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If you liked the first one you will like this too. This is for a select group. Very graphic. I say C+
cosmo_tiger16 September 2013
"Tell me you like me!" Katie (Dallender) is an aspiring model living in New York. Trying to make a more professional portfolio she accepts an offer for a free photo shoot. Things are going well until they ask her to take nude shots. Refusing, she leaves but the crew finds her and does the unthinkable. Now all Katie has on her mind is revenge. If you have seen the first one you will know what to expect. If you haven't I should warn you this is extremely graphic and violent and not for everyone. There are intense scenes of torture and mutilation but because the woman doing these things was raped by the people she is doing this to it makes it hard to feel sorry for them. If you liked the first one you will like this too, but again if you don't think you can handle it don't watch it. This is for a select group. Overall, not as good as the first but mainly because the rape and abuse of the woman seemed worse and that isn't fun to watch. I give it a C+.
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Vengeance is a real bitch! ◆≈≈6/10≈≈◆
Thrill_KillZ6 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
It's a title that sends instant recollections of one of the most brutal & torturous horror films ever made, a title that is infamous to all horror junkies alike. I still remember from when I was a child, pulling down the original I Spit on Your Grave (1978) VHS tape from atop the entertainment center where it was poorly hidden from me. Those visions that were burned into my young mind still remain fresh almost three decades later, it was one of the most unflinchingly dark, utterly disturbing, nightmarish and uncomfortable films of the century. I would have to say the rape portrayed within is as nasty and uncomfortable enough to match any other film I've ever seen. I can only imagine the reaction of some of the audience members during screenings of Meir Zarchi's cult classic in its theatrical release in 1978.

When Steven R. Monroe decided on the remake in 2010, my curiosity was unparalleled and my expectations were high to see the difference of interpretation of the times, considering how much the horror genre has evolved and changed over all these years, sort of building up a mainstream tolerance with the addition of more and more films in the vein of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Hills Have Eyes, Saw and Hostel. Audiences have become well accustomed to the level of violence, somewhat similar to the original "I Spit". That said, Monroe blew the doors off theaters with his masterful remake in 2010 which very much lived up to it's predecessor and in some ways even far surpassing it, much of the success lied on the shoulders of the superb performance of young Sarah Butler, certainly her breakthrough performance.

Taking all of that into account, it's a safe bet that most viewer's expectations going into "I Spit 2" are going to be set pretty high considering Steve Monroe is again in the director's chair. There is one thing worth noting here and it's the fact that unlike the original film written by Meir Zarchi and it's remake which was essentially a carbon copy of Zarchi's script with Stuart Morse's name attached, I Spit On Your Grave 2 is a completely fresh reboot from writers Thomas Fenton (SAW IV) and Neil Elman, a producer with a few Sy-Fy channel scripts under his belt. These changes are definitely noticeable as the "I Spit 2" sequel serves up slightly less graphic rape scenery and to some extent lacks the very sharp uncomfortable edge that the first two films leave you straddling. In no way am I saying it doesn't deliver the expected smörgåsbord of graphically violent and downright uncomfortable scenes, it did, but it failed to affect me mentally like other films of this kind often do. It didn't quite fully enrage me during the rape scenes, possibly because I wasn't able to fully connect with Katie's character. Not that this makes this a bad film, but it did play a large role on how emotionally charged I was at times during the film and seems to leave the audience too unattached to receive the kind of emotional payout that its predecessors delivered on.

As the story goes, Katie (Jemma Dallender) a very beautiful young woman looking to break into the modeling business ends up with a phone number of a photographer Ivan (Joe Absolom) and after a quick call she agrees to come downtown for a photo shoot free of charge. When Katie shows up, things don't go as planned when they insist she pose nude, she abruptly leaves, but not before getting the attention of Ivan's brother Georgie, who becomes obsessed with Katie. Later that night, Georgie (Yavor Baharov) , who got Katie's home address from the release form she had turned in at the beginning of the shoot, ends up at her door with a handful of pics that were taken before the nudity issue arose. Katie reluctantly takes the pics and after some urging finally gets Georgie to leave, only to awaken in the middle of the night to see Georgie sitting in her dark bedroom filming her. They immediately struggle violently and in the process, make enough noise to draw the attention of a neighbor/boyfriend Jayson (Michael Dixon). After stabbing Jayson, he binds and rapes Katie while her boyfriend lies watching on the floor bleeding out. When Georgie calls his brothers for help, Katie ends up being smuggled out of the country and sold out for further sexual abuse and torture by some seriously sick-minded individuals. Left for dead, badly beaten, battered, bruised, and broken, a stroke of luck gives her the chance to regain herself and take brutal vengeance upon all who harmed her, torturing each of them similar to the way in which they abused her, only she's so, so much more motivated.

Everything else was all pretty tight, production values, cinematography and score were all befitting for the making of a solid horror flick, but in the end it's just not on the same level as the remake. It's worth a look for horror fans just as long as it's clear that "I Spit 2" is going to be a decent step down from the revenge masterpiece that preceded it.
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Torture and Revenge
claudio_carvalho24 January 2014
In New York, the teenager Katie Carter (Jemma Dallender) is an aspirant model that works in a restaurant. She is advised to prepare a portfolio with a professional photographer to have a chance in the fashion world but she cannot afford to pay about two thousand-dollar for a session. She sees an advertisement of the photographer Ivan (Joe Absolom) offering free photos and she contacts him. She goes to his studio and his brother Georgy (Yavor Baharoff) welcomes Katie while their brother Nicolay (Aleksandar Aleksiev) is sleeping in a corner. Ivan asks Katie to wear less clothes and she gives up of the session.

On the next day, Katie is surprisingly visited by Georgy that insists to give a flash memory with her photos to her. Katie accepts and during the night, Katie is surprised with Georgy in her room. She screams and the super Jayson (Michael Dixon) comes to her apartment but he is stabbed to death by Georgy that rapes Katie. Georgy calls his brothers and Ivan drugs Katie to clean the mess. When she awakes, she is in the basement of a house being successively abused by the brothers. Katie escapes but she discovers that she is in Bulgaria. Detective Kiril (Georgi Zlatarev) does not trust on Katie and calls his acquaintance Ana (Mary Stockley) that offers to take Katie to a shelter to have a bath and then to the American Embassy. But when Katie arrives in the shelter, she discovers that she is back to the same basement she had fled.. The brothers sell Katie to the violent middle-aged Valko (Peter Silverleaf) that tortures her before raping. Then the brothers bury Katie in a box in the basement; but the floor collapses and she survives in old catacombs and helped by Father Dimov (Valentine Pelka) that offers food and clothes to her. When Katie is physically strong, she plots an evil revenge against those that have tortured her.

"I Spit on Your Grave 2" is a rough movie about torture and revenge and not for everyone since sensitive viewers will certainly be shocked with the violence. Movies about revenge are usually attractive, maybe because many people do not believe in justice any more, and "I Spit on Your Grave 2" is no exception.

The storyline is the same of the original movie and its remake, i.e., woman is abused and tortured by many men and succeeds to escape from her captivity and kills them one by one. However, the story and screenplay is different from ""I Spit on Your Grave".

All the cast has great performances but the unknown Jemma Dallender is impressive. The plot has holes – for example, why Kiri has not connected to Nicolay that was murdered in a night-club, or why he did not connect the dots to Ana after having a conversation with Father Dimov? The conclusion also disappoints but this movie is not bad. The problem is that as I have previously mentioned, the viewer must have stomach to bear the cruelties. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "Doce Vingança 2" ("Sweet Revenge 2")
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Delivers in Spades!
Shaza12322 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I am a massive fan of revenge themed horror movies. I admired the original I Spit, and adored the remake, so I was more than a little excited for the sequel. High hopes are almost always a bad sign. They can often ruin the movie experience. This was not the case today. Holy Mother of God!!!

As a continual nod to the original and the predecessor, we open with the side profile of our protagonist, where the title feature appears, I Spit On Your Grave 2. Katie is our protagonist. She is not an author like our previous victim, she is an aspiring would-be model. But she needs some professional shots of her to sell her portfolio, and decides to contact some cheap photographers.

Upon ringing them, a thick, Russian sounding accent greets her, and promptly asks her to text him a photo of her before agreeing to meet. This unusual and personal request throws her, especially since he also seems to know her name. She hesitantly does and receives a positive response. Soon after, Katie enters this cheap photography shop, and by cheap I mean CHEAP. There's even a guy sleeping on some boxes to the side. Most people would take one look at this dodgy place and bolt. As Katie looks around, unsure of herself, she is greeted by Georgy, another Russian sounding bloke, who appears friendly, maybe even too friendly, to her. The photographer, Ivan, is the one who spoke to her on the phone, and promptly tells her to get dressed. She does and poses while he snaps her, and for a few minutes seems to be quite relaxed. That is until Ivan tell her to lose the dress completely. Katie decides enough is enough and leaves as quickly as she can.

Well, being that this is a sequel to I Spit, we know things will get bad. And boy do they. Katie hears a knock on her door and finds Georgy standing right outside with the photos to give her from the shoot. Perhaps more than a little freaked out that this man knew where she lived, she closes the door as quickly as she can, and bolts it. Unfortunately, that doesn't stop Georgy from getting into her apartment and watching her while she sleeps. When she wakes up and sees him, things escalate VERY quickly. In a brutal and horrific rape scene that can be compared to the one in Irreversible, we see that this movie really wants to stand out from the remake and the original. And I gotta admit it does a damn fine job. This movie is intense on every level, and the pain has only just began.

As a rape and revenge movie, this movie delivers in spades. With at least two graphic rape scenes, as well as horrible abuse and torture, the first half is not easy viewing in the slightest. You'll feel sick and disturbed, but that's a good thing. The more we see Katie suffer, the more intense her revenge will be. And yes, her vengeance is cruel in every sense. It takes things up a notch and will have you both sick to your stomach, and cringing in your seat. While I won't spoil anything here, what I will say is castration, is actually NOT the worst thing you can do to a man. I do believe Katie found something even more cringeworthy, more cruel and painful. Good luck watching this scene, fellas, you'll need it. Yes, the revenge scenes totally made the first half worth it. I do enjoy the creativity that went behind them. It'll get a nice conversation going, about what could be the worst thing you could do to another human being. Stay tuned to see what Katie has in store. I guarantee some jaws dropping.

As for everything else, this movie is pretty mediocre. Apart from being a rape and revenge film, it really has nothing to do with the first one. The acting isn't anything special and there are so many plot devices that really don't make sense. But being the movie it is, that's perfectly okay. The original I Spit was a grindhouse movie, which promised rape and revenge. Likewise the remake and sequel have followed lead. This is a rape and revenge film, and that is exactly what you get. If you want pain, gore and gruesome revenge, you have come to the right place. If you thought I Spit was extreme, trust me, you haven't seen anything yet. See this movie! And enjoy.
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Remake of a Remake by the director of the remake.
amesmonde14 September 2013
An American wannabe model is raped, shipped to Europe and degraded until she escapes and plots her revenge.

Writers Thomas Fenton and Neil Elman offer a solid script, the claustrophobic NY apartment and then the European setting adds an air of danger for Katie's ordeals, it's pity the unsavoury Euro angle has be been done so many times already. In the vein of Hostel 2, Saw and following the format of the 1978's I Spit on Your Grave and its 2010 remake, director Steven R. Monroe's latest wincing film like its predecessor is nasty, arguably needless and borderline exploitation. Nevertheless, it feels more realistic than many of the films of its saturated genre and the cop and the priest play against expectations adding some surprise.

Jemma Dallender is first rate as Katie and gives a great performance but her character is not as liable as it's former lead Sarah Butler's Jennifer Hills. The supporting cast are all excellent notable are Mary Stockley, Joe Absolom who pulls off a good accent as Ivan and Valentine Pelka as Father Dimov.

It's a film of two halves, the first being the horrific abuse of Katie, the second revenge kills on her captors. Monroe's film looks good, it's slick with plenty of atmosphere, blood, great effects with the ominous lighting and locations heightened by Damian Bromley's photography. Corey A. Jackson's score also adds to the unnerving edgy scenes.

With the pro-woman, feminist, revenge angles already debated highlighted and explored with the 1978 version, this offering would have been a equal if not a better re-imagining than the 2010 remake but despite some great acting it's now left slightly redundant with even less to say.

Monroe's offering is commendable and as it is certainly not DVD fodder (like Hostel 3), it has cinema release execution and production values like his first instalment. Monroe needs a breakout movie but given the subject matter this just isn't it.
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Better than the first.
batteredcakes1 April 2014
This was waaaay better than the first. Kinda slow for awhile but had more...spunk? The chick in the first movie was mostly dazed throughout everything until the end and before everything happened. This chick was alive and kicking throughout the whole movie. They added a twist and a completely new environment and they made it better in the sense that this was more of a revenge movie than the first where the first was pretty much just a rape movie because of how much they prolonged that damn moment. This movie is still disturbing with what happens to the chick BUT they didn't drag out the rape scene as long as the first. They actually shortened it by a lot, but it wasn't all one...long scene. It was like three where they showed the first one but was really short, second one only lasted seconds and the third wasn't even shown. This was more of a movie than the first, it didn't just feel like hardcore porn with barely any gore at the end. This felt like a real movie with pretty awesome revenge in it. This was a revenge movie with some rape, it can be disturbing to a lot of people but this wasn't like the first movie where the first movie felt like a rape movie with some revenge, this movie is a revenge movie with some rape.
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Gory, nasty, grim and 100 percent satisfying!
Austin_Powers-115 January 2014
Holy f**k! I just finished watching this nasty piece of rape and revenge flick. As I liked the remake of the first one, I had some great expectations to this one but then again, sequels usually can be pretty tame. But not with this second Spit!

I will not get into plot details about but just say that the rape and abuse of Katie is difficult to watch. I felt sick more than once and wanted to pause my blu ray player. Jemma Dallender is fantastic. Her acting is real, authentic and 100 percent believable. No stupid or "heroic" reactions from her - genuine fear! Although it is very difficult to Watch, I hang on because I knew that the revenge was coming up.

The revenge scenes, oh boy. Even more sick and gory than the first film. If you are into rape and revenge films, I think you will be satisfied. For guys especially one scene will be the time you want to stop the film and go puke - I almost did.

True Hostel style but with the balls to get really grim and nasty. Spit 2 is a gory and satisfying piece of horror.
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I had to look away
Gezzerboy12 October 2013
I have seen the original and the remake back in 2010 which i thought was a well made film. This time round the plot was different but had the same undertone of rape and violence. Yes the plot is pretty thin but the sheer brutality of the scenes endured by the girl kept me watching and almost willing the girl on to survive. The lead was played very well and I found myself having to look away at several points as I am sure any MAN watching this will, especially the balls in the vice scene... Good film overall and well made. Should they leave it here, well i would say yes as its now run its course. Go see it and cross your legs :)
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A pretty good sequel, all things considered
seanface13 January 2015
I saw the remake of "I Spit on your grave" and although some scenes were pretty tough to watch, overall it was a pretty good revenge film.

When I saw "I Spit on your grave 2" was out, I thought I would give it a go. I was surprised... the movie kept me gripped, intrigued and yes, although one or two scenes were pretty harrowing, I didn't feel they went on for as long as the original and remake.

If you liked the first one, in theory, you should like this one. Similar revenge focus with a couple of twists, decent acting and a pretty good story line. Not for the faint hearted but defiantly worth a watch in my opinion if you like your horrors / revenge movies.
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Rough justice and rough viewing held steady by a strong central performance
jonnytheshirt11 September 2013
When you read the title I spit on your Grave 2, you do kind of think of some knock off sequel. I never saw the original but did see the remake of the original. I can remember the general gist of that movie however methinks it was not as uncomfortable as its sequel. The movie starts off relatively generic however there is an air of reasonable quality about the production which continues throughout, plus it's not entirely predictable, at least until the third and final act. All the actors perform well enough with the material they're given and only one plot point irks me. The movie is a gory revenge movie and therein lies the basics of the story. What ISOYG 2 does differently lies in the pretty graphic depiction on its events and you really feel so sorry for the lead actress that your almost cheering when she exacts her revenge. Some viewers may find this quite uncomfortable, you'd really need to have seen movies somewhat like this before. The strongest point however without a doubt in the film is the lead actress Jemma Dallender who really steers this film with a very strong performance and without whom this movie would certainly be a lesser work. An above average horror sequel not for the faint hearted.
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A really sad film, but maybe not in the way the makers intended
edithp-3747617 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The makers obviously think that this film is about a girl who gets repeatedly raped and abused, only to get her own back on her attackers. What this film is really about is how even good people can experience things that will make them turn into monsters themselves; and make no mistake, this girl becomes a monster.

Do these people deserve everything they get and more? A resounding yes. Did it make me happy to see them suffer as a consequences of their evil actions? No, not really; it made me very sad.


Because with every slash, we see more and more clearly that the person who began this film is gone forever, replaced by a psychotic monster hellbent on revenge. The ending - which I won't mention despite the spoiler tag - is presented as if it's supposed to be happy, but any idiot should be able to tell that this girl has done things she will never, ever be able to come back from. I honestly don't know whether it would have been kinder to kill her, rather than have her live the rest of her life as a monster who tortured and murdered people - even if these acts were well-deserved and the people 'had it coming' (they did, but that's not the point at all.)

You see, vengeance and justice are two very different things; by pursuing the path of vengeance she is taking on the part of God, and in doing so condemning herself forever. People can recover from inflicted tragedy, but they can never recover from their own actions, which stay with them forever.

In this film we see a girl become a monster, which is far more awful than anything inflicted on her up until that point. The saddest thing is that she chooses to become this way. You fully understand her choices, but you feel the tragedy of them nonetheless.
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disturbing as hell
wwfmirzafatic24 October 2013
forget saw, forget hostel... IN MY OPINION they got nothing on this sick and twisted movie

After seeing the I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE 2010, and got so disturbed by it, I thought that this second one might not be as disturbing, boy was i ever wrong.. this one exceeds the first one at least 2-3 times when it comes to violence, rape, goriness.

To this day I saw it twice and both times I ended up shaking trying to figure out what the heck I just saw... words can't explain how sick this is.

You just have to see this for yourself and decide.
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I Spit On Your Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent
noway234-117 December 2013
Warning: Spoilers
The 1978 movie will go down as one of the most controversial movies in history. It was horrific and brutal and broke boundaries. It might have been a horribly brutal film, but it put something on screen we'd never seen before and without it, movies like The Accused and Girl With A Dragon Tattoo couldn't exist like they do. The 2010 remake showed how far we've come as a society. A movie that was once relegated to obscure theaters and banned outright in several countries is now a mainstream Hollywood release filmed in high definition and sent worldwide. It wasn't as gripping as the original, but it should be stunning how far we've come that a movie once regarded as 'the most horrific of all time' could now get released in every cinema on the planet.

This movie… shows sometimes you really need to think before you sequel. Why exactly did I Spit On Your Grave need a sequel? It didn't, and let's be honest this isn't a sequel. There's no returning characters, no recurring villains, the only thing about this that matches the original or the remake is that it's about a girl who get's brutally raped and kills her attackers. That's not a sequel, that's a retelling. It's barely even a good retelling because for starters this movie tries to make one of the attackers (Specifically the first guy that rapes her, and breaks into her apartment aka THE REASON EVERYTHING HAPPENS) sympathetic. That makes no sense. I'm sorry but if you start the ritualistic group rape of a woman, you could be working at a hospital for deaf orphans with polio and I'm not going to sympathize you. I'm going to hate you and want you to suffer the most.

The main girl is just… I can't even. Her plot goes that she want's to be a model, finds a 'free modeling' poster and then get's put into this hell. Her screaming is annoying as hell and I know that she's going through hell, I know she's going to scream but guess what? There's a way to scream that doesn't make me hate you, but her screaming instantly sets me off (Maybe it's because after a while her character trait is 'Scream')

The main 'villain', aka the first guy to rape and break into her house, has the most obscenely inconsistent character ever. I mean before he breaks into the house he just seems jerky, then he's rapey and killy, and then he's sad and trying to help… did they just realize the script have too many characters and combine 2 of them in the rewriting of this? Because that might make sense… it'd be dumb but I'd understand it. Also when the girl finally escapes, covered in wounds and screaming 'help me' no one listens. I'm sorry, even in Yugoslavia or wherever the hell they took her, someone would help her… hell the police don't even help her, someone from a shelter takes her. I mean maybe it's cos I've never been in this country (I don't even know which one they're in), maybe it's a policy that shelters can over ride Policemen but I'm sorry, this makes absolutely no sense. Oh and it makes even less sense when (Surprise) The people that save her end up taking her back to the rape room… so yes, this movie just want's you to believe that everyone is going to rape you and there's nothing you can do about it. I have seen Irreversible, Last House, The ORIGINAL I Spit On your Grave and The Accused and all of them are far better films with a rape as a major plot line in them than this. This isn't even cheap looking enough to be exploitation, this is cruel in the worst way When you make a horror movie you're meant to make it horrific, I have absolutely no problems with a horror movie that uses rape as a plot device, provided it uses it well or does something to change the medium. Instead of something like that, we get a film where a man rapes a woman with a tazer to the point where she's bleeding… this isn't horror, this is anti-woman film making at it's worst, it's no wonder this film went straight to DVD, it feels like it's too good for even that.
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Gorier... Nastier ... And not anywhere as good as first one
boydwalters10 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
The 2010 remake of the film with the best poster ever was amazingly good, considering what it was ... It was tense, well written, very well acted and exciting ... I feel kind of guilty about using that word in this context, but it was ... It was a well make film and a surprise when I was expecting something like... Well ... This The only reason for this is to up the anti ... Its nastier and gorier ... It also suffers from that fact in as much as it looks as if thats all they were doing it for ... There is NO tension ... It just goes on and on and bores the pants off the audience This is the thing about this endless torture ... It is ... It isn't frightening ... It isn't tense ... Its just more torture ... We've seen it before and unless there is an interesting, well made, framework to have it in quite frankly it is just a load of effects In the 2010 version I really cared about the heroine ... In this she just isn't a good enough actress to pull it off ... And her character is really a bit dumb ... Mistake And what is this thing dumb Americans have about the eastern block ... They are not all depraved and corrupt ... The final scene of this as she walks towards the American embassy is laughable and hopefully a huge embarrassment to the director
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What the hell?
dschmeding7 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
It comes as no surprise that this is a cheap sequel to the successful remake. But this is not merely a disgusting regurgitation of a remade cliché that has long gone stale ... this is on all accounts a bad movie, if you can even call it a movie.

While the first part was well done, well acted and had a logical story arch that culminated in some pretty gut wrenching scenes this one has none of that. There is no story arch... the whole thing is utterly ridiculous. Girl goes to photo shoot, does not want to undress for nude pictures and gets raped, abducted to Romania, gang raped and buried alive.

60% of the movie is the dehumanization of the female lead and still I could not care less about her.... 60minutes of rape and boredom, just so she can crash into the Romanian gutters an be freed magically, find a bible and read the words "Vengeance is mine". Yes, it really treats the viewer like an idiot. It goes on equally dumb. Basically you get 60 Minutes of rape, 20 minutes of pseudo drama and 20 minutes of revenge. That is all this thing has to offer... just the same formula with a "new" script that is so devoid of meaning it makes most parts of the film boring and annoying as hell. That is not just because of the bad writing and dialogs if there are any. The acting of the female lead is atrocious. The constant screaming and overacting often makes you want so turn this thing off. But not only is the acting bad and unbelievable on so many levels... the whole editing and use of music is incredibly trashy and collides heavily with the dramatic tone the film takes in the last 30 minutes.

Characters are presented in the cheapest good/bad guy style and introduced just to be killed off or rot on the sidelines of the story. By rotting I don't even mean the revenge on one unlucky guy who is cut and left to die of his fecal smeared infected wounds. I mean characters like the priest, the police detective and the evil woman. You couldn't care less about any of them, they are really just literally standing around while the lead actress stumbles through her revenges and they are ignored since the script writer had too short of an attention span to realize this giant plot hole.

Oh, the kills... One little piggy is smeared with poo, the next little piggy is drowned in poo and the next is.... I don't even know what that electrifying was supposed to be. Even the kill and torture scenes are annoying, badly lit and they don't just smell of poo and sewers, they smell of utter desperation. Someone tried desperately to give the reviewers and audience something to talk about. But if feces and electrocution are the only thing you have up your sleeve.... you stink!

Don't even think this movie tries to have a meaningful or climatic ending. The whole thing is so random a monkey could have written it. This must be one of the worst told hollow stories I have ever seen. This is the exploitation of exploitation. There is not one redeeming element that I could mention in a positive way. Stay away from this... so these copy+paste remake types don't get to make another such mess of a movie.
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Revenge is sweet
deloudelouvain13 February 2015
It's for sure not a movie for people with a weak stomach. Raping and torturing for 90 minutes. With the raping parts I always have difficulty to watch because you can identify yourself in the victim and the pain and terror she is in, but with the torturing I have absolutely no problem even if this is really gore sometimes. They just got it coming and deserve every second of the torture. I guess it's like that with all those gory torture movies now, the victim part is always diffcult to watch but the revenge part is at least as brutal if not more but you can manage to watch it because you want them to suffer as much as possible. I thought the movie was really well done. The actors are all good and the storyline is good as well. Not a movie for everybody that's for sure, but never forget it's just a movie...
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Great horror sadistic movie!
kostasraptis8 September 2013
It was one of the best horror sadistic movies i have ever seen...it reminded me a lot ,hostel etc.....i was very happy that an innocent angel looking girl took this kind of revenge...not boring at all....i would definitely see this again!The plot is already described by the above reviews.A who wants to be a model but currently works as a waitress goes in a casting from perverted and sick Bulgarian scams.She is beer raped a lot of times and then she is kidnapped and find herself in Bulgaria Then all the revenge starts!this is a very intense movie,with a lot of violent scenes and could be shocking for some viewers who are not into this type of movies.
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Stretches plausibility so thin, it ruins the whole movie
bob_meg2 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I really liked Steve Monroe's remake in 2010 but I had severe misgivings about plunking down five bucks to see this sequel. The 2010 film was a jaw-dropping improvement on the original. The characters seemed three-dimensional, the situations way more tense and uncomfortable, and even some moral greyness toward the end of the film, which only drew me in more emotionally. When a movie is as in-your-face brutal as the ISOYG franchise is known for being, it walks a thin line --- at least for those of us who don't just want gratuitous rape and torture.

Unfortunately, Part 2 fails to bring the most essential spice to this workmanlike stew: an engaging and realistic plot. This is partly a limitation of the ISOYG premise. How many locales can really accommodate this kind of story effectively? I would have been happy with another trip to Hicksville, but no...the sequel takes us to Bulgaria of all places (from New York, no less!) then situates a good part of the move in the underground sewer system. That's...a problem, for many reasons, but chiefly because most of the sets are so damn dark that its difficult to even comprehend what's happening much of the time.

This brings us into a series of almost laughable "I've written myself into a corner" scenarios. Let's see...Katie, our heroine in Part 2, is kidnapped from her apartment by three Slavic types (and that's all they are...TYPES). One kills her next door neighbor. They somehow magically get his body out of the apartment with little detection in the middle of the day. OK, fine...it can happen if you're lucky and a really seasoned killer. Then, Katie awakens in an underground basement/torture chamber in...yes..Bulgaria. How did she get there? Well, trust us...it's possible. Not likely, but possible. Then, she goes to the cops but is waylaid by a blond Butch woman who just happens to be the mother of the guy who killed her boyfriend. OK, maybe she could have been sent there by the guys, probably was, but...what are the odds her attacker would have a cop for a mother...really? That's not even counting the payback part of the picture where Katie suddenly becomes a survivalist (sorry, hailing from Missouri and being able to rig a mouse trap doesn't cut it) so tough that she can live in a sewer, construct elaborate torture devices, set them up down there.... This movie keeps asking you to buy holes in the writing so often that you could create a drinking game out of it.

Then we have Jemma Dallender's performance, which I have to say is actually fairly strong considering the crap she's been given for dialog. Where the original gave some very strong stinging barbs for Butler, Dallender is virtually left to repeat LINE BY LINE everything....and I mean EVERYTHING...her tormentors said to her. Must have saved a lot of time on the screen writing budget but it's a snooze for us. 2010 had very innovate revenge traps that were custom-tailored to the villains. Here it's strictly by the numbers standard torture pot pourri. At the end Dallender is literally only screaming her lines...she substitutes volume for intensity and it doesn't work but really...wouldn't you be a mental wreck trying to carry this four star disaster?

I'd like to completely blame Monroe but this has Zarchi's mediocre stink all over it. Maybe his social security payments have dried up.
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How horror should be
sukihiroko6 September 2013
I am a huge fan of "woman getting revenge on her tormentors" movies. I loved the original I Spit On Your Grave and the remake was a nice surprise. I wasn't sure that a sequel to the remake was going to work since I feared that it was going to just be a rehash of the same old same old. I was mistaken. I actually prefer this film to the remake and even the original film. This is a brutal and relentless film that will make you wish it was over. Not because you want to end the suffering in a bad way but because it's so nerve wracking that you'll want it to end so you can take a few deep breathes and remind yourself that....

it's only a movie!
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I did get a decent amount of gratification from Katie's brutal revenge.
Hellmant26 September 2013
'I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE 2': Four Stars (Out of Five)

Sequel to the 2010 remake of the 1978 cult classic 'DAY OF THE WOMAN' (which was later retitled 'I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE', to capitalize on it's notoriety). All three films are torture/revenge movies about a young woman who is brutally raped and left for dead (by four men) and then she hunts them down, one by one, and gets her gruesome revenge. This film is less a sequel (as it's only similar to the 2010 film in title and premise) and more just another remake of the original film (it's even credited as being based on 'DAY OF THE WOMAN' in the film's end credits). It was written by Neil Elman and Thomas Fenton (who also co-wrote the torture porn sequel 'SAW IV') and once again directed by Steven R. Monroe (like the 2010 film). This sequel is about as well made and effective (at the genre it's trying to represent) as it's two predecessors. Definitely not an enjoyable film going experience (in any way) but it delivers the gore, disturbing terror and grindhouse style revenge thrills that viewers of these types of movies expect.

The story revolves around an aspiring model named Katie (Jemma Dallender, who gives an amazing performance) working as a waitress in New York. She calls the number for an ad, which promises free professional photos, and meets three brothers (Yavor Baharov, Joe Absolom and Aleksandar Aleksiev) in the studio they shoot out of. After they try to talk her into doing some photos naked she leaves and goes home to her apartment. One of the brothers, Georgy (Baharov), shows up at her apartment; first to offer her free pictures and then later taking photos of her, in her bedroom, while she's sleeping. He proceeds to tie her up and rape her and then calls his brothers for help cleaning up the crime. The three brothers drug Katie and ship her to their home country of Bulgaria where they proceed to rape and torture her. A business associate of theirs, named Valko (Peter Silverleaf), joins them in Bulgaria. Of course you know what happens next.

The original 1978 film is one of the most controversial films of all time and has been criticized both for exploiting rape and man hating (due to the evil characterisations of it's male characters and the excessive torture scenes of them, some involving their genitalia). Roger Ebert notoriously called it a "vile bag or garbage" and gave it (and it's original remake) a zero star rating. The 2010 remake received the same kind of harsh criticism (and there were reports of several men walking out on screenings of that film in theaters) but both films also have received an equal amount of praise, with some calling them 'pro women' feminism and cathartic. I haven't read the reviews on this film yet but I imagine it would get the same kind of reaction. I basically felt the same things about it as I did the first two films; I felt miserable the first half of the movie but did get a decent amount of gratification from Katie's brutal revenge in the second (and the death scenes are once again extremely creative and grotesquely imaginative). Once again I don't think this movie (like the others) is telling anyone how to feel about Katie's actions (whether they're right or wrong) but it does make a compelling and disturbingly entertaining flick. Not a great film but a more than decent example of the 'torture porn' genre (just like it's two predecessors).

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What a waste of time this movie is!
jonlars@online.no28 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I found the remake of "I spit on your grave" an OK revenge movie, with not too much "tortureporn" , but more focus on the revenge part. This movie though is pure and utterly crap!

Someone wrote this is almost as good as "Martyrs" - which for me was a great and original and pure evil movie, this though is just crap from first second to the last.

Awful acting, awful dialog, with a plot that has gets a 0 in originality, if you watched 5 horror movies in your life you know every next scene and what will happen.

The movie has so many plot holes and linear mistakes that it's amazing this movie was made at all, which its box office (an impressive $441) numbers is a good sign of how bad this movie is.

I really hope DVD/blue-ray sales of this movie doesn't make whoever made this movie more than its box office numbers, since 800+ dollars for this movie is at least 700 too much.

Avoid and beware, this movie suck!
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It is what it is. Torture and be tortured.
Precious_Blaze6 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I've never seen the original I spit on your grave but I did watch the remake a few years ago. It was crazy good. So randomly I see this one online and decided to take a look. Wow. I mean I knew what was in store for me, but I still felt so bad for her and wanted to join in on the killing. It starts out just as a simple thing that leads to a long drawn out heartache for this poor girl. Infatuation from a crazy man and his siblings help to cover it up. Then fast forward to her being taken over seas and everything that happens from then on was twisted/sad. I am happy she finally got to walk away, but we all know she is far from ever being okay.
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Much better than the 2010 remade one
manjk318 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This was a darker film than the 2010 remake I saw. Someways similar to hostel.

Spoilers Below! Spoilers Below!

Spoilers Below! Spoilers Below!

Spoilers Below! Spoilers Below!

Spoilers Below! Spoilers Below!

These films I find the concept kinda pointless since I don't think there is any kind of victory exacting revenge on the rapists, simply because rape is one of those crimes beyond, and just because you kill the assailants while the physical side may or may not recover the lasting physiological damage done doesn't simply go away for most victims. And this film attempted to explore it more much than the first 2.

However unlike the 1st remake this film really captures it. The actress who plays Katie nails it and the film constantly references to her pain through the cop and priest, which neither the original or remake did.

It was also interesting adding a female villain too with an intriguing back story.

Even after her vengeance is successful Katie never seems happier only satisfied she has changed while she is stronger and she is colder and mistrusting after being constantly let down, the best part from the film is when the cop wants to help her and she refuses walking away, some will see this as empowerment I see it as her crossing a line into severe psychological damage.

A greater film would see more exploration on the aftermath rather than just the rape and revenge part or avoiding showing the rape part and implying it more.

Was gonna give it a 4 because the first part was too much but 6/10 because the film was much better than the first 2 and makes for an effective grindhouse.

Ultimately for these type of films I would prefer to see less screen time (or none) of the rapes and revenge and more focus on the psychological and social issues.
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Was not Impressed
Auswrestler9 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I was so exited for tonight ! I was finally going to see the sequel to the remake of the original "I spit on your grave", Unfortunately i was quickly disappointed.

The remake was something brilliant, it had a solid script (even though at the back of my mind i knew it was a remake it quickly became a genre of its own). On the other hand part two was a complete upset for me. From a disappointing choice of cast to an extremely disappointing choice of setting, this film just wasn't meant to be. The torture scenes, the story-line and even the rape scene dragged on and on. What was suppose to be the best part of the film turned out to be the worst.

I think it is a film you should go and see, but you a crazy if you watch it more than once.


Kind Regards Haris Fazlic
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My Favourite of This Genre
matt-e-latham10 September 2013
I came into this one with pretty low expectations, but was pleasantly surprised by it being good.

The plot emulses into two acts, which is right for a rape horror like this; in the first act, the female protagonist is the vulnerable virgin character. She gets plundered quite graphically by a team of nefarious (and in this case "foreign") ne're-do-wells.

Then, in act 2, she turns the tables around and visits retribution upon them - in ways causing men to squirm. It's a tale as old as... the original "I Spit on Your Grave", but it's still strong horror.

I felt like the initial remake of I Spit on Your Grave didn't feel right, placed in modern southern US, it was out of touch - but for this one Bulgaria was a good choice. Jemma Dallender did well being hot and vengeful, and the rest did well being rapists and then dying painfully. What more were you looking for?

All in all, rightfully difficult to watch act 1, but act 2 was a satisfying catharsis. Good job.
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