Guernica (2016) Poster


Bárbara Goenaga: Carmen


  • Henry : I need a line to New York.

    Carmen : Whatever they need.

    Henry : [on the phone calling New York Herald Tribune]  Listen, George. Here's your damn war story. Twenty-six April, 1937. Gernika. Don't give a damn if you use my name or you have someone else sign it. But it's the story I want printed. Ready? A very small town in the north of Spain is about to become very famous, but for all the wrong reasons.

  • Teresa : [knock on the door]  Come in.

    Carmen : Teresa? These are the new journalists. Marco Navas. He works for a Portuguese newspaper. And these two are the oneswith the car that broke down.

    Marta : No, it didn't break down. It was bombed.

    Carmen : Marta Vonier, photographer from Le Figaro. And Henry Howell, from the New York Herald Tribune. American.

    Teresa : I studied your writing at college. I... I think I've read it all. Short. Sharp. Very inspiring. Your style has evolved over time, hasn't it?

    Henry : Well, I'm still a growing boy.

    Teresa : I just read this article of yours about Bergara. You write of a battle at a castle where our soldiers were firing from the battlements. I think it was a pretty good piece. It's quite interesting because there are no castles in Bergara. Why? Why did you write it? Is it even about the truth anymore?

    Henry : Well, maybe I got the name of the town wrong. There's so many.

    Teresa : Don't play with us. For you, it's a story. But for us, it's life and death.

    Vasyl : Obey the rules, Mr. Howell. They're simple enough even for you.

    Henry : I'm sorry. You are?

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