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18 Mar. 2018
Reposicionamento Familiar
HD. 'Family Repositioning.' Season Four Premiere. The Blue Ocean women must inform their own families about how they really make a living.
25 Mar. 2018
Due to changes in her book, Karin sues the publisher. Luna tells the truth about her profession to her mother, hoping she will help her face her father but the reaction will not be good.
1 Apr. 2018
After being humiliated in national news, Karin doubts her convictions and asks Álvaro Sintra for a new invitation to his program for a rematch. Luna has a new fixed client and the relationship takes a dangerous familiar tone.
8 Apr. 2018
Guerra de Imagem
Karin's debate on the program of Álvaro Sintra attracts the attention of a young woman, who uses Karin's example to tell her family that she is a prostitute. Subsequently, the young woman is attacked by her father.
15 Apr. 2018
Medo, Pecado e Desejo
HD. 'Fear, Sin and Lust.' (Season Four) Karen accepts a dinner invitation from Alvaro, who challenges her once again.
22 Apr. 2018
HD. 'Fans.' (Season Four) Karin becomes the victim of a plot which could send her to jail; a visit from Oscar's mother takes him by surprise.
29 Apr. 2018
HD. 'Deal.' (Season Four) Karin is pressured to cut a deal with the DA to get out of jail.
6 May 2018
HD. 'Resistance.' (Season Four) Karin gets to know her cellmate, who makes Karin rethink her options.
13 May 2018
HD. 'Trap.' (Season Four) Mia uses the power of seduction to reveal the set-up that took down Karin.
20 May 2018
HD. 'Hypocrisy.' (Season Four) Karin enlists fellow escorts to expose those trying to shut them down: many of them are clients.
27 May 2018
HD. 'Innocence.' (Season Four) Luna tries to embrace her new life without Oscar. Karin finds herself at odds with Giancarlo.
3 Jun. 2018
HD. 'Destruction.' Series finale. Karin takes up Giancarlo on an offer to play one of his games--with very high stakes.

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