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  • Neal goes under cover as sculpture forger in order to help the FBI arrest an art forger. Also Neal and Mozzie narrow down the location of the evidence box.

  • To locate the evidence box, Neal needs a state of the art scanner, like the FBI, where Amanda Callaway just took charge, acquired. So he volunteers himself and Peter to prove that rare works of a priceless sculptor are brilliant forgeries by his almost as inaccessible assistant, JB Bellmiere. Neal wins his trust and gets the scanner to locate the master's signature note, so he can smuggle it out for Mozzie to search the Empire State building floor where they hope the box is hidden.


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  • Open with Neal and Mozzie outside the Empire State Building, which Mozzie is casing. Peter shows up and makes it very clear they are doing recon on the 50th floor. Peter tells him Elizabeth told him what is going on. Peter tells him the situation has as much to do with Pratt as it doesnt Neal's father.

    The guys arrive at the office to find that Hughes replacement is Amanda Callaway, about whom Neal is instantly concerned. Callaway gives Peter his next assignment, a forgery case.

    Peter and Neal arrive at the gallery and take a look at the sculpture. Neal authenticates the piece they are there to see, but notices another piece in the room he believes to be fake. Neals told the piece, by an artist named Dubois, has already been authenticated and sold, but Neal isnt convinced. It was sold to the gallery by the artists protégé, JB Bellmiere.

    Bellmiere is considered the ultimate authority on Dubois. When the artist died there were four pieces in his catalog which hadnt gone to market, the piece in question being the first to be sold.

    Neals father calls him from his safe house looking for an update on when he might be able to return.

    Callaway tells Peter she wants to move him off the Bellmiere case.

    Peter tells Elizabeth he doesnt want to drop the case. Neal stops by and Peter tells him Bellmiere was originally known as Jeff Blatnik.

    Neal and Peter pay a visit to Bellmiere's studio. Peter witnesses Bellmiere being particularly tough on a student. Bellmiere tells Peter that Dubois gave him the piece. A student named Natasha tells Neal nobodys seen what Bellmiere has been working on. Bellmiere tells Peter he doesnt have any original pieces on the market. Neal sneaks into Belmiers private workspace and takes a look around.

    Outside Neal tells Peter that Bellmiere is working on two more fakes. The only way Bellmiere might try to sell the other two early is if another one were to hit the market. Which leads to Neal working on a forgery of his own.

    Neals father shows up at his apartment unexpectedly. Neal tells him to go back to the safe house, but he isnt interested in remaining patient. He want to wait on what Neal, Mozzie and Peter find. Mozzie calls Neal to say hes got something to show them.

    Peter tells Callaway about the progress in the Belmier case. She tells him the case against Pratt is closed.

    Neal tells Peter about his father being back in town.

    Bellmiere shows up while the authenticators look at Neals Dubois work. One of the authenticators calls it the Dubois, the height of his mastery. Neal introduces himself to Bellmiere, who calls it a fraud. Bellmiere agrees to meet him at his studio the following day in order to make a deal about them both releasing fake Dubois pieces.

    Neal's dad tells him he thinks Ellen may have hid the box in the ceiling. Hes very proud of the forgeries Neals able to make and is surprised when he says hes never created an original piece.

    Neal offers to split the profits 50/50 with Bellmiere, who is careful to call his pieces replicas.

    Peter and Neal tell Callaway they want to use a high-resolution scanner to check the original forgery Bellmiere sold. She approves, but says shes overseeing the case personally.

    Neal wants Peter to use the scanner to search for the box. Since Callaway will be in the van, Peter makes him promise not to even try to do it. Neal of course immediately calls Mozzie to say hes got a way to find the evidence.

    Callaway refuses to let Neal remove the ankle tracker beore the scan.

    Mozzie manages to stain the marble floor on the floor above the one they believe Ellen hid the box.

    Neal pretends to be working on a piece in Bellmiere's office, by planting a recording of marble being worked on. He then goes to see his father, who helps him reset the tracking device on his ankle. At this point the marble cleaner shows up. While Neals father distracts the man Neal plants the scanner in the buffing machine. The man kicks his machine which shuts off the scan when it is only 90 percent complete.

    Callaway checks on his tracking device, saying she thinks Neal is up to something. Her login is denied so she tells Peter to use his password. Peter's is also denied. By this point Neal has returned to the studio, just in time for Peters second login attempt. Neal scans the sculpture in the studio, but the calibration is off, leading Peter to send him an abort text. Instead Neal begins to bait Bellmiere into a confession. Belmier lunges at Neal, which knocks the sculpture onto the ground. The FBI arrives and they find hes signed Blatnik on the piece of paper inside the work. He's placed in cuffs.

    Neal arrives home and tells his father they found something rectangular in the ceiling. Neal tells him he needs to wait on Peter before they go in. He agrees and Neal points out the reason hes never made original art is hes had so many alias because of him.

    Callaway tells Peter she'll give his team what it needs as long as he gives her wins. After he leaves another agent comes and tells Calloway shes checked the scanner and found out it was used in the Empire State Building. Callaway picks up the phone and calls Pratts office, saying I think I may have your answer.

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