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Hands down the WORST editing in the history of filmmaking
edhuang-toronto29 January 2017
You are probably not going to see this film for riveting story-lines and in depth character studies. The RE series has about action and fun sequences. Leaving aside all the ridiculous plot points and lazy screen writing, the editing of this movie is going to become legendary for it's awfulness.

I've never seen a full budgeted movie get hacked up so poorly that the expensive action scenes are pretty much butchered to the max. This movie needs to be studied in film school for how NOT to edit a movie. Every single action is shot with countless shakes, moves, and camera switches. A simple action of, say, putting away your knife, takes 3- 4 camera edits. I was counting them by 15 minutes in per shot. It was insane. A fight sequence will be nothing but a countless series of quick edits form close up, medium and far away shots mashed together so it's impossible to follow what's going on. Shaky cam is one thing, but this is shaky cam plus strobe effect editing. Every single punch or shot requires 4-6 edits and quick cuts. It will give you a headache to figure out what's happening in any fight or sequence. Even mundane actions like people standing on top of a building looking down takes 5-6 edits and quick cuts?

Bring the puke bag.

I guess they tried to film some neat locations and the costumes are pretty and sets, but you wont even notice with the multiple edits jarring your eyes.
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Who gave this guy money?
omegaangel6 March 2017
If a hamster with ADHD was fed nothing but cocaine and Red Bull for a month and let loose in an editing room it would do a better job than Paul W.S. Anderson. Someone should really introduce him to the concept of shots not measured in milliseconds. I thought this seizure inducing train wreck was banned. Oh, sorry, that was a Pokemon episode. Not sure how I got confused, the Pokemon episode made more sense. But in all seriousness, over the course of the entire Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street and Halloween series the three slashers made fewer cuts than Paul did in the first five minutes.
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emazanoni26 January 2017
Aside the nonsense plot, the total lack of logic and the poor script that I could expect from a full action-based movie, there is this filming style where the camera flies, rebound, shakes, zoom in and out (so close that I can see the skin cells of alice and suddenly from 50 feets in the air) that makes the action scenes impossible to follow, and the actions scenes are like the 99% of the movie so the movie is unwatchable. The special effects seems good but it's hard to appreciate them because it's a dark movie and again, the constant movement of the cameras. The acting is not bad.

If a movie director is reading this please consider stop making that thing with the cameras, the action can be exciting even with a fixed plane, if you don't believe me play the first 3 resident evil games ;)
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The amount of shaky cam is unbearable.
drgutman2 March 2017
It gave me motion sickness 20 minutes into the movie. Every action sequence has 3-4-5 cuts every other second The camera is shaking even when all the characters are static. While the quality diminished with every new episode, I still hate to see such a disastrous ending to one of my favorite franchises. This is sad.
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This is not Resident Evil
malVV_15 March 2017
This is just some Paul Anderson cash grab, crap fest abomination that carries Resident Evil title, features some zombies, loud music, gun shots, explosions and one of the worst directing and editing I've ever seen. Every scene in this movie, right from the start, is shot with shaky camera and fast cuts.I don't know who thought that this approach would make The Final chapter a better movie, because it made it the worst, and hopefully the last under the supervision of Paul Anderson. There was only one scene, one moment, where the glory of the real Resident Evil showed some signs of life, but that scene was butchered with amazingly awful editing that made my eyes hurt. What the hell happened to you Paul? It seems the glory of Event Horizon will remain the peak of his career. Now lets just hope they let Resident Evil rest for some time before they reboot it with proper people behind the camera, people who understand what RE is all about.
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You shoulda stuck to slo-mo, Paul.
BA_Harrison2 March 2017
Alice (Milla Jovovich) emerges from the ruins of Washington DC and is contacted by the Red Queen (Ever Anderson), who tells her of an antidote to the T-Virus that is located under Raccoon City. Alice has only 48 hours to find and release the antidote before the rest of humanity is wiped out by the Umbrella Corporation, whose plan is to repopulate the earth with the rich and the powerful, who are stored in cryogenic suspension in The Hive.

I've always been a staunch supporter of the Resident Evil films, finding them to be fun slices of slick action-packed horror, but that support ends with The Final Chapter. Once again directed by Paul W.S. Anderson, this supposed last instalment is an absolute mess, any potential for enjoyment hindered by an extremely slight plot, even by RE standards, and some of the worst direction and editing I have ever experienced.

As far as content goes, the film is business as usual, with big monsters, hordes of zombies, evil corporate types running the show, and Milla being bad-ass, but with the camera shaking all over the place and the majority of shots lasting for a fraction of a second, the action is virtually impossible to follow, making the film more likely to result in a headache than a thrill rush. And as if the wobbly cam/ADHD approach wasn't bad enough, much of film takes place in poorly lit locations, making it even harder to keep track of what is happening.

Despite being called The Final Chapter, the end of the film inevitably leaves things open for further adventures for Alice. If Anderson does intend to make more Resident Evil films, let us hope that he doesn't continue in the same style.
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total nonsense
dubrovicdenis24 February 2017
it is terrible no logic,story makes no f*****g sense and the best of all the flippin epilepsy attack in every action scene i almost got a heart attack for god's sake you can't see s**t because it goes by so fast that i had to put it to slow motion sometimes to actually find out what the hell is going on
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The movie sucked. Worst 8 bucks i ever spent.
asmellysmew28 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I saw it in the theater the night it came out and it sucked really really hard, and this has to be the one film I've ever regretted paying money to see.

The fight scenes are filled with nothing but jump cuts, so you can't tell what's going on until said fight is over. The story makes no sense from what they were going with from the fifth movie (In the last movie, RE: Retribution, the red queen's trying to kill Alice along with the rest of humanity. In this one, it turns out she's trying to SAVE humanity, which directly conflicts with retribution's story.) Seriously, Watch the other five movies first, preferably in one sitting, and then watch this one. You'll see exactly what I mean when I say it sucked.

The new people didn't even matter. They had time to bring in like a few random new people, who die one by one as soon as they get into the hive. They had Chris Redfield, Leon, Ada, Claire, and Becky, they could have had these people survive (Oh yeah, it turns out they're all dead, except for Claire, apparently and to make matters worse, they don't even mention them except for a passing mention of Chris by Claire and Alice then it's not talked about ever again.) and help Alice in her mission, but instead we settle for a bunch of nobodies who got introduced in the middle of the movie and then died like 30 minutes later. These people didn't matter. Not even the one who turns out to be an umbrella informant. And this is AFTER they built up that the people from the last movie were going to play a significant role in the final chapter.

They set up all this cool stuff in the 5th movie, that we could have seen at the beginning of TFC and instead they chose to hand wave it.

Wesker barely did anything then he gets killed off in terrible way, which they stress that the red queen can't kill umbrella employees, despite the fact that she did in the first movie.

Also they pretty much retconned the first two movies. Originally the red queen was modeled after Angela Ashford, and in this abomination, it turns out the red queen was modeled after James Marcus' (From the games) daughter, who turns out to be Alice's DNA template (shocker, Alice was a clone the whole time!). Which brings me to my next point. Also, they made it a huge plot point that the red queen can't kill umbrella employees, and yet in the first movie she slaughtered everyone in the hive except Matt and Alice.

The "Everyone is a damn clone" nonsense. They went hard with this after extinction. Turns out the Dr. Isaacs we watched die in extinction, was just a clone and it seems that he's leading three tank things that are drawing zombies behind them, seems simple, right? Nope, turns out that guy is a clone too. The real Dr Isaac was underneath raccoon city the whole time.

OH AND THE ENDING! God the ending sucked too! They made a big deal about how Alice would die if she released the antivirus, which is apparently airborne now, into the air and that this was the final chapter, but what happens? She tosses it to the ground and goes unconscious for a bit but survives. They wussed out on a perfect end to Alice's tale and cemented her as a true Mary sue character.

Just...If you're reading this Paul Anderson, You should have worked way harder on this movie, because this movie is garbage. And I say that as a fan of the other 5 movies. There was no reason for this to be this terrible, I mean they even stopped showing it a week after it released in my town, that's how bad it was.
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One of the most pointless cash-in franchise movies ever
airfaith15 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Firstly a few points

1. A masterclass in how NOT to edit an action movie together, shaky cam mixed with overly fast sequencing is enough to give you a headache or at the very least go "wait whats happening right now?" it was just so unnecessary and only went to further show the lack of directing ability when it comes to actions scenes, if you cannot get a few second shot during a fight and instead have to splice 100 half second shots together just to get 50 seconds worth of a fight scene, then why even bother?

2. The whole plot with wesker "wesker you are fired" so now the red queen can take you out.... is so ripped off from robocop and has been done to death, lazy writing.

3. And at the end... alice is told that they had to know she was willing to give up her life for others, but honestly what a load of nonsense, alice still could have released the antivirus to save others whether she thought she would die or not, pointless plothole for the sake of adding extra tension with the "oh but if alice does it, she will die" then at the end "nope, you wont" its like the old "and they woke up and lived happily ever after" ending so trivial.

Honestly, I didn't mind the first movie, but since then it has just dragged on and on limping along with more wounds with each new movie, this new one was purely to make a bit of cash off of those die hard fans that love trash movie franchises, those that don't care about 1000 plot holes and just want to see something explode unrealistically and see the same actress do all the same stuff over and over again that has already been seen and done in the previous films, I would put this franchise now on par with Underworld, just pointless drivel scripted out in about an hour without any care whatsoever, childlike almost, what is worse is that this film adds nothing to the overall series, its just there for the sake of dragging it out further, would love for it to finally just die off and maybe reboot it, different, with better writers and directors but most of all acting, the lead actress almost acts now like she couldn't care less about being there despite it being the only real franchise that keeps her in work. I can enjoy bad films, good films, great films, but I just cannot enjoy movies that feel like they where slapped together in a made for TV movie style for the sake of making some cash.
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A big let down for me.
jamgood-842-4480841 March 2017
As a big fan of the Resident Evil films, I was looking forward to seeing this even though the series has slowly been going down hill for the last few movies.

Some good action here and there but I felt like the film never really gets going. It all seemed a bit "forced", for want of a better word. A disappointing end to the saga for me personally.

I really hope they don't make any more of them in the future.
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The worse of the franchise!
dimebagchan22 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Totally waste your time and money.

Paul W S Anderson think he is smart enough, using lot of stupid, pointless & unnecessary action scenes to cover up the one page poor script; Does it make the movie look exciting? Sorry! man! It doesn't make the movie look exciting at all; in the matter of fact, It only makes the movie bored to dead.

By just one small bottle of anti-virus, immediately kill off millions of zombie in just one second? Are you kidding me? Come on, man! It is totally stupid story arrangement! yap.. not to mention another stupid arrangement such as meet up the old friend, and Oh! We have a betrayer! It's so Boring!!!!

Alice come back to life again at the end, make her sacrifice totally a joke. Paul W S Anderson keep the character alive, which means....? More episode on the future..? Oh! God!
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Watch to induce epileptic seizures...without prior history
nietzsche_is_dead4 February 2017
Seeing the previous films, I wasn't going in with any expectations at all. Just wanted to have some mind numbing fun. But this movie doesn't even let you do that. Because of the constant shaking, nerve damaging ways of switching cameras and nausea inducing editing, you can hardly keep up (with whatever that this movie has to keep up with.)

There is no sense in the movie, even for a Sci-Fi one where you shut off critical parts of the brain. The acting was bad, the characters were ridiculous and plot holes so big that the entire Raccoon city could fit in it with the underground hive.

Have you or anyone in your family doubts that you might be prone to epileptic seizures?

Take them to this movie. If this doesn't trigger it, you can safely walk the earth knowing nothing else will.
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"Doobie-us" Editing Pushes Incomprehensibility to New Heights
roblesar993 July 2017
"My name is Alice, and this is my story. The end of my story."

Except it likely isn't. Because writer-director Paul W.S. Anderson doesn't know how to tell how a story. Because Anderson refuses to give Milla Jovovich's Alice the ending she deserves. And because this film made way too much money at the box office for the corporate heads at Screen Gems to call it a day. Going back to the ending, however, the film's final five minutes completely betray everything that comes before, Anderson seeking the easy way out and preventing the film from even providing a modicum of closure. I haven't seen the rest of the installments in this series, and I likely never will, but the ending of this latest entry frustrates, leaving the door wide open for a continuation despite the affirmation of the film's subtitle that this is indeed, the final chapter. Anderson finds himself unable to provide an ending with something substantial and weighty, choosing instead to succumb to triviality.

Perhaps my experience of watching Resident Evil: The Final Chapter can best be described as nauseating. Editor Doobie White should be permanently banned from ever entering a Hollywood editing room for the remainder of his career. There are trace elements of impactful action, most notably in a scene early on that features Alice fighting Umbrella Corporation soldiers while hanging upside down, but White's editing completely obfuscates Anderson's footage, wringing the material free of any excitement. Indeed, the action suffers throughout, especially in the second half. Combined with dimly-lit rooms, White's editing allows for the action to attain a level of incomprehensibility so rarely seen in major Hollywood productions that I hope it remains that way. We don't need to see the action of punching someone in the face from four different angles in the span of a second, and yet White indulges in creating a film free of visual panache, refusing to allow the audience the mere pleasure of being able to watch what's on screen.

The film plays as a poor imitation of Mad Max: Fury Road, with White attempting to emulate Margaret Sixel's kinetic editing style. But whereas Sixel retained precise control and restraint over her work, complimenting George Miller's visual storytelling in such a masterful way that she was awarded an Oscar, White instead edits in such a way that the film ends up feeling the product of late-night Red Bull cram sessions, White desperately trying to piece together disparate video fragments in an attempt to meet a deadline that has already passed.

Additionally, Anderson himself happens to be part of the problem. While he may be passionate about Resident Evil and these characters, none of that shines through in his writing. Instead, we are merely moved from action sequence to action sequence, with nothing but clumsy dialogue and wooden acting to serve as the intermediary between said sequences. Anderson finds himself unable to determine what exactly he wants to emphasize, whether it be action or horror, and so the film falls flat on both fronts. The jump scares of the first act feel cheap and ineffective, while some of the action in the second and third acts relies entirely too much on CGI. Peppered throughout the film itself are baffling inconsistencies that break whatever suspension of disbelief is already necessary to sit through one of these films. Characters appear and disappear seemingly out of their own volition to the degree that when the first of the survivors bit the dust, I had no idea who she was.

The characters that Anderson writes to populate his world are so thinly-written that the performers portraying them could be swapped around to little noticeable change. Indeed, when each of these characters eventually meets their end, there is no sense of gravity, no sense of impact. These characters merely serve as plot devices that demonstrate the myriad of ways that someone can be killed, as conjured by Anderson. Even Jovovich falls flat, unconvincing in the role of the heroine. It's a shame too, because the world these characters inhabit is ripe for potential, for the post-apocalyptic landscape of America can be and has been used to explore a variety of rich themes to comment on society. And while some might point that the portrayal of the Umbrella Corporation can be seen as Anderson exhibiting an anti- capitalist stance, he adds nothing to the argument, seemingly content to regurgitate an idea that has grown stale over the course of six films.

Now, I'm not saying that action films such as Resident Evil: The Final Chapter cannot and should not be enjoyed. If you enjoy Anderson's latest, more power to you. But an underrated piece of art misunderstood by audiences and critics worldwide this isn't. Any promise that the film might have is snuffed out because of Anderson's listless writing and directing, White's headache-inducing editing, and the plethora of other flaws present. Indeed, The Final Chapter should make good on its promise and truly be the final one.

Rating: 2/10 (Painful)
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I thought that this couldn't possibly be worse than Retribution. I was wrong.
SynfulBlood10 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Literally everything is wrong with this movie. No, I'm not gonna complain about how it's nothing like the games because honestly, they threw that out the window at Apocalypse, which was ironically the only one that had anything from the games at all. Huh. Speaking of which, they threw a hell of a lot more out the window with this one, including plot points from the other movies.

Remember Dr. Ashford and his daughter Angie from Apocalypse? If you don't, I don't blame you, but in any case, they are now irrelevant, because they pretty much never existed according to this movie. Now we have another character from the game (rather, just some jackass that shares a name with him), James Marcus, and his daughter, Alicia (not from the games), who replace them here. Now, according to this one, Marcus created the T-Virus to cure a disease his daughter was suffering from. Interesting; in Apocalypse, it was just paralysis, but whatever. Anyways, the side effect was that it kills people and turns them into zombies. Don't question it. I doubt even the writer knows what the hell he was thinking.

So, with that needless plot revision out of the way, the movie starts out *after* the White House battle that was teased at the end of Retribution. Yeah, what could have made for a somewhat entertaining scene was completely skipped over. But whatever. At this point, the movie's loss is our gain. Alice was betrayed by Wesker; her powers were in fact not given back to her, which I actually kind of like about this movie, because that was one of the worst aspects of her character anyway. Kudos, writer. Anyways, she is contacted by the Red Queen, who is no longer the genocidal AI she was in Retribution and is once again played by a different actress. At least this time, she actually does look like the programmer's daughter, as they said in the first movie.

You know, the complete lack of regard for the series' continuity is already enough to trash this movie, and the previous two, for that matter. Because even the fans (apparently, there actually *are* fans of this crap) don't have any real reason to keep watching it. The Red Queen has gone from killing people infected by the T-Virus to prevent an outbreak, to trying to kill all of humanity, and now she wants to save them. Can we make up our minds, please?

The Red Queen tells Alice that Umbrella has developed an antivirus that can wipe out everything infected by the T-Virus across the world. Not that that really matters; the whole world has been destroyed and there are apparently only a little over four thousand people left on the planet. Humanity's screwed, guys, give it up already. In any case, Alice should already have known this, because the antivirus was a vital plot point in the first THREE movies, god damn it. The people who make these aren't even trying anymore, are they? Anyways, the Red Queen tells Alice to head back to The Hive facility in Raccoon City, where everything began, to get the antivirus and bring it back to the surface so it can be released.

So that's the main plot of this movie, and in case you haven't already guessed, it's an absolutely terrible one, and that plot twist near the end... god damn. Seriously, a 12 year old fanfiction writer probably could have done a better job. But that isn't even the worst of this movie's problems.

The action scenes are utterly incomprehensible. The camera jumps around so damn much that you can't even see what the characters are fighting most of the time, or even the characters themselves, really. Although, you'd have a lot of trouble seeing that anyway because the lighting is also terrible, and if you went to see this in 3D, the screen looks even darker on top of that because of the glasses. By the way, if you do go see this trainwreck, do so in 2D if you can. The 3D is utterly pointless, and so is this movie's existence.
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Worst edited film in history hands down!
hurricane_floyd3 March 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Aside from the usual problems with this type of movie and this particular franchise. This movie looks like it was edited by a high school film class on crystal meth. The action scenes are a dizzying mashup of half second cuts each from a different angle. There are dialog scenes where there is a camera a cut on every. single. word. They even left it open for yet another sequel. I wish I could give it negative stars.
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If you like good movies, do yourself a favor and watch a different movie
mhess871 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I have never written a review of a movie before I saw Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. After watching this piece of zombie dung, I jumped onto IMDb to see who is responsible for this catastrophe of a movie. First thing I notice is the movie has a 6.3 rating. Really people? 6.3 to me is ABOVE AVERAGE and if you think this movie is a 6.3, you are either: high, wasted, age 12, or have an IQ of a zombie with brain damage. This movie is the literal definition of the word, "garbage." I felt compelled to tell the world how terrible this movie is... and calling it terrible is actually being lenient.

I could pick out a million different things as regards to why this movie is awful. Stupid plot, terrible acting, all the characters with zero character. I will spare you your time and talk about two.

First: EDITING. I would LOVE to listen in the editing room talk during the making of this movie. Good lord it would be hilarious. The average time taken between camera cuts has got to be a movie record. During several scenes the camera had to have changed 5 times in the span of like 2 seconds. I felt like I was being interrogated by the CIA watching this poop. Halfway through the movie I felt like I would spill any government secrets if I had any just to make it stop. And when Alice gets to the last room in the hive, the movie finally gives you a moment of relief for two minutes… but at that point you're already dead.

Second: JUMP SCARES. There is probably an average of 2-3 jump scares per setting. It gets hilarious as the movie goes on. Every time the movie gets quiet, get ready to have your ears blown out by the loudest noises they could legally include in the movie. If I took a shot for every jump scare in this movie, I'd be dead in 10 minutes.

Best part about this movie: it's over and I'm still alive. Enjoy life kids, you never know when you may stumble upon a movie such as this.
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I think the people involved with these movies were as eager to get this over with as the rest of us
ofbodin-966-48552015 April 2017
The plot made absolutely no sense, the dialogue was awkward, the action scenes (99% of the movie) were random and horribly shot.

At some point you have to wonder how many guardian angels are watching over the main character, because some INSANE stuff have to fall into place in order for her to survive a quadrillion near-death situations in a row like this... Resident Evil used to be an amazing horror survival game which is now an action-game with horror elements. The movies were really cool horror/action movies that have now turned into this bizarre collection of elements that never quite fit together in a perverted twist of what is the failed plot of this movie. This made NO SENSE WHATSOEVER and was so messy and weird.

Also: Did they intentionally make Albert Wesker the only character to LITERALLY resemble himself from the video games down to every pixel of the graphics from the original Resident Evil? Is that supposed to make us feel nostalgic? It's just REALLY WEIRD AND CRINGY! His face looks like plastic!

Horrible movie, and I'm glad to have finally suffered through all of these and hopefully someone with talent will pick up the torch when they are ready to make the reboots.
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Unbelievable garbage... Just unbelievable...
Moonpie8215 April 2017
It's funny that Paul Anderson has been keeping this series up for over a decade and he still doesn't know anything about making even a decent movies. He hasn't learned anything and he doesn't have any vision or skills. The Final Chapter is full of clichés, shitty special effects, shaking cameras, stupid camera angles that change every second and brainless script without any logic. It's simply unwatchable. One of the worst movies i've ever seen, and i've been watching movies for decades...

Paul Anderson, stop. Just stop, OK? You clearly have no idea how to make good action movies. Go clean streets or something.
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ramsus782 March 2017
Clearly, the worst of the franchise, and every positive review here must be a paid review. In the past these movies have been watchable due to the special effects. This isn't. The whole thing just sucks, every way imaginable. Do yourself a favor and Watch something else. Watch anything else.
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My review.
Sanguine13726 January 2017
Right from the beginning the plot is explained to a certain degree and for once somewhat of an idea of whats happening is up for display.

Wish they showed the battle in DC but didn't bother me much and obviously Alice on the road to Raccoon city brings up many crazy cool action scenes. Here the 'choppy' editing will start off, takes a while to grasp but soon comes together.

The acting was on point and had no bland actors from Retribution, the "young and popular" actors and actresses did feel gimmicky at times but Ruby Rose and the doc guy do become quick favorites.

The action never ends, never a dull moment, and it all feels very fast-paced and the action editing works in that favor. Time is passing and soon once in the hive, we get a couple cool scenes and a traitor arc is opened and surprisingly fooled me.

The explanation of the umbrella corporation felt as if Paul just came up with but was good... The whole biblical theme was pretty well done, especially a line towards the end.

Finally, Alice. Oh boy a plot twist awaits. I've spent many times over the years debating whether the Alice we've seen in afterlife and retribution were clones. All our answers are given here and to be honest, it was unexpected. I had anticipated a gag of a twist but it turned out alright. It was satisfying and the emotion brought in added a more humane feeling in the atmosphere (wish this was touched upon more often throughout the franchise.)

Final Verdict: 8/10 : Taking a step away from my fan feelings, this movie is certainly not for everyone. Although it touched me and was entertaining, had witty dialogue and some pretty cool character arcs considering the EXTREMELY short time available.

Pros: Satisfying twist, explanation and ending. Focus was on Alice. Action was out of this world! Finally a cohesive story. (somewhat)

Cons: Gimmicky actors should have NOT replaced the original cast. (Jill, Michelle, etc) Felt as if a lot of character development was missing.
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Resident Evil : The Last Run
b-kalyanpuli3 February 2017
Finally it's here after the wait of 5 years. Retribution was the first movie i saw in 3d and it is the best one i saw till now. Had lot of 3d moments. Coming to Resident Evil - the final chapter. It is a total fast paced movie from starting to end,with total action sequences. Some People hate it, but this series has been an total entertainer.Missed the sick bgm's which they have in the 4 and 5 movies. Milla Jovovich as usual is brilliant at her job ie. "Running and Killing" and of course acting.Loved Alice since first one. Paul shot carefully this time and avoided all the fan moments and concentrated on ending the story successfully.It has a good twist at the end. Editing has been an minus, every action sequence had multiple fast cuts. It wasn't needed everywhere which actually confuses audience. It is better for people who has seen previous parts. For others it's a action filled ride. Finally, one of my favourite series end has came.Will miss it...
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Action Packed, a bit blurry on big screen
jeremiahlhorton29 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Let us face it Resident Evil Movie franchise is not the best, but it is the longest running movie franchise based off of a video game. It has its ups and downs that provide elements to fans of the games and fans of action/horror genre. I no doubt enjoyed this movie from start to finish. The plot wasn't full of twists and turns and it wasn't Full of sub plots that made you go like WTF IS GOING ON?

There is one big twist in the movie but it was kind of already predictable if you listen with both your EYES AND EARS! Action sequences were amazing but blurry as if the camera man was running around maniacally with the camera to capture the best parts while fighting the villains... Also there are a few moments where it make you feel like you were playing the game such as: (Spoiler Alert). The scene where Alice faced the Flying Creature from Resident Evil 5... The whole scene references from that game in particular. Also, it does provide better scares since the previous three and gives you nostalgic moments and feelings from the previous film as well. If you've seen The first resident evil, and retribution, the Red Queen says one of my favorite lines that makes me just smile in excitement. To finish, it was great and fantastic. Fight scenes are all amazing, the movie was straight forward, a little rushed at times but quite entertaining, the final showdown is extremely phenomenal and expect Claire Redfield to throw in some action scenes as well(something I've waited for since Code Veronica). For those who've never seen it I truly hope you enjoy the movie... And to better experience the faulty movement of the cameras, PLEASE sit far away from the screen for a better visual experience! Thanks!
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Incredible and Breathtaking Finale
collegedude-3702826 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The end of the long-running Resident Evil film franchise is here. Resident Evil: The Final Chapter brings Alice, the sole survivor of the onslaught in Washington D.C., to the brink of giving up. She has lost so many friends since this war started and the fight seems to be never ending. That is, until she receives a message from the unlikeliest of places. This source informs Alice that there is in fact a cure and she has 48 hours to return to Raccoon City, make it through The Hive's defense systems, retrieve the cure, return to the surface, and release it. With an old enemy close behind and unforeseen danger lying ahead, Alice (Milla Jovovich) must make one final journey to end the apocalypse.

The plot to this film and its twists were far better than all the previous entries. Everything came full circle and once the final piece of the puzzle is revealed, it's simply breathtaking. All those times where there seemed to be plot holes weren't plot holes at all. There is a reason for everything, as you'll see for yourself.

There are a few disappointing moments though which I do feel obliged to share so if you want to avoid spoilers, skip this paragraph. Okay, for those still here, here's what I didn't like about it. First, Ruby Rose died way too quick. Ruby's known for her "tough girl" roles and for her to die so soon after we meet her was a huge let down. Second, Wesker's death was too anti-climactic. He's been around for a few of the films, which led us to believe there would be a huge showdown between him and Alice. That's not the case, however. The final thing that disappointed me was that there was no explanation as to what happened to Leon, Ada, and Chris. It's assumed they were all killed but it would have been nice if they had at least been mentioned.

All-in-all, the film was incredible. It was well worth the five year wait. Everyone gave their all and dove head first into their roles which paid off perfectly. I give the film a total of 3.5 out of 4.
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An epic conclusion to an epic franchise
lavalemons26 January 2017
As a fan of both the Resident Evil games and the movie franchise I look at them both as completely different properties with only the name in similarity.These movies are fun and ridiculous and silly but so beyond enjoyable. They are a genre mix of horror, action, thriller and a whole lot more and that's what so good about them. The Final Chapter ties up all the loose ends and satisfies you with the answers you wanted. It has lots of twists, great action, plenty of jump scares and everything that made the movie franchise it is today. Alice returns as the bad ass she was when we left off with her in Retribution 5 years ago (2012) and Claire returns as Alice's undying friend and sidekick. Its a fun movie for a fun franchise and that's would you expect from it. Its not a cinematic masterpiece but it is a movie you can re watch on a Friday night and get a lot of enjoyment out of.
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An unrelenting thrilling action ride
britneydreamermix27 December 2016
Another Resident Evil film. After the 4-5 year delay I was expecting a lot from the last film in the franchise. Fortunately, this film was exactly what most action film goers are looking for.

The action is this film was somewhat on point. The cinematography was a bit frustrating to deal with especially with so much of the panning but overall it was decent. The CGi however had a few strong and weak points. Some parts of the film (no gonna spoil anything) were quite realistic while some were just plain fake. However, if the budget was similar to the rest of the films in the franchise I'd say it's good enough.

Mila, again has a stiff but improved performance. I guess all the stunts are hard to deal with but apart from that she is meant to have this emotionless and careless feel to her persona which is what she is actually represented as in the film. Nevertheless the stunts by all the actors were pleasing and a nice watch.

The story as usual with the other films in the franchise are very broad and basic. This means that the majority of the population should be able to understand it but it also means that the plot was not a main focus. Of course, the plot is what drives the whole film to life but it wasn't vast and unique enough. Sure it did have some twists but they were somewhat expected. I wouldn't call them twists anymore would you?

Overall, the film was an enjoyable action flick with lots and lots of violence. A recommended watch with your friends to enjoy to crazy joyride full of blood, revenge, heroin ism and zombies. x
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