The Secret Life of Pets (2016) Poster

Kevin Hart: Snowball



  • Snowball : [kisses Gidget, jumps off bridge]  Remember me!

  • Snowball : I feel heroic! And handsome! I'm a little wet, but I still look good. I look good.

  • Snowball : The revolution has begun! Liberated forever! Domesticated never!

  • Snowball : Who are we? *Who* are *we*? We are the Flushed Pets. Thrown away by our owners and now we are out for revenge! It's like a club, but with biting and scratching.

  • Snowball : Welcome my dogs! Oh, you guys look weird. Hurry up, come on in.

    Buddy : You said it was a costume party!

    Mel : Why do you listen to me?

  • Snowball : Death is coming to Brooklyn. And it's got buck teeth and a cotton tail!

  • Snowball : [seeing Max on Duke on a ferry]  They're going to Brooklyn.

    Tattoo : They say everyone's going to Brooklyn these days. It's making a real comeback.

    Snowball : I'm not talking about hipster real estate trends. I'm talking vengeance, Tattoo!

  • Snowball : [to Max]  Can I call you "Tiny Dog"?

  • Max : Do you see the van?

    Snowball : Yeah, I see it... We're about to hit it

  • Snowball : That raccoon is lying. He's not the president.

  • Snowball : I feel heroic! And handsome! I'm a little wet, but I still look good...

  • Snowball : [after the Viper has been killed]  You squished the Sacred Viper?

    [Begins to weep] 

    Snowball : He's a flat-jack! Oh Viper! Viper you in a better place! You with Ricky! You ain't never did nothin' to nobody! Well, you bit a lot of people Viper, so technically, you might actually deserve this, this might be something that's long overdue. But... it shouldn't have came like this! Not on my watch!

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