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Mermaids throughout the centuries?
Horst_In_Translation4 February 2016
Warning: Spoilers
"The Underwater Realm" is a British short film from 4 years ago written and directed by David M. Reynolds and, according to IMDb, his second effort in both positions. Actually, it is five short films and not just one as we get to watch sea-themed stories playing during very different eras in terms of human history. The oldest takes us even back to before Christ was born. These were also not all released at once but one by one and chronologically backwards. I personally cannot say I enjoyed the watch too much. The costumes and sets were pretty decent and these films certainly deliver from the visual perspective, but in terms of the story, it was fairly disappointing. This could have been a lot better looking at how they portrayed each if the different moments in time. As a whole, I do not recommend the watch. I hope Reynolds can step things up if he makes more films in the future.
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