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7 Jan. 2013
The guy delivers to a couple who are renting a room to inconsiderate guests on Airbnb.
7 Jan. 2013
The guy delivers to a sick woman and her isolated son and shares an uncomfortable moment with him.
7 Jan. 2013
The Guy delivers to an agoraphobic man who has lives with his mother and is obsessed with Helen.
19 Feb. 2013
A couple's relationship is tested by a house guest.
20 Apr. 2013
The guy tries to cheer up Hannibal Buress.
20 Apr. 2013
A private chef is hired to prepare a Passover dinner.
20 Apr. 2013
Brad Pitts
An uptight woman discusses Brad Pitts with her birdwatching friend who she discovers is very ill. She suggests that they smoke marijuana together to help with her friend's low appetite. Meanwhile, the guy gets high with two professional stoners.
29 Nov. 2013
Scott, a young adult workout addict with a regimented lifestyle, meets Kitty, a cute girl from spin class, and they go on a date. When Kitty discovers the motivation behind Scott's odd sleep schedule, she is less than thrilled.

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