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Violent, sexy and lots of fun
Austin_Powers-129 October 2013
The title may frighten some off. Actually I thought it looked a bit silly. But sometimes you have to try something new.

I am big fan of Tarantino and Rodriguez's grindhouse films, and I will compare this film with those two. The look is grim and grindhouse and the violence evil and extreme.

The running time on 73 minutes is perfect, as all bulls**t and fill is cut.

The reason it doesn't get a 10 is that it feels a liiitle slow for a about ten minutes after 45 minutes, but it compensates with a blast of an ending.

To be honest I didn't expect much, but it was 73 minutes of lots of fun, bloody violence and sexy action.
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It's basically a classic Russ Meyer movie (no spoilers here)
Gemma_Philips25 November 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Same style, same laugh out loud humour, same degree of nudity, but I would say this is more violent.

There are real belly ache laugh out loud moments and I found it very entertaining after the initial 20 minutes. Some elements at the start aggravated me at first until I got used to the style and there is plenty of style to be seen.

There are some very random "what the hell" which are real eyebrow raisers so be warned. The music is not really my thing but it added to the wackiness of the movie and the sense of fun it seems to convey.

THE MOVIE IS ABOUT: a player of computer games who accidentally becomes involved in a live version of Grand Theft Auto complete with missions and ways to make money on the way. The ultimate mission is the title of the movie "Bring Me The Head Of The Machine Gun Woman." Easier said than done. The guy who stumbles in to the game is given 24 hrs to successfully complete this mission. On the way he has to do other missions.

This is it in a nutshell. If you like Russ Meyer's Vixen movies you will love this as long as you don't mind subtitles or you have found a version dubbed in your language or you can speak Spanish.

I personally decided I like this movie 25 minutes after it started because of the way it makes me laugh so hard.
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nothing special
trashgang22 January 2014
Being sold as Latino exploitation I must agree in some parts, you know, the way the credits were done and the scratches on the reel but the flick itself was rather weak.

It's worth seeing if you want to see a Latino dressed in sexy gear and some dancing juggs in a bar but for the rest I didn't like it. It do had some moments that should have been funny and some that are typical exploitation but at the end even as it clocked in at 73 minutes I was happy that it was over. Maybe it's the way that after the credits they entered some funny sentences (clumsy DJ becomes hero) on screen that I thought, no no no don't do that. The story itself is written in 5 seconds and it shows because there's not that much going on. Sure there's action but when one fatty is being killed in a backyard you can see him look towards the crew, Am I doing well?

The flick itself has a great promotion and do pick up awards here and there but for me it was just a mediocre gangster flick.

Gore 0/5 Nudity 0,5/5 Effects 2/5 Story 2/5 Comedy 0,5/5
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nogodnomasters8 January 2019
Warning: Spoilers
The film opens up with Latinexplotation and all the feel of a 70's drive-in feature. The opening kill scene was great, but the film quickly quiets down. Machine Gun Woman (Fernanda Urrejola) is an expensive deadly paid assassin. She is the former girlfriend of an Argentine crime boss who has a price on her head, but only ends up getting his guys killed who go after her. When his club mild mannered DJ (Matías Oviedo) overhears the problem, the boss gives him 24 hours to get the head of Machine Gun Girl or else...we are going to come up with a weaker plot point.

The sound was dubbed, but the chapter names which popped up on the screen were still in Spanish. It had some violent scenes, but most of the actual violence was off scene, afterwards we see the results. The film had some swearing, one sex scene, and front loaded extras nudity. At 73 minutes, it seemed long.
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Short but not sweet
kosmasp24 November 2013
Most definitely fun, if you let it though. A sleaze-ball of a film if there is one. There has been a revival (at least at the festival circus) and this movie does ride that wave perfectly. A tough woman that is still very attractive. It might depend on your taste in women I guess and your other "likes", but I'm pretty sure quite a lot of people will feel a "strange" attraction to the main character here.

Just as our "hero" of the movie does. While the female lead might not convince entirely (I thought she looked like she didn't really felt the "moment" or her "character" from time to time), this will not be something that will leave you with a bad impression of the movie. The simple "story" if you want to call it that, is just the backbone for the mayhem and violence that follows. If you like that, you'll be in for a treat, if not don't bother watching.
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Okay El Mariachi/Machete Wannabe
a_chinn7 May 2017
Okay low budget Chilean action film that wants to be "Machete" or "El Mariachi" but is nowhere as smart, inventive, or funny. The story follows a dopey video game playing DJ who is given 48 hours to find the titular hit-woman after running afoul a local mobster. The Grand Theft Auto inspired missions and titles are fun, but didn't really add much to the film. I thought this film was trying to be a grindhouse exploitation type of homage, but when it throws in these video game elements with various bosses and such, I wasn't sure if this was the filmmakers focus or if it was just trying to be crazy and outrageous, which would be fine, but the film really didn't seem all that crazy or out of control either. However, I will give the the filmmakers credit for keeping the film short, so it doesn't really overstay it's welcome. Overall it's okay, but don't go out of your way for this one.
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Kind of a drag
Finfrosk8613 June 2015
Frightfest Glasgow again! (note: this movie I would never have seen, if it wasn't at a festival)

Okay, I know what this movie is trying to do. Problem is it does not succeed all that well.

I haven't seen many Spanish movies, and it being in a language I absolutely don't know didn't do it any favors I'm afraid. I have nothing against movies in foreign languages, but if they are, they damn well better be entertaining. Because if they are boring, it gets more boring when you don't know the language.

And this is a little boring. They have tried to make it Machete-ish - that kind of over-the-top-style, but it just didn't work for me.

It has a couple of cool scenes, some alright action, but not nearly enough or cool enough action. I was kind of relieved when it was over.
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