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The ending of Jersey Shore!
hasan_renkal_6223 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I'm not a fan of Jersey Shore and don't like every episode. But this is the only episode thats not bad. This is the final episode of the show and the probably the last time we see these gang together. Everyone celebrate as they make a bonfire on the beach with family and friends. Later, the roommates celebrates Mike & Pauly's birthday with cakes to both of them. The Situation's ex which gave him a cake. The only one who ate that cake was Mike, Pauly and Deena. Later, Sam tells that the cake Paula gave to Mike had someone with it boll-sack on the cake. Mike calls Paula and see if this is true, but Paula doesn't answer and Mike gets mad and smash the duck phone. Later, the next day is the final day and everyone starts to pack and saying goodbye. Everyone stands on the streets giving a group hug and saying goodbye with some of the cry. Later when they leave, Danny comes and put a sign on the house saying it's for rent with then a picture comes up in memoriam of the Duck Phone 2009- 2012.

The episode is the only good episode of the series because the other ones were crap but this was the only good episode and a episode to watch if you wanna know what they do on their last day at the Shore House. It was a entertaining episode and the one who bringed this episode an end.

6/10 for some boring moments.
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