to open the shipping lane.

    Peter, Olivia and Broyles arrive and call Anil to engage. They drive through the Observer check point with their giant magnet, shooting at Observers. Donald sets up the cube, then the wormhole machine. He opens the shipping lane.

    Michael is waiting in the van when Windmark appears outside. He grabs for Michael. Peter races at Windmark and grabs him as Windmark teleports away. They move only a few feet, with Windmark pummeling Peter as Michael backs away. Another Observer teleports over, blasting Peter back. Astrid shoots at him. Windmark grabs Olivia when she tries to take him on. He holds her up by the throat then tosses her. She sees her bullet necklace as she lies on the ground. Windmark advances on Michael.

    Olivia pulls herself to her feel, drawing on the last of her cortexiphan. The power goes out all around her. She uses her powers to drag an SUV across the ground, crushing Windmark like a tomato. Michael puts his finger to his lips again. He stepped off the train, so she would have to be injected with cortexiphan so she could come get him so she would be ready for this moment to finally defeat Windmark.

    Donald runs over to take Michael to the worm hole. They're running to it amid the gun battle when Donald is hit. Walter knows immediately what he must do.

    Peter watches as Walter takes Michael's hand. "I love you, dad," Peter says.

    Walter and Michael walk into the worm hole. Olivia, Astrid and Peter watch them go.

    Cut to Peter and Olivia in the park on the day of the attack. Etta blows dandelions. Peter calls for her and she runs to him. This time, she makes it all the way into his arms. No Observers come. There are no explosions. Olivia watches Peter with her daughter.

    Back home, Peter goes through the mail and finds a letter from his father. Inside is the drawing of the white tulip.

    The End...

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