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The Mindy Project Harry & Mindy
dalydj-918-2551759 February 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Mindy after watching all those old rom coms has the idea to meet her dream guy at the empire state building which confuses security there of her being a possible terrorist. Danny is found in his office without his pants on and in a mess because of this last breakup making him realise himself being selfish. Mindy is walking down the street with Jamie and once Lucy arrives she becomes the third wheel. Mindy comes up with the idea to use Danny as a guy for Lucy to go out with. Morgan is having problems with women and Jeremy must help him asking women out. Danny and Mindy go out on the double date and Danny seems to get along with Lucy but Jamie acts strange not liking the new pair. Jamie brings Mindy to her dream of the empire state building but as she talks to him she is able to make he realise that he loves Lucy. They go on the look for Lucy and while she is kissing Danny once Jamie announces his love for her she leaves Danny happy after fifteen years he finally came to his senses. Mindy seems happy she set these two up but Danny seems quite confused. Mindy and Danny alone on Valentine's go to an Italian restaurant where he met his first love. This was an OK episode but the romantic angle on this show (the main one) is starting to get repetitive.

EPISODE GRADE: C (MVP: Chris Messina)
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