The Secret Life of Pets (2016) Poster

Eric Stonestreet: Duke



  • [last lines] 

    Max : Welcome home, Duke.

    Duke : Thanks, Max.

  • Max : [after Duke accidentally causes a vase to crash to the floor]  Oh, Duke. Duke, Katie is not... Katie's gonna be so upset when she sees that... Katie's... gonna flip out...

    [looks around mischievously] 

    Max : ... when she sees how... you trashed her whole place.

    Duke : Oh, it's just...

    [scratches behind ear] 

    Duke : It's just one vase.

    Max : Is it, Duke? Is it?

    [Kicks a vase off a table] 

    Max : Oh that's a shame.

    [pushes a bunch of papers onto the ground] 

    Duke : What are you doing?

    Max : Whoa, what am I doing? Nothing. I'm a cute little doggy. Katie knows I'd never do anything like this

    [pushes a table making it start to tip over] 

    Duke : No, no. Whoa!

    [runs and manages to keep the table from falling over] 

    Max : This can only be the work of...

    [pushes some books off a shelf] 

    Max : ... a dangerous stray, Who hasn't laid down a foundation of trust.

    [walks along a counter-top, knocking things over] 

    Max : You're the new dog. And, hey Duke, what'd you go and do this for?

    [pushes a bowl of fruit to the ground] 

    Duke : Oh! I'm gonna...

    Max : What? Bite me? Rip my face off? Perfect. Wait till Katie finds out.

    [imitates an injured dog] 

    Max : Oh! Help, Katie! Thank goodness you're here! I tried to stop him, but he's crazy!

  • Duke : Don't make me angry, because when I get angry, I do this...


    Duke : ... and I hate doing that.

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