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A delicate balance of a trash art and character study
StevePulaski15 January 2015
Wetlands is a film that prides itself on being gross, unsavory, and not for the faint of heart, but does so in such a candy-colored manner that also masquerades as an attempt at sensory overload that it forbids you from looking away at all its grossness. It gives us a lot to zero-in on with every scene, from unadulterated narration, vibrantly-colored visuals, and explicitly-detailed fetishes carried out in a manner that make the film equal parts stomach turning (for some) and irresistible for others (like myself). If you're one of the people who thought that tampon-sharing and anal fissures were underexplored topics in contemporary cinema, or cinema in general, here's a film that gives you a nod and a thumbs up.

The film stars Carla Juri in a fearless role, especially for an actress so young and so inexperienced. She plays eighteen-year-old Helen Memel, a young woman obsessed with filth and depravity, so much so that she actively exposes her vagina to some of the most unclean places in society, like public bathrooms. She believes body hygiene, especially the cleanliness of the genitals, is hugely overrated, and relishes the thought of sexual pleasure through the use of vegetables. Helen's mom (Meret Becker) is a hygiene-obsessed, religious soul, constantly changing her religions and working to protect her daughter from a filthy society, and her father (Axel Milberg) is a cold, unfeeling soul who spends little time associating with her on a level that could be considered very loving. Helen is often left to look towards Corinna (Marlen Kruse), her best friend who engages in the same kind of depravity that she adores so much.

One thing Helen detests with all her heart is shaving, so naturally, she tries to conduct the act in the fastest manner possible. In the middle of shaving her buttocks, she gives herself an anal fissure, and winds up in the hospital in searing pain with a bulging blister. In the hospital, Helen recounts a lot of her parents' marriage to us, and establishes relationships with the nurses and such, making for a film that is equal parts devoted in showing the pasts of these characters as well as the present. With that, we also see the relationship between Helen and Corinna go beyond innocuous discussions of sex between one another to the point of the actual practice of sex and masturbation.

Writer/director David Wnendt and co-writer Claus Falkenberg do their best to balance Wetlands, making it equal parts a story filled with shock and gross-out gags but also an intense, unusual character study in the most rewarding sense. Wetlands isn't a film you necessarily watch, but feel; feel as it crawls underneath your skin, making even the most hardened, fearless film-watcher wince with its perversions and its depictions of sexual liberation and hygienic carelessness. Juri plays a character so in love with the idea of being unclean and unabashedly disgusting that she owns her role, and is fiercely watchable throughout the entire film.

Make no mistake, however, as Wetlands is a filthy film, arguably the filthiest released last year. Punk-rock in its attempt to destroy our social norms and trashy in the best sense, its desire to depict a variety of perversions, fetishes, and disregard for personal hygiene in explicit detail makes it one of the most daring and awe-inspiring pieces of work in quite sometime. I'm hesitant to bill it as satire, being that it seems to fully embrace this kind of deviant counterculture, however, I employ the rule of them I use in detecting and recommending satire with this film, and that is to see it because by fearing or condemning it without seeing it, you're only proving it correct.

Starring: Carla Juri, Marlen Kruse, Meret Becker, and Axel Milberg. Directed by: David Wnendt.
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Not for Everyone, but a Great Comedy With Depth
ilikemoviesdude22 March 2014
As stated in the Summary this is not a film for everyone. First off, be prepared if you are going to watch this to see a lot of nudity of both male and females. To me, I did not believe the nudity to be gratuitous, only real to the stories being told in the movie and to real life (we are all naked underneath our clothes, right?).

If you are the type of person that will be able to look past the nudity you may be able to relate, in ways, to the main character in the movie. Yes, much of the movie's comedy is driven by the characters philosophy toward sexual hygiene...or lack thereof. BUT, if you can be truthful to yourself while watching the movie, you may find that at points during the film you are able to relate and commiserate with the main character (sometimes embarrassingly), as she narrates her sexual fetishes seamlessly alongside her narration of the state of her broken family.

This film is not for the faint, or those that have a hard time with bodily fluids... BUT it is for those that want to live freely through an open minded main character.

As society and norms have made people question their sanity, and the "normal-ness" of what they choose to do behind closed doors, it is refreshing, exciting, and comedic to watch a film where the main character is unforgiving, open, and truthful about her sexuality and views toward life and the world.
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Gross but totally worthwhile
zetes1 February 2015
One of the grossest films I've ever seen, delving into mysteries of the female anatomy that, as a man, I might rather have left a mystery, but it's wild and original and smart. If you have a strong stomach, it's well worth attempting. Carla Juri plays a horndog 18 year-old girl with a bad case of hemorrhoids. The problem is exacerbated when she badly cuts herself shaving her butthole. She quickly enters the hospital for surgery. During the recuperation, she starts a flirtatious relationship with a cute male nurse (Christoph Letkowski) and attempts to use her hospital stay to reunite her divorced parents (Meret Becker and Axel Milberg). The butt stuff is not nearly the most disturbing part of this movie, but it manages to be quite funny and charming even while it's at is most horrifying. Unfortunately, when it arrives at a more dramatic climax, it doesn't really feel earned, so the whole film deflates a bit. Juri is absolutely amazing, giving one of my favorite performances of recent times. I was a bit disappointed that the film was directed by a man, given that it has a refreshing female point of view, but the original novel was written by a woman (Charlotte Roche), and at least one of the screenwriters was female, as well.
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Body Language
vanwilgen15 February 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I am a student and admirer of the works Antoine Artaud and am very pleased to see a movie breathing the spirit of my second favorite insane Frenchman. This movie is aimed at the idiots who think they have to bear children. The body fluids and bleeding assholes are metaphors for what happens in the minds of children of infantile parents. I'm not big on symbolism in movies, but this thing a Bosch puzzle, it just goes on an on.. Four guys jerking off in a pizza, I think it's brilliant, think about it, what do these parents feed their kids spiritually? Crap topped with crap. It is no wonder says she has had herself sterilized because she doesn't want any kids. The sad and also - in a perverted way - beauty of the end is that, life repeats itself. The asshole represents the circle of life. This is what Fassbinder would make if he would be alive. Have you paid attention to the face lines of this woman? It's very similar to Fassbinder's heroins. Life is good in Germany, you can tell by movies like this. No freedom for an honest movie here in the US.
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The German Amélie
hotemeile16 October 2014
This movie is certainly not for everyone. If thinking of a oozing zit makes you gag, if you get queasy at the sight of blood, if you suffer from nosocomephobia, or tomophobia, or if any mention of bodily fluids instantly offends your sensitivity, i'm sorry to say you'll never get to enjoy this beautiful little movie.

If, on the other hand, you're one of those people who, like me, see Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings as a bittersweet shift from a brilliant career in gore (Braindead, Bad Taste, Meet the Feebles); if you share a morbid fascination for human anatomy (in all its scatological glory), or simply find the cultural taboos surrounding it ridiculously irrational; you'll absolutely love this movie.

Trying to describe Wetlands, to me, instantly evokes Jeunet's Amélie (as weird as that may sound). They are of course two very different movies, but in the same way, i think, as the modern tale of Sleeping Beauty is so prudishly different from the original Grimm's tale. Both movies essentially revolve around a quirky and naive young woman with family issues striving to find love and meaning in her life through the weirdest and most hare-brained schemes imaginable. And, in that regard, Carla Juni's prodigious embodiment of her character perfectly rivals Audrey Tatou's equally spectacular performance.

If you can only find the same charm in Helen's quirkiness as you did in Amélie's, and get past all the visceral lewdness, you'll find Wetlands doesn't really aim to offend or disgust, as some critics would claim. The fact is, those who could only point at that aspect of this movie, were just sadly incapable of braking through that moral wall and seeing beyond it. Some people, of course, will never be able to appreciate the beauty of a garden, because they're too repulsed by the smell of manure...
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Beautiful and disgusting
evito124 June 2015
This is without a doubt the most disgusting film I've ever seen. The number of scenes in the movie that make you go "OMG" are probably not countable on one or even two hands.

However, the disgusting parts are never there just to arouse disgust. It is all done with a certain amount of grace and balance, by the director but by the main actress as well. I found myself having a good laugh a large number of times.

The main actress by the way is truly awesome, beautiful and appealing, and totally fit for the part.

There is enough of a storyline to make the movie interesting besides the focus on sex and filthy things.

I really totally recommend seeing this movie.
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An Escape
nonsoville24 January 2016
I came across this movie randomly as a listing on the web and decided I was going to watch it on Netflix. Considering the fact I have never watched a German movie, I started watching this with the idea that things going on in the movie were normal to Germans. I found that absurd and disgusting.

I'll later come to understand that it is the Director David Wnendt who is a bit sick, not Germany. The film then started to make sense from that perspective. A dark humor, an escape from reality and the social norms of what is approved if you will. It's a coming of age movie about a girl who is somewhat discovering herself and dealing with the divorce of her parents.

The general package is good. Like many European movies I have seen, you sort of feel attached to the characters, like you are there in the movie. The editing, music choice and colors are also warm and in tune with the film.
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not bad at all for German cinema
christidal2 September 2013
The book was quite the scandal when it came out a few years ago. I personally found it a bit boring after a while so I didn't finish it. The movie however is very well done. It manages to be both serious and funny, which is rather the exception than the rule for German films: usually they're either very serious or slapsticky "funny". Visually this could be called a German version of Trainspotting, with some nice and unusual shots and angles, freaky dream sequences etc. The acting throughout the whole cast is amazing, not only the Helen, the lead role, but also her parents, the nurses, the drug dealer etc. I didn't get the feeling that I so often have when watching (and hearing!) German actors in films: that they are noticeably acting. So go watch this, especially if you don't think much of the book. It's a fine movie!
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Came for the shock, stayed for the quality.
GomezAddams6667 June 2015
Warning: Spoilers
When I first heard about this movie being described as shocking, perverse, disgusting even it honestly perked my curiosity because I have seen many films like that and not all to my liking.

I came expecting something gross or even out of the top, there was I point I didn't know what to expect. What I found instead was a very well made comedy about a teenager with unusual hygiene habits and dysfunctional divorced parents, an interesting well paced story with emotional and realistic characters, great performances and a great story that was well directed.

What the criticism tells me is what we know so well, this film could have never in a million years be made in America. American audiences love and tolerate violence but the thought of nudity and sexuality abhors them.

I came expecting a John Waters movie, I found a great movie.
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worth seeing
kreatief4 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
If you expect a voyeuristic documentary about female wetlands you are in for a surprise. One part is about gross phantasies with similar appeal like splatter movies, but the other part is an interesting portrait of a divorce-child with dysfunctional parents. Those bits not only explain the psychological motivations very well, together with the fun parts of her weird doings wrapping this movie, it is a light approach to such a heavy topic.

I really liked the subtle affects the movie played with. It was able to develop some erotic just to destroy it immediately. And I wasn't always sure if she was to be considered a sane persona. But again, all very playful and light.

All in all a relevant piece of contemporary cinema, with outstanding action and production values.
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Excellent piece of cinema, but not for everyone
kikirriki18 August 2017
Before I decided to see this movie I was familiar with the phenomena of the novel I even read it but only half way through, because I thought it was not leading anywhere.

Most people around me say that it is pointless and everything the main character does, all her little hygiene experiments, make no sense. Even the few ones who didn't abandon the book half way through.

Since the German critics gave the book positive reviews, I was wondering what's behind it.

I expected the movie to be trash. But it isn't. It is beautifully shot and well edited, the soundtrack is on point and best of all - the leading actress shows such a refreshing talent. At first, her face looks so friendly and familiar. Then she strikes you with all kind of emotions, acted out almost easily.

If you are interested in what happens in the novel and want to treat yourself to a little sexual gore fest, see the movie. However, what I take away from it that feeling you only know if your family is dysfunctional too and the realization that the choices you make in life are an aftermath of that. I hope you are in touch with all your mommy/daddy/sibling issues, if these things don't make you too uncomfortable and you have learned to live with all that - you will be deeply touched by this story.

Warning: see the movie alone, as if you would be reading a book. If you see it with your friend, relative or God forbid: a family member - it might lead to complications in your relationship and you don't need anymore of that.

Luckily the first 5 minutes of the movie show you what you are in for. If you survive this, you're good.
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Repelling yet Riveting!
sohansurag23 September 2014
There is nothing that could concise David Wnendt's Feuchtgebiete aka Wetlands in a single word. Well if one's given the liberty to express what they'd seen or rather witnessed in a plethora of words, it'd most likely be something close to obscene, disgusting, repulsive and most of all shocking. If you've seen its red band previews, you can figure out instantly whether the movie is for you or not. On the other hand if you thought this'd be a usual sex- comedy with some gross factor, believe me when I tell ya what you saw in the preview is nothing compared to the movie. Nothing will prepare you for Wetlands' odd 105 minutes.

Greeted initially with a splendid shot of a skater girl, it quickly goes downhill before you can say "ugh". Wetlands follows the sexual and unhygienic adventures of Helen Memel, a girl who is hellbent on making her life as unhygienic as possible and labeling it as her 'experiments'. Helen played charmingly by Carla Juri, is on an experiment with her own genitals and whatnot as she initially states in the movie. Its kind of a parallel she draws with how she feels for her parents and their divorce. While light at heart, the seemingly damaged 18 year old as Helen may seem it also brings out how bad she needed to be loved.

Beneath the layers of her weird habits and unimaginable sexual fantasies, lies the conflict with herself and an intense yearning for her parents' reconciliation. And Carla Juri does justice to the role. Her performance was inexplicably good, shuffling from cute and sexy to crude and repelling seemed like an easy feat for her. Right from the CG titles, her narration reminded me sorely of David Fincher's Fight Club.

I for one consider myself hardened, watching movies like A Serbian Film, The Human Centipede, Martyrs, Inside, Hostel or even Salo but there were scenes in Wetlands that truly deserved to be called cringe worthy. I wouldn't suggest Wetlands for the faint of heart/stomach or the more perverse either. As evident from the trailers this was marketed as a over the top raunchy comedy but if you overlook all those gross and perverse segments (which is hard I know), there is a sensibly written story about the perils a late- adolescent girl goes though be it physical or emotional. This movie does a decent or rather an indecent job of blending the aversion with a story of someone who aches for some love. I wonder if the same would work had it been a male lead, and of course an immediate reminiscence was Qaushiq Mukherjee's Gandu.
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This is punk!
joris-nightwalker22 December 2014
This is probably the most raunchy picture I've seen all year. Maybe ever. It disgusted me more than, say, The Human Centipede II. No kidding. It might be 'cause I'm gay and have no affinity whatsoever with the female body, its smells, its peculiarities and its specific organic functions. If you think you've seen it all, then I suggest you watch this movie. An atmosphere that'll amuse the punk in every one of us, but nauseate our affinity with common decency. We not only get to hear a lot about intuitively nasty stuff (feces, sperm, urine, sweat, vaginal discharge, snot, anal blood,...), we also see a lot of it. Yes. See. This movie is very visceral. Some might say too visceral. I'm inclined to say the same. On the other hand, I'm just too fascinated with the (sick) way David Wnendt dares to confront us with what we all know and have. Stuff that we usually accept as extremely private and even embarrassing is brought to the center of the stage. While doing this, the movie tells the story of a girl in puberty and her desperate need for attention since her parents don't give her any. This movie transcends its mere shock value to an authentic subversive work that will claim a cult status rather sooner than later. Add some sleazy garage music from Thee Headcoatees, Joan Jett and Peaches and you've got yourself a movie like nothing you've ever seen before!
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A Gross-Out Rom Com With A Surprising Amount of Heart
blakiepeterson2 May 2015
Wetlands is the kind of movie where things like jizz-covered pizzas, anal tearings, vegetable-based masturbation, purposeful vaginal dirtying, and other taboos are thrown into our face and someone, most likely David Wnendt, wants us to accept the graphic vulgarity like we accepted There's Something About Mary or one of those eye-roll inducing Hangover films. Wetlands dares to call itself a romantic comedy, a coming-of-age story, a family drama, and a gross-out assembly line, and if it were written by someone like Seth Rogen then maybe, just maybe, it would have turned into a sh*t covered disaster. But under Wnendt's authority, it's likable, even if much of it is frustrating. It goes through stretches where it's earnest, legitimately touching, but it also has a tendency to turn around the next minute and tell us about another bodily dysfunction that we'd rather not hear about when we're eating. Part of me wishes it was dirty like a 1960s sex comedy, provocative but not overtly so. But Wetlands can be so appallingly gross that any form of realness seem to be covered in some STDs you caught from a smelly hippie down the street.

At the center of the filth is Helen Memel (Carla Juri), a sexually rambunctious 18-year-old who spends her free time exploring her body in the most disgusting ways imaginable. In the opening alone, a barefoot Helen attends an underground public bathroom so repulsive that it makes a backwoods 7-11 restroom seem pristine. And, as if things couldn't get any more nauseating, she decides to rub herself around the … oh, never mind. Just discussing it makes me shudder.

The film continues in a series of revolting events that seem more NC-17 than cutely edgy, climaxing when Helen accidentally tears her anus (yes, her anus) while hastily shaving. When she finds herself in the hospital for surgery, she cooks up a foolproof plot: as the daughter of divorced parents, she wants nothing more than to get them back together, so why not stage a reconciliation during visiting hours? To Helen, it's ingenious. To us, the thought is depressing, to say the least. But a blossoming romance with a male nurse (Christoph Letkowski) promises better things to come in a world where sexual experimentation is the only source of feeling.

Wetlands is kinda sorta scatterbrained; who knew a movie could transform from a gross-out comedy into a melancholic drama? The best parts of the film, which are (1) the last thirty-minutes and (2) the melancholic drama components, are really, really good; finally, the gags end and deal with Helen as a human instead of an icky caricature. We're given an explanation as to why she is the way she is, and what we find out is gut- punchingly sad — yet it doesn't fit. I can understand her position (ex.: does horrifying things to her body to numb the pains of reality), but I don't understand why the film has to show what she does and what she fantasizes about with such explicit detail. I guess it's meant to shock, but the film is far too well-made to merely act as an exploitation movie. Wetlands covers several genres, and they all work wonderfully; problem is, there's always a slutty cousin wandering about in the background haunting any hint of authenticity. For many films, the level of wildness in a dirty joke can be a calling card (a la American Pie's pie, There's Something About Mary's "hair gel"), but in Wetlands, a dirty joke — scratch that, a dirty image, is a major weakness.

But if you can stomach the vileness of it all, the film is more sweet than it is sickening. There are truly funny moments, and there are affecting moments too. As a coming-of-age drama, its ballsiness is refreshing. And Juri, a combination of Greta Gerwig, Run Lola Run era Franka Potente, and a young Cécile de France, may as well already be a star. With my last impression of Wetlands being that of the earlier mentioned "melancholic drama", though, it must have done something right, despite being one of the most disgusting films I've ever seen. And that's saying something, considering it travels through the microscopic world of a pubic hair within its first few minutes like it's a roller coaster ride.
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The Cringe worthy moments Pollutes this seemingly interesting Artsy film...
SBlues2 September 2014
Warning: Spoilers
"Wetlands" was made for Shock Value. No real person is as stupid and gullible as the characters in this film are almost every day of their lives.

It's not funny or arousing or entertaining watching an ignorant and promiscuous female go through an entire film doing extremely disgusting and hazardous things (that was clearly scripted and/or directed to shock viewers that aren't into these types of fetishes).

I wasn't surprised by anything in the film because I've personally witnessed many women and men (especially German men) online that enjoy disgusting body fluids oozing out of the body whether it was their own or someone else. They also enjoy S&M and other forms of self-mutilation and torture of their body parts beyond what would be considered pleasurable.

I love artistic indie films with explicit sex, especially when the finished film is uncensored. I also enjoy films that aren't afraid to experiment creatively but I hate excessive and unnecessary violence. There was no violence in this movie but there were endless scenes of the female lead digging in her vagina (and Anus) for disgusting excrement. She enjoyed the smell and taste of whatever was inside of her vagina.

Based on how careless and nasty she was throughout the film, like walking barefoot into a flooded public restroom, rubbing her ass and vagina over a very dirty toilet; I thought she would have been hospitalized for more than just an infected hemorrhoid.

Just when you think she will finally begin to grow up and act like a normal person after having surgery; she continues her obnoxious behavior in the hospital; she also flirts with a cute male nurse, constantly putting his job at risk but he didn't care because he was fascinated by her "boyish" charm of being a care free, flirtatious and slutty spirit that he wished all girls could be.

The CRINGE worthy moments pollutes (in a distracting manner) this seemingly interesting Artsy foreign film, so much so that I had to force myself to watch it through to the end.
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A brilliant, funny, touching weird film
steve-266-90313220 September 2014
Warning: Spoilers
In some ways, it's rather conventional; a young woman trying to figure herself out. And in some other ways, it's outrageously crass and disgusting. But somehow, I didn't mind the crass, disgusting parts that much because I found most of them to be outrageously funny; and I'm pretty sure that's how the were intended. There's not as much female nudity as you might think (or hope for; the actress is very cute) and no really explicit sex. It's just hilariously lewd and over the top. By the end she's learned some important things, and it has the kind of happy ending that maybe it shouldn't but that I usually fall for.

It doesn't seem to be getting great reviews here (yet) and I have no idea why. I was worried that I was laughing so much at certain scenes that other audience members might be a little annoyed. I guess there's no accounting for taste. My GF, who's generally a kind of highbrow film buff, loved it too.
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An Honest Film
nicole-underhill18 November 2015
This is an honest film.

This struck me as an acid trip from the start, but I had a couple glasses of wine (5) and stuck with it on Netflixx

I ended up with this revelation--this is an honest film about the ridiculousness of life and the consistent gnawing ache of gaining a sex drive when you begin to grow.

It's brilliant in its simplicity to just tell the truth exactly how it is without worrying what we will think about it.

I was reminded of that awkward feeling I would get as a much younger child listening to teens talk about getting their periods and having sex. Just this out of touch reality that I couldn't wait to dip my own toe into. Exotic and pure and ridiculous.
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Offbeat, Gross, Charming, Repulsive, Honest, Sad & Funny
Movie-Mate15 August 2014
Wetlands or "Feuchtegbiete" as it is called in Germany is an adaptation from the Bestselling Novel by German Author and Ex VIVA Host Charlotte Roche! The Book was quit a scandal when it first came out due to it's honest and unadorned description of female Sexuality. Due to it's graphic sexual contend and detailed description of all kind of Taboo Themes and large numbers of Body fluids the book was deemed unfilmable. But, as it is the case with most unfilmable Books, they had to make a movie! Having never read the Book and judging from all i heard about it, i was quit surprised when i saw the Movie! The tone was much lighter then i had expected! While the Film is quit open and explicit with it's depiction of Sex, Body hygiene and social taboos like hemorrhoids, i never felt it to be repulsive or shocking. The Movie is very funny and plays mostly for laughs. Yet, by taking the Characters and there Situations seriously it also gives it some unexpected depth! Special Mention most go to Carla Juri who brings a natural charm to her Part and proofs that she can carry a movie with ease! I'm very interested to see where her career will take her in the years to come.

While certainly not for everybody i am convinced, that many people will have a good time watching this movie. Women especially should be able to identify with the lead character and will recognise many of the problems and challenges she faces throughout the Film.

Definitely one of the better Movies that have come out of Germany for quit some time!
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Explicit Tale
kosmasp3 February 2014
I have to admit, I never read the novel this is based on. But I'm guessing the people who don't like the movie at all (which is fine), either haven't read the book or don't like the book. I'm saying this, because what you are getting here, is very close to adult films. Something people in Germany (censors that is), do not have a problem with (the movie is rated 16+).

I can only guess the movie will be NC-17 (if they rate it) in America. There are explicit images of male genitalia, a lot bare breasts (though mostly of our main female lead). With all that said, I went into the movie with the impression I wouldn't like it at all. And maybe it didn't really need all those ... (sometimes disgusting) "shots" (no pun intended) or the language. But the central story about someone looking for love and not being able to connect (because of their weird childhood, to say the least), is strangely appealing ...
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jafdip6 January 2015
At the beginning of the movie a comment somebody placed on "Bild Online' said in German that this movies is so revolting and tragic it should never have been made. Although I think the intention was to mock the person who said this, having seen the movie I think that person was right. I like to think I have a pretty strong stomach but at the end of this I felt an overwhelming sense of despair and revulsion. If the purpose of the movie is to cause people to cut their wrists then I think it is a run away success.

The story is about a girl who was raised by a cold hearted psychopathic and (as it turns out downright evil) mother and an imbecilic father. In reaction to her mothers obsessive cleanliness she becomes as unhygienic as possible. She is probably meant to be portrayed as some kind of free spirit, but she comes across as a completely self absorbed and quite repulsive person, entirely devoid of any kind of morals or principles. As the movie progressed I ceased making excuses for her and came to loathe her character.

At the finale the reason for much of her behavior is revealed, but it doesn't provide closure because this is such a devastating and bleak study of the futility of life, or these peoples lives at any rate. This is a corrosive movie that you will not be better for watching, and I seriously recommend sensitive or depressed people avoid it.
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I got bored with shock and disgust while watching this film
fraukeritter20 June 2017
I instantly knew that this film was written and directed by men, because the female characters, including Helen, the main character, lack any credibility to me, as a woman.

I also felt that the shock factor was only used to make money, not really to achieve any artistic or philosophical depth. It's difficult to shock these days, the film does it by an (excessive) exposure of all kinds of body fluids and dirt, to the point of boredom. I also felt that the main character was shallow and not likable in any way.

I'm a big fan of Lars von Trirer and nothing of that which is human is alien to me. But this felt like a desperate call for attention, rather than a valuable (while shocking) cinema.
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It's an epic film of sexual perversion in the best way, but is told in a very sweet and loving fashion.
bryank-0484412 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I didn't know what quite to expect with David Wnendt's adaptation of Charlotte Roche's novel 'Wetlands', but I can assure you that after watching it, I discovered beauty and innocence in the most unlikely of places. Filled with orgasms, the erotic use of vegetables, sexual adventures, sharing used tampons, and even anal operations from the eyes of a female, Wnendt's artistic and stylish movie, which stars an incredible Carla Juri is not only one of the most risqué films I've ever seen, but it's handled with such care that it's end result is a beautiful and sweet film. I just wish this movie would have a wider release here in America, but I'm sure once word- of-mouth hits the streets on this, 'Wetlands' will become an instant cult classic, and might even push the novel of the same name to the top of the charts again.

We see the world through an idiosyncratic young woman named Helen (Juri), who in the opening scene, walks through a deplorable and flooded public bathroom and rubs her bare privates over the disgusting and used toilet seat, as she tells us she likes to use her vagina as a science experiment. Helen lives with her divorced mother (Meret Becker) and sees her wealthy father (Axel Milberg) quite often. Helen is a free spirit who is obsessed with everything sexual.

When she is not testing different kinds of fruit and vegetable to see which one makes her climax the fastest, she and her best friend Corrina (Marlen Kruse) skateboard around town, finding new ways and new people to experience intimate moments with. And as to do a science experiment on us the audience to see if we can handle the movie, Wnendt shows us a scene between Corrina and her heavy metal drummer boyfriend that might gross out some people, but it's handled in such an innocent and humorous way that it almost becomes silly and child-like.

Despite whatever sex act is thrown are way, including a scene where you'll never look at a pizza the same way again, Helen pulls off this one-of-a-kind charm and wit that exposes us to our innocent side as she tells us story after story of debauchery. But there is something much deeper here than just sexual escapades. When a shaving accident puts Helen in the hospital for anal surgery, she begins to think back to her troubled childhood where we clearly see some sort of abuse going on that has turned her into the unique woman she is today – good and bad. She takes an interest in a good looking male nurse (Christophe Letkowski) as she tells him of her past experiences, while she secretly hopes she can bring back her divorced parents together, something that every child with a broken home wants.

Juri is one of the most talented actresses I've seen in the last ten years and she plays Helen perfectly. You can see her character being eaten at from the inside and Juri's face and eyes sell her torment, hurt, and love flawlessly. She really is an incredible character. And Wnendt's camera picks up every squish, drip, and erotic moment perfectly as he takes his cues from David Fincher's 'Fight Club' and Danny Boyle's 'Trainspotting'.

It's an epic film of sexual perversion in the best way, but is told in a very sweet and loving fashion. The score and impressive soundtrack always add to the amusement of the film's nature. 'Wetlands' is a film you won't soon forget.
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It was unnecessary to produce this film
matze-p96 January 2014
No one asked for such a film, yet it was produced. Trying to judge the film from serious aspects is doomed to fail. You do not have to be an educated film critic to notice, that this film is completely worthless. Trying to capture the viewer through feces and venereal diseases, is probably the lowest act of directing. In an absurd way it is tried that the audience identifies with the protagonist which fails of course. The strange surreal cutaways, which appear mainly towards the end, make the movie seem even more ridiculous than it already is.

My greatest wish, and I hope I will be heard is that we are spared with such nonsense in the future.
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100% showy, 0% classy
Horst_In_Translation13 April 2015
Warning: Spoilers
"Feuchtgebiete" is a German movie running for clearly over 90 minutes (and dragging for most of it) from roughly 1.5 years ago. There was lots of media coverage around it as it was fairly explicit and polarizing in terms of the sexual content it depicted and dealt with. It is based on Charlotte Roche's partially autobiographic and very successful novel. I have not read it, but I can say that I think she is a smart woman and I enjoy seeing her in talk shows and so on. The first camera shot gives a good description where this film is headed. we see something that looks like a bare ass, but turns out to be the hollow of a knee. The movie is made my David Wnendt. He had quite a lot of success with his previous work "Kriegerin" and there is really nothing similar here like in that one, except that we have a female protagonist in both. The main actress here is Carla Juri and while she has received acclaim from so many awards bodies, I cannot see it at all. Her physical acting was mediocre, her narration was pretty awful, her voice is always the same, and sounded like taken from a bad television movie. She has no talent in terms of line delivery at all. For Juri this was the big breakthrough. Other well-known actors (before this film already) include Meret Becker (Otto Sander's daughter, as her mother), Axel Milberg (as her father) and Edgar Selge (as a doctor).

Now, let's talk about the plot. It is very repulsive. There are scenes, in which a young woman uses her genitals to wipe over a public toilet seat and she shows off that she does that on a regular basis and has never gotten any infection. In many other scenes, she puts her finger into something gross (inclusding herself) and licks on it afterward. She tries out all kinds of vegetable in the bathtub and makes a list which ones are most suitable for masturbation. People talk about putting their feces on their beloved's belly. Drugs are abused as if it was perfectly normal. This movie gives a lot of horrible messages and acts as if it was perfectly fine. No area of disgust gets left out. And in the face of all of this, the film tries to be actually relevant as it occasionally refers to the main character's wish for her parents to reunite again. This is the central dramatic storyline, when they are not talking razor injuries in the genital area that is. Anyway, that parents story line is, in my opinion, just a distraction from all the repulsive parts to make this movie somehow seem to have an appropriate plot that touches people.

To mention more details, there is a scene involving tampons that you really do not want to see and something involving pizza as well near the end. It's a mess of a film, neither funny, nor dramatically relevant. A movie can be shocking and still deliver a worthwhile story. This one does not even in the slightest achieve that. I highly recommend to stay away.
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Bored_Dragon3 November 2016
Movie is not as disgusting as announcements and trailer were indicating, but it definitely isn't for those with weak stomach. Teenage drama with elements of black humor about girl who tries to overcome her childhood traumas and find herself through exhibitionistic sexuality and pretty sick experimenting. Movie is a bit shocker, but it is not disgusting only for the sake of shocking audience. Everything has its place and purpose in telling this story. Movie is refreshing and entertaining, but not too good. I would rate it between 6 and 7, but Carla Juri deserves 10, so let it be 8/10.



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