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Hadley Belle Miller: Lucy



  • Lucy van Pelt : Let me let you in on a little secret, Charlie Brown. If you really want to impress people, you need to show them you're a winner.

    Charlie Brown : A winner? Me? Lucy, you may be on to something!

    Lucy van Pelt : Of course, when I say "you", you know I don't mean "you personally".

  • Lucy van Pelt : Oh, Charlie Brown, I'll hold the football and you kick it.

    Charlie Brown : You *say* you'll hold it, but what you really mean is you'll pull it away and I'll land flat on my back and I'll kill myself.

    Lucy van Pelt : But I feel I have really come to know you. I now understand that you are kind, compassionate, brave, and funny. No one would pull a football away from someone with all *those* qualities.

    Charlie Brown : [to himself]  She's right. I would never pull a football away from someone with all *those* qualities. I am gonna kick this ball all the way to the moon.

    [He starts running up and, as expected, Lucy pulls the football away from him] 

    Charlie Brown : AAUGH!


    Lucy van Pelt : And gullible. I forgot to mention gullible.

  • Miss Othmar : Wahh wahh wahh wahh.

    Franklin Armstrong : What? The new kid is joining our class

    Schroeder : Wow, she's pretty.

    Lucy van Pelt : She's not *that* pretty.

  • [last lines before the credits] 

    Linus : It must feel pretty great being Charlie Brown right about now!

    Pig-Pen : You did it!

    Peppermint Patty : Nice job, Chuck!

    Marcie : Good job, Charles.

    Sally Brown : Hey, big brother!

    [blows up a balloon with Charlie Brown's face on it] 

    Sally Brown : I'm proud to be your little sister.

    Lucy van Pelt : [crabbily]  You've really shown something new to me, you blockhead!


    Lucy van Pelt : You're always full of surprises. Good ol' Charlie Brown.

    [as everyone cheers and lifts Charlie Brown up into the air, the scene turns into a black and white drawing. The final touch to the drawing is added: Sparky adding his signature] 

  • Charlie Brown : Before I begin, I'd like to thank all of you for your support. You have all been so kind. It is not often that I get this sort of recognition. But... um, there's been a mistake. This is not my test.

    Lucy van Pelt : [wearing a Charlie Brown shirt]  HA! I knew it!

    [sits down covering her shirt] 

  • Lucy van Pelt : [after reading Snoopy's novel]  A dog that flies? This is the dumbest thing I've ever read!

    [Snoopy hurls the typewriter at Lucy as he and Woodstock laugh. Lucy walks over to Snoopy to pound him, but he kisses her on the nose] 

    Lucy van Pelt : AAUGH!

  • Lucy van Pelt : You blockhead! I should have known. What kind of a person tries to fly a kite in the middle of winter? You will never get that kite to fly. Why? Because you're Charlie Brown!

  • Lucy van Pelt : [to Charlie Brown]  Girls want someone with proven success. Have you won any awards? Like a Congressional Medal of Honor? Or a Nobel Peace Prize?

    Charlie Brown : Uh...

    Lucy van Pelt : What are your real estate holdings? Do you have a diversified portfolio?

  • [In art class, Charlie Brown tries to make a flower out of a coat hanger, but ends up making a squiggle that looks like his one strand of hair] 

    Franklin Armstrong : Will you look at this? What a contemporary piece.

    Patty : Nice use of space.

    Lucy van Pelt : Have you all lost your minds?

  • Lucy van Pelt : I oughta slug you. Ugh! I've been kissed by a dog! I have dog germs! Get hot water! Get some disinfected! Get some Iodine!

  • [from trailer] 

    [Charlie Brown, carrying two buckets of popcorn, is blocking the screen] 

    Charlie Brown : Excuse me. Sorry.

    Lucy van Pelt : Augh! Charlie Brown, you blockhead!

    Charlie Brown : Wooah!

    [He tries to get the popcorn bucket, but falls, then the other popcorn bucket fell inside his head. They all laugh, and Charlie Brown tries to take the popcorn bucket out of his head, but could not] 

    Charlie Brown : [sighs]  Good grief.

  • Lucy van Pelt : No dogs!

  • Lucy van Pelt : [to Charlie Brown]  I hate to admit it, you blockhead, but public opinion leads me to believe that after all these years, I *may* have been wrong about you. This has not been easy for me.

    [pulling her hair] 


  • Lucy van Pelt : Agh! I've got dog germs!

  • Lucy van Pelt : Linus time to get up. You don't want to be late for school. GET UP!

    Linus : Ah! My blanket!

  • Charlie Brown : She has a pretty face and pretty faces make me nervous.

    Lucy van Pelt : Pretty face? Pretty face? I have a pretty face! How come my face doesn't make you nervous? How come you can talk to me Charlie Brown?

    Charlie Brown : I just need to know the secret to winning her heart.

  • Lucy van Pelt : Charlie Brown, what brings you out here so late in the day?

    Charlie Brown : [sigh]  I need your advice on girls, Lucy. You're a girl, right? Let's just say there's this girl I'd like to impress. But, she's something and I'm nothing. If I were something and she was nothing, I could talk to her. Or, if she was nothing and I was nothing, I could talk to her! But, she's something and I'm nothing. So I just can't talk to her.

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