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Columbus Short: Harrison Wright



  • David Rosen : Your theory of the crime is that I, David Rosen, the man whose job you're now occupying, whose chair you're now sitting in, your longtime colleague with extensive legal training and no prior record whatsoever, picked up a woman at a bar and then brought her to my place, where I promptly stabbed her to death. Because that's what I am a stabber. Give me a knife and I'll stab anything. Oh, how I love to stab. Which is why, when I finished stabbing her in my apartment, I carried the body to her place and stabbed it some more. Why settle for a crime of passion when a burglary gone wrong is so easy to stage?

    Mike Sylva : You were the last person she was seen with.

    David Rosen : By a bartender who's routinely drunk for the last two-thirds of his shift. Trust me, I'm a regular. Which in evidentiary terms means you have absolutely nothing. So if you want to keep this job, stay in this nice office, look out at that beautiful view of the mall every day and put yourself on the fast track to Attorney General, don't be an idiot. Leave me alone and forget this ever happened. Because only an idiot pursues cases he stands no chance of winning. I learned that the hard way. If I were you, I'd spare myself that shame. And since I'm under no legal obligation to continue this bizarre and humiliating visit to my old office I'll leave you to it.

    Harrison Wright : Well That was fun. We should, uh, do it again soon...

    [follows his client out the door] 

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