Game Night (2018) Poster

(I) (2018)

Rachel McAdams: Annie



  • Annie : [as Annie is playing with a fake gun, she quotes Pulp Fiction]  Any of you fucking pricks move, I'm gonna execute every motherfucking last one of you!

  • [Goon points a gun at Annie] 

    Annie : Wait, wait! You don't have to do this! I have kids at home!

    Bulgarian Goon : Not with that ass you don't.

    Annie : Oh... well... thank you.

    Bulgarian Goon : You're welcome.

  • Annie : A guy who rents a house this big must be making up for something pretty small, I'd say.

    Max : No no, I've seen his dick, it's pretty great.

    Annie : Well, I tried.

  • Annie : Honey, we'll get you to a hospital, okay?

    Max : No, no hospital. This is a gunshot wound, they'll call the cops.

    Annie : Shit! Okay, so we go to a mob doctor, right?

    Max : You know one of those, sweetheart?

    Annie : No.

    Max : No.

    Annie : What about a veterinarian that works for the mob?

    Max : You know one of those?

    Annie : No.

  • Brooks : We can't go to the cops. The Bulgarian's got a ton of moles.

    Annie : On his face?

    Brooks : No, in the police department.

  • Annie : Can you charade it to me?

    Max : Charades? That's some cute full-circle bullshit.

  • [Goon gets sucked into a jet engine] 

    Annie : Yes!


    Annie : Oh no, he died!

  • Annie : You're not Liam Neeson.

    Max : That hurts my feelings.

  • [the group shows up unannounced Gary's house, telling him they want a spontaneous game night] 

    Gary : I will admit I have eagerly awaited a visit such as this.

    [Gary steps away from the door and walks back into his dark house] 

    Annie : Do we follow him?

    Max : It seems like it.

    Sarah : Ryan, you go first.

    Ryan : I'm scared.

  • Brooks : Whoever finds the victim wins the grand prize.

    [dangling keys] 

    Brooks : The keys to the Stingray.

    Max : What?

    Annie : Wow.

    Ryan : [densely]  Just the keys?

    Brooks : No, Ryan, the whole car.

    Ryan : [childishly]  Oh, yes! Oh, man!

  • Annie : [gasp]  Is that a knife in your bullet hole?

  • [Max and Annie are hosting a game night and have kept it from Gary] 

    Gary : I do hope you keep me in mind for any future game nights.

    Max : Oh, you bet.

    Gary : I've always enjoyed the camaraderie of good friends competing in games of chance and skill.

    Annie : Yeah. Yeah, well, we'll do that, but tonight, it's just the two of us.

    Gary : Three bags of Tostito's Scoops, I notice.

    Max : There was a special on these tonight. Three for one.

    Gary : Three for one?

    Max : Yep.

    Gary : How can that be profitable for Frito Lay?

    Max : These corporations, I don't know what they're doing.

    Gary : Well, you two enjoy each other. It's often we don't appreciate what we have until it's gone.

    [Max and Annie wait, until they suddenly realize the conversation is over] 

    Max : I think that's it.

    Annie : Okay. Bye-bye!

  • Annie : I hate game night!

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