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Yvonne Zima: Jessie Sturgis


  • Olivia Benson : So, Jessie, aside from Tommy, you were also in a relationship with Michael Provo?

    Jessie Sturgis : He's sort of there when Tommy isn't.

    Nick Amaro : And the black gunman in the town car, he's not real, is he?

    Jessie Sturgis : No, I'm sorry. I made him up. I didn't want Tommy to know.

    Nick Amaro : To know what? That you called Michael three times? That you got in a car with him? Jessie, you weren't raped, were you?

    Jessie Sturgis : I didn't make that part up. I was raped by Michael Provo. I begged him to stop.

  • Jessie Sturgis : You're the one who talked me into pressing charges. Why haven't you arrested him yet?

    Olivia Benson : We just want to make sure that there aren't any surprises.

    Jessie Sturgis : Am I on trial or is he?

  • Jessie Sturgis : [to Olivia and Amaro]  So you can prove it? That Michael killed Tommy and set this whole thing up?

    Nick Amaro : Our D.A.'s adding conspiracy and murder to Provo's rape charge.

    Jessie Sturgis : Oh, thank God. Can I go home tonight? My boy's in foster care.

    Olivia Benson : See, Jessie, that's the bad news, is that the Suffolk County D.A. won't drop the charges.

    Jessie Sturgis : Why? That's impossible. Michael did it.

    Nick Amaro : We believe you were framed. They think you did it. It's two separate counties, two separate trials.

    Jessie Sturgis : This is insane. He raped me, killed Tommy, put me in here. You're telling me you can't get me out? What if they convict me?

    Olivia Benson : We're building your case, we're working with your defense team. The D.A. will not give up. I just... we just need you to hang in there a little longer, okay?

    Jessie Sturgis : Just hang in there? Get out. Leave.


    Jessie Sturgis : Get out!

    [Olivia and Amaro leave] 

  • Jessie Sturgis : It's over now? They can't hurt us anymore?

    Nick Amaro : Provo's going away for a very long time.

    Jessie Sturgis : What about the rest of the case? What Michael did to me?

    Nick Amaro : [to Jessie's son, Matthew]  Hey, Matty, why don't you show me that missing tooth, huh?

    [walks off to the side with Matthew] 

    Olivia Benson : Jessie, we had to withdraw charges.

    Jessie Sturgis : What? But he raped me. He beat me. He left me bleeding in the street.

    Olivia Benson : Barba had to make a deal to get you out right away. That was... that was the priority.

    Jessie Sturgis : And the rape never happened?

    Olivia Benson : Legally, no. Jessie, take Matthew home. You won.

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