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The tunnel series is addictive- Well acted , real performances!!
tiffanykailis9 January 2018
Granted we have not watched the Scandi version of this series- But my Husband and I thoroughly enjoyed this series right through to the suspenseful end in season 3. The acting is phenomenal! The 2 lead actors are amazing. Very real performances. Once we watched one episode we could not wait to the watch the next. If you have not watched the Scandi version- you will thoroughly enjoy this series. Stephen Dillane and Clemence Posey are perfect in their roles.The support cast are also brilliant. The first season was particularly awesome.People who have seen the Scandi version, may not like this and see it just as a copy of the original , however, they should not let their biased viewpoints stop others from watching and forming their own opinions. I would thoroughly reccommend you watch this and form your own opinions. We feel at loss now as the show has ended. A fab UK/France collaboration!!!
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Tunnel or Bridge?
westsideschl19 July 2017
Well, if you haven't noticed by now in this French/UK connection there seems to be an eerie, other worldly (both fig & lit) resemblance to "The Bridge" with it's Swedish/Danish connection. The connection extends further in that both series have a pair of detectives one of which is female (Elise/Saga). Furthering this resemblance pairing both have some Aspergers type behaviors. Both are accompanied by a slightly polar opposite male detective. Both series take advantage of recent events in solving the current vogue of criminal activities as well as old standards. As an aside I think Saga, "The Bridge" seems to more authentically maintain her Aspergers behaviors through out a series, but just a picky point.

Both series do an excellent job of making the viewer feel as if present and a part of the investigative process.
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A copy, but good...
tommot-821-9303831 November 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Most of us have watched "The Bridge". We've watched 'The Killing', we've watched 'Borgen' - A natural progression, right? Watching "The Tunnel" we already know the story. We know how it ends, and we know why. Does that genuinely detract from it? Denmark and Sweden are more "friendly" than Britain and France, stereotypically. Sad, but apparently so. The dynamic is changed to suit the scenario.

The original wasn't about the murderer as much as it was about the tenuous (professional) relationship between the two detectives.

That characterization translates well. The story may be the same, though the settings may be different. The actors in this version add a different edge to it, and do it well.

It neither exceeds nor disappoints...
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I've never watched The Bridge or Bon, I recommend this
chauf9001 January 2014
Totally absorbing, one of those rare moments when you think I just can't put this down Not what I'd call a special series, that said I watched ALL the episodes continuously with rare breaks. It all revolves round an middle aged English detective and a youngish french one. When crimes are occurring on both sides of the channel tunnel, and one right in the middle, these two and their teams must collaborate to save lives. With twists and turns and a red herring or three it evolves to a strange end, no spoilers, if you like intrigue, carefully thought out plots with small amounts of sex and violence you will love it :) If you liked 'Dexter' and the ice road trucker, you will love this!
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A crime drama set around the discovery of a body in the Eurotunnel at the border of England, and France.
face-819-93372617 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Possible spoilers, but possibly not. ;)

A crime drama set around the discovery of a body in the Eurotunnel at the border of England, and France a detective from either country come together to form a task force to investigate this international murder. While being taunted by a mysterious caller who has some connection to a drug addicted alcoholic News journalist. Waiting in the wings is the strange activity of a rich couple who have each there own demons.

If you loved The Bridge, then you should check out The Tunnel! Well you should. These two shows are so spot on the same, but the ways that they are different make them interesting.

One show could easily be held up as a perfect fun house mirror image of the other, and the values that one holds, and strives for are present in both. I would have rated this a 9 but the side character of the man who helps people get across the border and find safety just doesn't feel creepy enough, and was too fully explained in the first episode for filler.

Enjoy. I 'm not sure yet if I can watch a whole 10 or 11 of these but you just might.
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Two detectives either side of The Channel, one pretty yet robotic, and one a badly dressed gent, solve highly involved cases
robertemerald4 May 2017
This is quality television as one would expect if you respect production companies. It is true the first series has dangerous similarities to The Bridge, in my case, the American version was the one I had seen, though I did try to watch the other. Regardless, that first series of The Tunnel was far from anything bad, the lead girl was engaging, the male lead was easy going, and both used authority with class.

The Tunnel - Sabotage, the second series, strikes a far more confident stride and would have got a 10 out of 10 from me if it was stand alone. It certainly can easily be watched as that, stand alone, and this is what I recommend. You don't need to watch the first series for Sabotage. It has a thoroughly interesting, plausible yet riveting plot, is full of perfect performances from perfectly cast characters.

Funnily enough I also recommend The Bridge (The American version) series one, but less so series two, the first getting my 10.

Reviewers should see the positive side of exploring a similar theme by several companies. If we were talking about series about zombies no-one would raise an eyebrow.

If you like British or European crime then The Tunnel - Sabotage is your perfect viewing.
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Enjoyed it very much
mc968225 March 2019
I watched the Bron (Swedish version) almost a year ago. Although I was disappointed because the story line for the first season is really the same. I still like this English/France version. Season 2 is different so it's a plus. If you haven't watched the other version, and you like crime tv series, you will like this,
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Same but maybe better
kent-grinnekullen10213 April 2016
I really like this, there is a special mystique when it comes to the feel of the series, almost like season one of True Detective, but not quite as good.

The two main actors are great and they feed of each other with their own set of problems. The story is slow and deliberate and the characters/actors enhance the feeling of the series and you really feel for them.

The story in itself is well written and told but the real attraction are the main characters, in a way they are the story. I really like the slow pace and deliberate suggestive story telling. The casting couldn't ask for anything more.
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Peters out
szweda-185559 January 2018
Have just watched the finale as they say it will not return. Have enjoyed the ride for the most part, the interaction with the two investigators and their colleagues either side of the Channel has been intriguing at times. However, I felt that the plot in series 3 was not up to the standard set before. In fact it was unbelievable at times and as the credits rolled that last time I was heard to exclaim "so that's it?!" Not going to say why because it gives too much away suffice to say the actions of the villains were IMHO too complicated for them to carry off while all the cops were on to them. It felt like Dr Who's scriptwriters had sneaked in at times...
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Don't care if it is a copy
mrmoore0122 March 2019
I've read some reviews on this and I think most are very positive and I wanna add to that list. I don't care that this is a remake of an original series. I judge it on how good it is on its own and I think it's fantastic . I love the story, love the setting, and the acting is top notch.
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Gripping TV
tr9127 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I've heard great things about Bron/Broen and The Bridge but have never seen them. I decided to watch the English/French version instead, The Tunnel. As this was the 1st version I'd watched I didn't have any idea about the characters or what was going to happen. Overall I enjoyed this series a lot and it got better as each episode passed by.

There is plenty going on in this series and the tension/atmosphere is terrific. Each episode left me wanting more and overall I was satisfied with the outcome. I found the show to be well written and the pacing just right to draw me in to this world.

There were some gruesome scenes to add that bit of realism needed. I liked the characters from both sides of The Tunnel, the two lead characters had a great on screen chemistry. Elise Wassermann was my favourite character, I loved her charm and dry sense of humour.

Overall a great TV series that I hope gets another season or two. I will most likely check out Bron/Broen at some point soon as well.

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Each season gets better and better
shodanjon5 July 2018
The first season is a remake of the Danish -Swedish thriller The Bridge. It was remade in the US, also called the Bridge and was between the US and Mexico. The Tunnel riffs off of British and Franco mutual distrust and grudging respect. Stephan Dillane as DCI Karl Roebuck is terrific, brilliant and flawed, selfish and driven to justice. Clemence Posey is equally wonderful as a French detective with what may be Asperger's but at the very least some social interaction issues. The rest of cast is terrific, each in their own element. And the stories are complex and convoluted, in a good way. I liked the second season more than the first and I'm working my way through the third. Definitely worth watching.
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Do Not Watch this if you have seen the original Swedish danish version
robertoneill15098 February 2014
Warning: Spoilers
sega the female detective in the original version has now been copied twice, this one and the American version of the bridge,and both actresses have come up short, the scriptwriters have attempted to alter the story lines to suit their own needs, and maybe in some ways to distinguish between the differing series, but here it falls flat on its face, i don't think the original female character can ever be replicated because the uniqueness of her acting, she has a way of doing things that are unique to her both as a character and an actor. the way this one differed from the storyline in the original is just way too off, it became disjointed not at all smooth like the original, the acting and the characters here are non compelling and hard to become involved with.this is the main reason for its failure, even as a stand alone series, it doesn't grip you as the original did, to be honest if id been producing this I've have gone and signed up the original actress and hoped her English was up to scratch, so whether you've seen the original or not, this is not good.
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One of my favorite!
soonthonep17 September 2018
Great acting. Little chance but hope another production picks the show up for more seasons.
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Inferior product
daniel-98223 August 2014
I really loved the original series Bron|Broen and I was curious to see what an intelligent transplantation might look like, particularly with regard to the history of French-English relations. This remake was disappointing. Heavy handed direction, a leaden plot, and wooden performances meant when the finale rolled around I just didn't care. There's a subtlety and a light touch to the original in setting up the backstory that is replaced in this one by hackneyed police procedural clichés. The two leads give performances that are okay for a procedural but don't come anywhere near close to matching the expressiveness and commitment of the leads in the original. I would recommend giving this a miss and watching Bron|Broen instead.
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S03 The best, really!
exmachina-0516718 December 2017
It is, unfortunately, the usual progression of TV series: S01... Great, S02... good but not great S03... not good S04+...why did they bother (oh! it's the money)

S03 of "The Tunnel" breaks that mold. It really is the best of all three seasons. Her and him are their usual perfectly cast selves. The plot and the script are gripping. Small touches, like the French detective swearing in front of a British detective and saying "Pardon my French!" There are current political comments scattered through the episode, but nothing offensive, everyone is entitled to their opinion! (new concept)

A small carafe of Red and some snacks and watch all six episodes, I did! It is real page turning that, one cannot put down. Try will not be disappointed.

If "The Tunnel" and "Babylon Berlin" are not nominated for awards it will be definite proof that the Awards are rigged, to the highest bidder.

Well done to all involved in this series, thank you.
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A poor copy
hitweet3 June 2017
If you have never watch the original, Bron/Broen then OK, The Tunnel can be rather gripping. But if you have then you'll know that this is a poor copy. Sofia Helin who played the lead female detective Saga Noren in The original was brilliant. Can't say the same for Clemence Poesy though, the latter was just too wooden. Stephen Dilliane is good in his English role but Kim Bodnia OWNED the role. Well, like they say, you cannot compare an apple to an orange. French detective shows and English detective shows have always been good on their own. They needn't have tried to copy and end up making a poor copy.
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Truly Awful Copy Cat
neilifreeman24 June 2014
Once you have watched the original Broen / Bron (Swedish / Danish) version, The Tunnel is a complete waste of time. Its like 'Groundhog Day', knowing exactly whats coming next. I hope they don't make a complete hash by copying the 2nd series of Broen / Bron. The British DCI Karl Roebuck played by Stephen Dillane is the only redeeming feature of this programme. Clémence Poésy who plays the French detective Elise Wassermann is no where near as good as Sofia Helin playing Saga Norén in the original series. It would be good if a completely new story was devised that played on language and cultural differences between France and England leading to various problems exacerbated by the Elise Wassermann character's Asperger syndrome.
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excellent all around TV series
harrypickard11 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
have you ever looked for some adult drama TV these days. i was looking forward to the bridge ....... and then have you ever been halfway into the series and its just not good but ah well i already came this far.......... seemed id spend the whole episode waiting for something to happen........

so when i came across the tunnel i thought let s give it a try... and im glad i did... it is obviously a similar story,, but i was hooked and enjoyed all aspects of the tunnel.. its superior in every way... the female lead is intriguing , not annoying, the story is better everything is better.. highly recommended. even if you endured the bridge

now ill have to check out this BRON..cheers
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Loving this!! Better than the other versions
daggersineyes19 March 2016
Whether you've seen the original Danish/US versions or not this is worth seeing. Great direction, acting & scripting with it's own flavour due to the particular differences in culture between France & Britain and how that differs from the the cultural differences relevant to the Danish & US versions.

I dipped my toe into the original Danish version but found the cultural references too obscure & the whole feel of the show too unfamiliar/foreign to really relate. Plus it's always difficult with subtitled shows, you really have to grab my attention for me to stay & it just didn't. I quit after a few eps. The US one I barely lasted 2 episodes, just didn't like the way they interpreted the dynamic between the two leads & the cultural tension aspect. I started watching the Tunnel without realising it was also based on the Danish original and it grabbed me from the start. I liked the characters better, there was a lighter feeling to it than the US one so it gave relief from some of the grimmer aspects of the show & generally felt it was more accessible to an English speaking viewer with some knowledge of British & French cultures.

Whether or not you've seen The Bridge (Danish or American) this is worth viewing. I am well into the first season and loving it so far. So happy to have found a version of the story that I can watch & sink my teeth into.
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A Gem
JohnRayPeterson23 August 2016
Warning: Spoilers
A Hidden Gem

The British-French crime drama television series, adapted from the 2011 Danish/Swedish crime series 'The Bridge' is a hidden gem. Reviews and user scores as well as critics have been fair to good for the first year but definitely good to better in the second for a reason, it's good.

I've seen the first season of the original Scandinavian 2011 series then switched to the American (US) edition in 2013 solely because of my language failures, I don't care much for subtitles, and because I was already a fan of Diane Kruger who has the lead in the second series. I watched both series and enjoyed the first season much more than the second. Now, why mention so much of 'The Bridge' in this review? Because of the female character in all three series, a common aspect. The female detective has one of the autism spectrum disorders, specifically the one that is emphasized by a lack of emotional response and detachment; however the character has a sense of observation and deductive reasoning that is beyond most other detectives except from some film and TV series detectives. That alone seems to be a key element that has fascinated viewers, it certainly did me. It is not the only commonality of the three series though.

All three series start with an attention grabbing scene where a body is found right on the boundary line between two countries, on the bridge over the Rio Grande (US Series), in the Euro Tunnel (French-British) whence two law enforcement organizations have to work together as the body turns out to be cut in two, moreover is actually two halves of different victims, a half in each country. Not is it two murders they must solve, but serial killing that continues. An English detective of impeccable moral and high likability is on one side, the male lead, and a quirky intense French detective on the other side are paired to work on the case.

That is where I would say the dominant similarities end, because the type of murders, the victims and the perpetrators are different and so is the storyline in the broad sense. In the first season of 'The Tunnel' we get to know the lead detectives, what makes them tick, we get to know the rest of their respective co-workers and supervisors, again I found the 'The Tunnel' more interesting.

In the first season one single criminal is the object of the investigation, while in the second it is a criminal organization. There are the ever popular thriller sub-plots, when political influence and rivalling intelligence agencies' dubious operational practices come into play. By far the second season develops those criminal relations with stronger effect and fine suspense. One key development in the second season of 'The Tunnel' is the lead female's emotional breakthrough. On that last point I have to tell you Clémence Poésy's acting skills will make you a fan. She plays the role of Elise Wassermann, the female detective.

Her English partner in crime-fighting is Stephen Dillane who plays the role of Karl Roebuck, the CID's go-to man. He's a seasoned actor who delivers a performance second to none, just like Clémence Poésy.

There was a two and a half year waiting for season two and it clearly was not wasted time because unlike most series, the writers made that second season better than the first and it's the reason I'm writing this review. Get the snacks ready pull up the ottoman and binge watch this. You've got my strongest recommendation for a series this year, after 'Better Call Saul'.
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No Suspense if you saw "The Bridge"
DegustateurDeChocolat1 February 2014
I was very disappointed by this TV Series because I thought it would only recall "The Bridge" and not copy it in the smallest details. The idea of having a joint operation between the French and British police forces to solve a double murder with the corpses left in the Eurotunnel, just as the Danish and Swedish ones for the bridge, was an interesting idea. But for those like me, who had already seen "The Bridge", there was no suspense because you knew ahead of time who was going to die and why. However "The Bridge" has a better setting, I would say creepier, suitable for a chase to a serial killer. Plus, the actors deliver a better performance especially for their ironic interpretation.
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The Tunnel. SPOILER
treyschmit22 August 2016
Warning: Spoilers
We all recognized "The Bridge" well then, we can have a little fun comparing. I bailed on "The Bridge" after maybe 3 or 4 episodes. Let's try THE TUNNEL - My main observation - I think the writers failed to understand the viewer cared about any of these characters. Yes that's why we binge watch or go back week after week. We like her quirkiness, we want to see how the old boy does with his family. I could tell things were getting shaky about half way through...OK, so we're dealing with a crazy guy so there might be a few unnecessary and abrupt turns in the road - I'll bite. Tension, that's OK. Continued empathy for characters and their families... Finale time! I had no idea what became of Adam until I googled it. I wasn't alone in this. After watching this for SO LONG I thought the ending was pure crap.
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Good show....but
weirks1 September 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Having not seen any of the previous incarnations of this story, I enjoyed it. The character of Elise unfolds nicely, where I started by thinking she was just plain rude (which was possibly the intent of the writers), then when you get to know her better start to really like her. The plot and the relationships between the two main characters developed well until they became good friends and thankfully didn't end up in bed together!! However, the excessive use of strong language and sex was entirely unnecessary. It adds no sense of realism (contrary to what some may think), and would not detract from the plot if omitted. The low score is for the excessive use as stated above.
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Worst sound of any television show ever
jvlejk14 July 2016
This show deserves a Global Emmy for the worst sound ever.

First, the characters have over-the-top accents which make them hard to understand. I guess this is supposed to make it more "international".

Second, the background noise is always brought up to a high level during key moments of dialog. Couldn't hear what they said over that passing train? Too bad, it's "atmospheric".

Third, the "Truth Terrorist" speaks over the phone with an electronically scrambled voice, presumably to hide his or her identity. Everything he says is critical to the plot; too bad we can't understand a word of it.

We watch lots of British TV but this is the first where this problem has really impaired our enjoyment.
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